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Solar panel for shed


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    I know this is old.
    10W panel is not going to cut it or charge the battery especially for water pump
    I have 2x 12V panels 140W total with MPPT charger, 115Ah leisure battery in my shed. I use this setup for leds(when needed) and also to drive 2x 12V airpumps(total 50W) for 14hours(20 mins every hour). Also I run time to time I run 12V submersible pump for watering pants. Setup runs well in Irish weather and the battery never got drained in over 3 years. Initially I had 60W panel only with a single airpump and this one was struggling to keep up.

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    jogdish wrote: »
    how likely am I to get the 12v needed to charge a 12v battery on a typical Irish day. Or am I only likely to see 12v coming on a great summers day?

    You will see well over 12V all the time during daylight hours. A 12V panel typically shows about 15-20V. The power output of course depends completely on the solar irradiance. Only in full sunshine blue skies will you get the rated 10W power from that panel.

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