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SUSI entitlements while cohabiting

  • 30-03-2019 1:57pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1 PeterCollege

    Hello, I will be heading into my final year of a Degree Programme in September this year. I have been receiving SUSI tuition fees while house sharing. In the past two months I needed to move out of my house due a lot of reasons and I am currently in temporary accomodation in my new partner's house. My partner's ex husband pays the mortgage so I cannot stay permanently at the address. Will I still be entitled to SUSI tuition fees for next year or will I be seen as cohabiting. I am on Back to Education Allowance at the moment and my partner is on no social welfare payment. My partner has two of her own children and earns €400 per month from minding children at home. Her ex husband pays the mortgage and €300 per month child maintenance for their two children. Will my partner's income affect my tuition fees from SUSI please? Many Thanks for your help in advance, Peter.