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How to get 500 leaving cert point?

  • 22-04-2018 8:15pm
    Registered Users Posts: 4 adoredelano

    Okay so, basically i've dossed my way through 5th year and it's almost over. But i want to do english in trinity which is around 500 points. Is it possible? what would i need to do to achieve this.

    My subjects are:

    ALL are higher level apart from maths. My stronger points are English, french, history,home-ec. I'm dreadful at chemistry (might drop it) In my 5th year Christmas exam i got about 330 points but i didn't study whatsoever.

    So, is it possible? what would i need to do to achieve it.


  • Moderators, Education Moderators Posts: 29,896 Mod ✭✭✭✭ randylonghorn

    So, is it possible? what would i need to do to achieve it.
    At the risk of sounding like a smartarse, what you would need to do is get your finger out and start working! :p:D

    Given that you're only in 5th year still, albeit the year is indeed nearly over, if you do that there's no reason why you shouldn't improve your scores significantly. You've simply left yourself with a tougher hill to climb than would have been necessary if you had put in a bit more effort this year.

    But the longer you leave it, and sit round thinking about it and discussing it, the steeper that hill will become.

    Start doing something about it TODAY, even if it's only putting a bit of extra effort into doing to-day's homework well, and maybe taking an extra 20 minutes to revise something you have already covered.

    Even a small start is a start ... spending weeks developing big plans about how you're going to start and then suddenly it's the summer holidays doesn't actually constitute a start at all, but it's a trap many fall into! ;)