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Navan Athlumney area

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    Hi all,

    We are looking at moving to Athlumney and eyeing a few houses in the area. We had a drive around and it seems lovely but that obviously doesn't reveal much.

    I'd love to get some general advice regarding what to expect, anything to look out for, what the schools are like, the usual traffic, the commute to Dublin city centre, or anything really that yous can think of. The newest conversation I found about this is 10 years old so a bit of up-to-date info would be nice. :)

    Thanks in advance!


  • Athlumney would be considered the "Posh" side of town, depending on how close you are to Johnstown.

    My missus is from the older part and its fairly quiet, had some issues with Teenagers and some theft but its died down recently.

    The road into town on a weekday morning is a no-go as the road runs passed the Girls secondary school Loretto.

    What estate were you looking at?

  • Thanks for taking the time to reply. We looked at Athlumney Castle, Abbey and Wood, and that bit north from the Applegreen station.
    Traffic into Navan town hopefully won't be much trouble as it's Dublin city centre I'd need to commute into.

    Any word about primary schools? Ard Ri seems to have a good reputation. How about the Educate Together on the Commons Rd, or St. Stephens in Johnstown?

  • I cant speak from experience but I've heard of crowding issues in St Stephens.

    I wouldn't know much about the Educate Together and Ard Ri.

    There are a few other primary schools in the area also (St. Pauls, St Annes, Scoil Eanna) but they have some pretty long wait lists.

  • Looking at houses here, is there any problems with teenagers or crime in the area now?

  • Also looking at this area so interested in this question.

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