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Convert bluray from one region to another

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    Hi folks,

    I recently made a boo-boo when buying a film on bluray. In all my excitement of buying, I forgot that I have recently replaced my player. Whereas my previous bluray player was region-free, it turns out that my current one isn't, and now I can't watch the film. Is there any way of getting it converted from region A to region B? I tried to google it, but nothing useful came up. I absolutely don't mind if the conversion is on a separate disc as I still have legitimately paid for the film.

    I appreciate all helpful suggestions!


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    Please note the Stickey at the top of the HE Forums - any discussion of getting/downloading movies/media/anything that you don'y have rights to is forbidden here - deletion, infraction and bans in the case of persistence will follow.

    pami 81,

    I'm not aware of any legitimate services offering to reproduce a disc in a different Region Code - in any event I don't see the rights holders agreeing to allow this. Although you have a region A copy of the movie, it doesn't entitle you, for instance, to obtain a region B copy from the net other than from a legitimate rights holder such as Netflix or Amazon.

    The obvious answer to your situation is to return the Region 1 disc to whoever you bought it from and order a Region 2 disc instead.



  • What make player is it OP?

  • spurious wrote: »
    What make player is it OP?

    It's a Phillips.

  • What movie is it?

  • rednik wrote: »
    What movie is it?

    Hard Core Logo. I'm having tough time finding it in any format.

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