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Time to get on with the rest of my life.....

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    Having closed the door on my last thread yesterday, it's a new day and a new thread.

    It's been a stressful few days - quite a lot of travelling, then spending most of yesterday in the High Court. I'm going to be travelling again next week, with a trip to Derby tomorrow and I'll be helping out at the Black Line Open on Monday, as well as the Duane Delaney Track GP at Sundrive next Saturday (with trips to Nottingham and London on work, and to Epsom racecourse on Friday). The week after I'll start venturing to the cricket World Cup, taking in 6 matches up to one of the semi-finals in July

    So it's going to be a frantic few weeks, with perhaps little chance of much serious bike work. But that's the way it's been for some time anyway, and finally I'm starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Before I get there though I've another daycase back procedure to undergo in 3 weeks time, a minor procedure on the foot which will leave me in one of those post-surgery boots for 10 days or so, and a CT scan on the heart at the end of June. That's because my regular health check showed up a bit of an abnormality a few weeks ago. Hopefully nothing to worry about but I'll probably get a bit stressed out anyway

    I was coaching at Sundrive this morning, and inflicted some of the pain I've been suffering on the WB on those who turned up. Certainly think they got a decent workout anyway. Would have gone into the gym this evening, but I've had a bit of a migraine. With everything I've got on over the next few weeks, I may as well pretty much write off most of the rest of this season. However it also gives me a chance to start thinking about next year, and the plan is to get a decent winter in, as I'm hopefully through most of the physical and other issues, and will have a bit more time on the bike as I start to ease back towards retirement from work

    That's it for now. An opening post setting out some "current" background, and hopefully a thread I'll start to visit a bit more than the last one over the coming months