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How to find the year and location from a pre-87 car?



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    That reg plate may have just been added to the Ford truck for the week, and never registered to it officially - it's not like they didn't know who owned the truck (Ford Ireland) and the truck wasn't going to get done for speeding, or a parking offence. As far as I was able to find online, the Popemobile body was removed and the chassis and cab was sold on by Ford in the normal way - was probably only registered after being sold.

    Strange stuff happens all the time - I'm sure we've all seen the '58 Chevy Biscane at shows with the reg IRL 1, a reg which shouldn't exist anywhere in Ireland or the UK, but there it is (and it looks great).

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    It wasn't on the pope mobile - it was on the Ford Granada limo that was used to transfer him from the chopper to the Ford truck,

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    Fair enough (I was speaking from memory, and it was 43 years ago), but the same thoughts of not-really-registered would apply to the Granada too.

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    Firstly put up the reg, photo and any details on bike, location etc. Some people may even identify location etc.

    This Facebook group has 17,000 members mostly Irish and specialises in Irish registration numbers. Some very old registrations are known and some of the key people on this group have access to old paper lists. They should be at least able to give a rough guide. The main downside of this group is many messages per day so it's hard to keep up and real registration queries may be lost.