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Ye olde Survival Knife

  • 12-08-2018 6:55pm
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    Saber, flat, convex grind, 1095 or some funky super steel? Does it matter?

    I'm a bit of a collector so I've a fair few however in terms of survival are they that important? In this country with no wilderness the worst that might happen is getting stuck out on Carrantuohill for a night a warm beanie would be a better "survival item" to have.

    The term "survival knife" is a bit of a misnomer IMHO, does one wear survival boots or a survival jacket. Now, if I was to end up on a deserted island Castaway style I'd love to have a knife however how likely is that?

    So I suppose I'm asking two questions, favourite properties of an outdoors knife and is a knife the bee all and end all?

    To offer my own opinion:

    A comfy handle coupled with a fairly robest steel type

    No a knife isn't all that, from my experiences minimilist camping I found I was using a knife all the time for odds and sods however a small tarp I could have in a pouch on my hip, a ziplock bag and some water purification tabs would be a better belt option pound for pound.

    First they came for the socialists...


  • For a long time - particularly the 80s - a 'survival knife' was a god-awful Rambo-style thing with saw on the blade spine, hollow handle with compass etc. They were poorly made and more akin to a movie prop than a practical tool.

    A survival knife nowadays would typically just be something larger and more robust than a standard hunting or bushcraft knife. For example the Fallkniven A1, CS SRK, some of the big ESEE knives etc. The Kabar BK7.

    Some of them are too big, heavy and thick to do most of the things you'd typically do with a knife. You see people on youtube using big hulking "knives" to chop wood etc. They would often be better served with a small knife + camp axe.