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Chrome browser -dodgy pop-up malware warning as Gaeilge??

  • 17-06-2018 9:15pm
    Registered Users Posts: 733 Chimichangas

    I was told the laptop shut down and wouldn't restart.

    I finally got it going again.

    Opened up Chrome browser, restored pages, then a website page opened up with a warning underneath the address saying the website was wanting to download multiple files, and then big red pop up mainly in Irish about system warning, malware, hacking etc.
    And call a +353 76 680 1530 number.
    It downloaded some small file and laptop shut down.
    Found it downloaded some other small file the first time too...

    I don't get why warning is all in Irish, but what would be next steps? What should I be concerned about?
    Laptop has Windows defender on it. Not sure if it is automatically updating.