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Showing eggs

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    I hope this is the right place to ask. We enter our poultry in a few shows each year. We were considering entering the egg category in an upcoming show. Does anyone know how you present the eggs? Would they be okay in an egg box or should they be done up in some sort of basket or something to look pretty?


  • We'd show ours most years. Presentation is key!!
    A neat basket or bowl (basket is usually prettier imo) with hay or straw from the nest is what we use. I say from the nest as hens will pick at the hay/straw on the nest so it has a soften feel to it than if it was straight from a bale. Few feathers interspersed through it looks well too. The downy ones hens pluck from their breast & put under the eggs now, not tail feathers!
    Wood shavings can also be used too, never have them around here though so I stick with hay.
    OR.....they can be put in sand/simply on a doily on a plate. Though i'm not fond of this at all as your eggs really show up & they have to be perfect!

    Most important thing is to make sure your eggs are all a similar size & colour, with no bumps or wrinkles. A medium size is best. Deeper coloured eggs are best & some folk steep theirs in cold tea for a day to deepen them. I just think that makes them look a bit fake though! ;)

    Best of luck!