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Greasy cakes

  • 23-05-2019 4:39pm
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    I'm hoping for advice from all you lovely people. Recently I've been baking a lot, apple tarts,cupcakes,sponge cakes etc. Most turn out perfectly,but when it comes to the Victoria sponge recipe,cupcakes etc. The cake usually comes out looking very greasy, even though they taste fine. I read that it might be over greasing the tin to hold the greaseproof paper, so I cut that out.

    I usually use 'cheaper' ingredients, Aldi/Lidl/Supervalu etc.

    Does anyone have advice, cause I don't want to give up my new found hobby. Thanks in advance. :)


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    I wonder is your butter too soft when you go to use it? I've noticed if I cheat and soften butter in the microwave when making fairy cakes etc they can end up dark and greasy - I guess the mixture creams together and emulsifies better when you use "room temperature" butter (meaning a bit cooler than it would be when left in the kitchen this weather - if I was baking today, I'd pop the butter in the fridge for a few minutes to firm up before using it).

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    dee_mc wrote: »
    I wonder is your butter too soft when you go to use it?

    I thought the same. There is a girl on youtube called Cupcake Jemma who has a vid on 'What's wrong with my cupcakes'. She discusses butter quite a bit and I think this was one of the things she mentioned.

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    Thanks so much for your replies. I'll admit I have been guilty of softening the butter in the microwave, but I've stopped doing that. Yesterday I made an apple cake and the butter was room temperature, maybe still too warm?
    The strange thing is the cake,though greasy looking, was delicious!

    Thanks again. :)