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Psychology - Quickest way

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    I'm wondering if anybody can advise me on the quickest way to gain my basics in Psychology in an accredited institute and course in Ireland? Is an undergraduate course the only option or is there a fast track more intense course over a 2-3 year period? I am a qualified Physiotherapist i already have a degree in a medical profession if that makes a difference. When i was studying for my undergraduate degree over a 4 year period, there was a fast track masters course available in the same institute for those who already had a degree. Maybe this was possible as they were more experienced/mature students and that they have experience in the research aspect completing a degree. Any advice here would be very much appreciated. Regards :)


  • You can do a higher diploma conversion course which is equivalent to a BA Degree in psychology, IF you have a prior level 8 degree.

  • OK great, thanks for the info. Is there another option which entails a masters where i can still get the foundation psychology but finish on a level above 8? The reason i ask this is due to funding. In order to get a grant i need to be progressing from my level 8 BA degree.

  • Does your funding source allow online degrees? There are several fully accredited universities that offer bachelors and masters degrees in psychology completely online. Many are self-paced. Allowing you to move at your own speed. But be careful of diploma mills, where diplomas are not worth the paper printed. Check accreditation.

    Example of quality online degree program:

    University of Southern California

  • University of Derby do an online Masters accredited by BPS. However, I think you need 60 credits of psychology as criteria