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Off Site WW / Mafia Games Discussion

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    Just got a PM on MU inviting myself, and Boards by proxy to the latest Hydra tournament.

    Sign Up Information

    I'm thinking about entering and looking for a team-mate. For anyone thinking about giving the World Championships a run next year, this is a nice handy way to get used to the site as a warm up.

    Plus, playing alongside me is the real prize :D (That and you won't need to post too much if you aren't able, I'll have that covered!)

    Sign ups are open to anyone so if another two or three pairs wanted to sign up and give Hydra a rattle I'd highly recommend it. Played with Tigger last year and had a lot of fun, despite being killed night 1 for being so awesome :P

    Mod note post 45

    Guys just a reminder / clarification that this thread is for discussion and sign up for off site games that has been invited to submit players to for the purpose of representing'sewolf and FG community.

    Not really a place to recruit or advertise off site games outside of the above remit.

    A post has been snipped with that in mind. I've discussed it with the poster in question.