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Super Rugby- Stadiums

  • 03-03-2018 2:19pm
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    Anyone ever been to a super Rugby game? Whats the atmosphere like? I watch it a bit but have noticed out side of NZ they always seem to be played in international size stadiums. Always loads of empty seats.


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    I watched the Crusaders beat the Highlanders in Forsyth Barr stadium in 2015 in Dunedin and it was brilliant. It's a great stadium in a great town and it was absolutely packed with fantastic atmosphere.

    From watching the games on TV that seems an uncommon enough experience though, but I guess it's the game you go to and the location that'll drive the crowds.

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    Had a season ticket at the Waratahs when I lived in Sydney. The atmosphere is good among those who go but the massive grounds make it difficult. Think the Tahs would average about 19/20k in a ground that held 45000.

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    I had a season ticket for Queensland Reds for 2007 & 2008.
    Lang Park is an amazing venue but the crowds for rugby union were pathetic.

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    Been to Newlands to watch Stormers, atmosphere was decent there but been to a number of Waratahs games and it was never great at Moore Park, very sparse crowds.

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    Been to a few in New Zealand, Sydney and Perth. Good games all, great to see the likes of all blacks, wallabies and Saffies in the flesh.
    Atmosphere was a bit flat at times, but that said when you've been to a few Heineken cup games with a bit of niggle/history between the sides it's hard to imagine any atmosphere coming close.
    You're right about the big stadiums being half empty, just seems wrong,

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    Cheers folks, would still love to check one out, maybe some day. A shame they don't have a few smaller grounds though, may help with the atmosphere issues