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Other hobbies/Obsessions?



  • just got ghost riders delivered to me during the week, looking forward to reading, which of the three did you find the most interesting?

  • I haven't read any of Mark Felton's stuff as of yet. I keep meaning to get his book on the Kenpeitai just haven't gotten around to it just yet.

    Currently reading "Genghis Khan and the making of the modern world" and a little "work" related reading on the side is "The Elliot Wave Principle" and that has me off digging out historical price data and back-testing. Boring and I'm slowly becoming convinced I have bloody ADHD 😂

  • I actually found Ghost Riders to be the most interesting of the three. Won't give away spoilers but I had known about the events in the other two.

    Ghost Riders was something I wasn't aware had happened, like what the monuments men did only for.... Well it's on the cover;) Watch Mark Feltons videos and was interested to try his books. Anyone interested in them, send me a PM

  • Just started reading a signed copy of this, maybe some diesel heads on here will be able to put 2+2 together🚳

    If the seat's wet, sit on yer hat, a cool head is better than a wet ar5e.

  • Not the best photos 😉 but this is a model I've being trying to find in diecast for quite a while.

    It's a Chengdu J20 in 1:144 , smaller than my usual preferred scale but given the trouble I had finding it at a reasonable price? I'll take it.

    I also picked up an Italeri Chengdu J10 in 1:72 that's bumping up my PLAAF contingent 😉

    I really am out of space for any more now tho...

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  • @banie01 That is lovely.

    I'd love to get a nice die cast of the Berkut.

    Love prototypes, me.

  • I have the ear bent off of Italeri for that one but, it's out of production. I think they also retailed under "Dreamwings" moniker They also have a 1:100 Pak-FA that is very well made.

    The original price of the Italeri version was @€18 and they are now changing hands for up to €100. There are some in the €35 range in Italy on eBay with €20+ shipping. If I could find a seller that a range of what I'm after? I'd certainly buy quickly. Very desirable and well modelled.

    I keep up with their emails and check at least once a week. I picked up their J10 via an Italian reseller and have him on the hunt for more for me. Their Gripen and tbh all of their Chinese and russian stuff are on my hunting list.

    There is a German eBay seller and a couple of Italian and Polish lads that have some of the bits at reasonable pricing but far too rarely.

    Ray in DiecastModels4U in Galway is always willing to try and find bits too but Brexit really has made a dent in what he can lay hands on recently.

    **Edited to add**

    Forgot to say LD, if you want links to those eBay sellers just throw me a PM, happy to share them.

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  • My son is currently 3D printing a Mark I Viper from the original BSG series.

    He is also doing a slice on a model of the Galactica to make it easier to print.

  • It's a crowdfunded piece and apparently some people have been waiting for 5 years before it got out to them... Apparently the keyboards are supposed to be shipping out by the end of the year. So once it comes I'll let you know how it works out.

    Though currently with my M122 having macro keys programmed on the side are quite useful too (saves typing out Sólás out every time with the fadas).

    I think I'm quite similar in that the research is half the fun of something new. MsThirdfox says I would make a great travel agent - I love researching and planning holidays according to needs/budgets - and for me it' almost half the fun of the holiday itself - by the end all that's left if to go on it - but I've already vicariously experienced it through the research into events.

    There's even planned "no plans" time to account for wanting to explore unexpected things... Otherwise MsThirdfox knows she just needs to bring herself and I'll generally have the week or two planned out between activity days, rest days, travel days... I imagine that might sound horrendous to some - but excel spreadsheet holidays where you have a good idea of activities (paragliding at X location, snorkelling by Y o'clock at Z location, dinner at W scenic beach) can really be quite fun to know that you've got things planned up ahead. Like experiencing a package holiday twice, once for planning/research and once doing the activity itself :D

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  • @Thirdfox I'll be sending you my '22 itinerary and you can work your magic 😉

    My input is very much dedicated to selecting the destination and the deal. The planning while we are there is usually left to the Mrs but next year I really do fancy a spread sheet 😉 but no Chichen Itza! Too many yanks 😂