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40th birthday ideas

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    Anyone any ideas for a 40th birthday gift for my sister, big birthday this year! She likes sentimental things, I know she'd like something that will keep forever, rather than a voucher for an event. Something that she could look back on in years to come and say I got that from X.

    Also any suggestions for a day out for her amongst family? Young children included!



  • Where in the country would suit for the day out? Would ye all go away together for a night?

    Quality time together doing something and framing some photos from the day can be something to treasure forever too.

  • Best pressie: jewellery, with an engraved message; you all chip in together to get her a silver bangle or something.

    Outing: A lake or river cruise on a boat, with snacks and drinks etc?
    You can do that on Lough Corrib, from Galway; or Lough Ree, etc - probably lots of places.
    Dublin on canal, too.