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Super 6

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    I play the Soccer Saturday Super 6 regularly enough - predict the correct scores of the six selected games to win a million, for those who don't know it.

    This season I'm going to do an accum on my predictions - just WDW - for interest and hopefully one will click over the course of season. I think there are 50-60 rounds and will hopefully post for all although I'll more than likely miss one or get bored.

    As it's Super 6 based I think it's appropriate I stake €6. So somewhere between €300-360 risk for season which 1/2 winning rounds should cover.

    I'll be betting instore rather than online so my options are really limited to Boyles, Ladbroke and Power. I'll bet with whichever of those three is best price and also post actual best price for anyone foolish enough to be interested.



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