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In what year did the first direct flights from Dublin to Reykjavík take place

  • 11-05-2019 4:00pm
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    Lads, Im trying to remember the year of my first Trip to Iceland. Im nearly certain that I took a direct flight from Dublin to Reykjavík

    In what year did the first direct flights from Dublin to Reykjavík take place

    Thanks for helping


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    Wow Air started started flights to Dublin in June 2015.

    Icelandair and Aer Lingus operated charters before this, as far as I remember.

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    Was there not Iceland Express flights before that? Starting around 2012?

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    There were annual charters for a significant number of years, but WOW was the first scheduled flight.

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    Thanks lads, I was there early 2000s most likely 2004. If the above is right I must have got a Connecting flight from Standsted or Gatwick.

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    I remember Icelandair used to sent B727's into Dublin in 1978. Only lasted for the summer months of Jun through to Aug and was a charter/seasonal effort. Arrived in Dub each Monday about 10.30pm and headed back to KEF about an hour later. Particularly remember it as I was in the scouts and our scout group were billeted with a some, so we went out to the airport to pick them up.

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    I remember Avia Jet did a few flights using the Air Atlanta B737s around 2003/04...

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    Avia is not ringing any bells. I had thought it was Icelandair I went with but Im not sure. Icelandair might have flown from Gatwick or Stansted around that time