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Star Wars Resistance (Animated series)



  • CastorTroy wrote: »
    I like to believe he was too distracted by working on the Mandalorian.
    I kept hoping it would follow Clone Wars and Rebels in the slow start before hitting it's stride and becoming much better. the season 1 finale seemed to hint it was going that way, but then reverted back to goofy story of the week.
    Probably not helped by having a central location, though it did move later on.

    Sorry I should have stated that clearer.

    I think it is obvious that Filoni had zero input into the writing but what I meant was that he is credited as the creator - that is what I find hard to believe.

  • All they need to do is one episode and that's the "created by" credit.
    Looking at imdb, he was producer on it but only did the story for the first episode then that was it. All other roles were pretty much hands off.
    While for Clone Wars and Rebels, he'd written and directed multiple episodes.