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Preparation for storm emma

  • 28-02-2018 9:26pm
    Registered Users Posts: 3,430 ✭✭✭ Kevhog1988

    As embarressing as this is to post i was caught very short with the snow etc today. Spent the whole day battling through snow  to get ready for whats forecast to come tonight. 
    Had the following very poorly prepared: 
    1. My vehicle had no fecking spare. have been driving to Dublin daily since november in a van with no spare, jack or wheel brace.
    2. Hadnt enough fodder for animals (And zero spare bedding).  Had to rope the uncle into helping move bales with 4x4 as my tractor in middle of overhaul.
    3. filling water for animals as everything frozen. Need to upgrade this somehow.
    4. Starting to run low on timber for the stove/range. Have plenty of turf but loads of timber there just needs to be processed. 
    5.  Am allowed to work from home but not properly set up for it so things took ages.

    Were any of the rest of ye caught short or just me? 
    Also,... going to upgrade what i carry in my vehicle (fiesta van). Any suggestions??.


  • Well I'm caught out trying to get to the UK by ferry early next week and the exhaust has dropped off my car. The mechanic I use said drop in on Friday morning to weld it up but he is about 30 miles away :(

    Otherwise not doing too badly at home.

    All I did was buy a few extra batteries and charged a few and we could sit it out for a fortnight - except I'm off to the UK.

  • Hi there,
    Spare clothing in a gear bag/gloves(even cotton disposable types will do)/head torch and batteries/water for drinking and/or clearing windscreen. You should have enough clothing and equipment to be able to protect yourself from the elements if you have to get out and change a tyre, for instance, or, as I found out one night, two headlight bulbs. I had failed to change out a blown one and then the other went but I had spares in the back. I hate having a cold head and cold feet but I got soaked, wrestling with a headlight (the easiest way to change a headlight bulb on a Skoda is to slide the whole unit out) and it took ages to warm up afterwards.