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    So ended up in Dublin for a day out and had a mix up with the bus back home and ended up going to Ministry in the Tivoli. My mate is a big fan and i never heard of them so went on a wim

    My Christ it was loud, brutal and very dangerous but there a top class band and there songs had meaning. I'll be adding a few of there songs to my playlist

    The venue is mental, barley any security, huge mosh pits, lads doing drugs openly


  • They've been a guilty pleasure of mine since I ended up with bad blood on 3 compilation albums a few years back. They've been very outspoken In their music about how they've been treated by the industry.

  • Ears are ringing so bad

    First time standing at this type of small venue gig and it will be my last lol

  • Leave the hall !! :pac:

  • Been a fan since I heard Jesus Built my Hotrod on the 2fm metal show many years ago. Although their more recent output hasn't been great, Psalm 69 is for my money the best industrial metal album ever made and it still sounds fresh and "dangerous" today, despite coming out over 25 years ago. Wasnt able to attend last night as family commitments mean I have to pick and choose my gigs carefully. I believe they are super live.

  • PTH2009 wrote: »
    Ears are ringing so bad

    First time standing at this type of small venue gig and it will be my last lol

    Not to sound like an old fart but you would want to watch the loud band in small venue situation.
    Saw Mastodon in the Savoy in Cork a couple of years back and they nearly blew my hearing completely, ears ringing for a couple of days after. I wear ear peace earplugs now, they are great for peace of mind.

    As for Ministry, some band. As Business Cat said Psalm 69 was probably their high point. NWO, Just One Fix, Psalm 69, epic stuff.
    Saw them in Brixton Academy when they were touring Filth Pig. Was standing behind the sound desk and the place was jointed. No exaggeration, the entire place was literally shaking. I remember them doing an extended version of Welcome to the Fall on the night, great gig. Al was looking pretty fecked back then, don't know how he managed to keep going all these years since.

    For those interested they released a fantastic live concert called In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up back in the day, it was only released as a CD and Video tape (showing my age now). Remember seeing the video and it blew my mind. Don't think they ever released a DVD version.

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  • I thought they were pretty poor last night. 6th time seeing them live and definitely the worst. The new album is bereft of ideas apart from sampling Trump and repeating ad-nauseum. Ok for 1 song but not ten of them. Especially when they already did their whole POTUS bashing on Bush across 3 albums a few years ago.

    Still, on their day, they are a phenomenal band. Oddly enough, my favourite album is the Cover up one. Their take on other band's classics is interesting and really allows some rather poor songs to shine. Filth pig and psalm 69 run a close second /third.

  • Was at this last night, went with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. Considering jourgensons age of 59, he still gets around the stage and puts on a good show. Pretty tight band, as said newer stuff not so good, but the oldies went down a storm and the place was hopping.

  • PTH2009 wrote: »
    Ears are ringing so bad

    First time standing at this type of small venue gig and it will be my last lol

    I love being rendered deaf by a band. It's stupid, but I love it.

    Went to see Melt Banana play in a tiny venue last year. It was so loud, like a fire alarm going off in your head for a full hour. My hearing was shot for about 3-4 days afterwards and I loved it.