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Feedback thread for PI, RI & Bereavement



  • I have reported instances of old threads being brought back up also, (since this new set up came into being), but likewise, I'm not sure if mods have received the reports.

  • I raised this in the past already. If the site/ forum charter prohibit medical advice including diagnosis, why is it deemed acceptable to suggest mental disorders etc?

    It is as misleading and potentially damaging as offering a wrong diagnosis on physical ailments.

  • It is not allowed Jequ0n and falls under medical diagnosis. Moderators, and other posters, regularly pull posters up when they start diagnosing.

    However there is a difference between someone saying "it sounds like they could have x, y, or z" and someone saying "they have x, y or z".

    Posters can also give their own experience of a condition or medication for example but cannot tell another poster that they should take such a medication or they have the same condition.

    Again we ask if you see any post that definitely breaches the charter, please report it, or pm one of the moderators. We don't see every post.

  • How do you know whether a reported post has been actioned? There is a clear case in a current thread which I reported (“Your ex is a …”) without any response or on thread action.

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  • Jequ0n, I have said that we are having trouble with reported posts at the moment.

    If you have reported a clear breach of the Forum Charter and you see that it has not been actioned, please PM one of the mod team to bring it to their attention.

    Edit: I have scrolled back through the reported posts and found the post you reported on 8th September. I also see you commented following the post telling the OP to ignore such advice/opinion as nobody can make an online diagnosis.

    In this case, like we often say, the posters (you) had dealt with the issue. Other posters had moved the topic on and offered appropriate advice and opinion to the OP. So specific moderator action was not needed, in this instance.

    I have snipped the line from the post anyway and added a note to not offer diagnosis.

    For a first offense this suffices. If a poster persists in this type of posting then further action would be taken.

  • I had commented after no action had been taken but had expected to receive a warning for detailing the thread. I guess PMing the mods is the only option so as the reporting functionality clearly isn’t working.

  • Jequ0n, how do you think you would be derailing the thread by advising the OP? And surely when you did not receive a warning for derailing the thread then you realised your post was fine?

    I think you are unnecessarily complicating matters. Advise the OP. Disagree with advice offered by others if you feel it is inappropriate. Report a post if you think it breaches the charter or could upset the OP. If you think a reported post has been missed, pm one of the moderators.

    All reported posts don't necessarily require moderator action though.

  • Guys, I know I'm like a broken record here, but can we ask if reported posts are still falling under the radar? I've reported a rake of posts lately and I'm just not confident at all they're being seen. And yes, we know not all reported posts aren't considered worthy of action, etc etc, but some of them are pretty clear-cut, imo - a thread being left open even after the OP admitted being in the care of Pieta, for example.

    It seems to me (rightly or wrongly) that mods are only actioning stuff they happen to notice in-thread themselves rather than acting on reports. Should we still be PM-ing in addition to/instead of reporting? It just seems like modding activity fell off a cliff after the Vanilla changeover and never recovered.

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  • Not a PI mods, obvs, but the issue with reported posts is still ongoing, unfortunately.

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  • I've noticed that across boards. It looks like anybody moderating these days is trying to do so with one hand tied behind their back. I hope things improve for you all soon because it's a valuable but thankless job.

  • Ah thanks Tork! That's lovely 😀

    I check reported posts every day. If necessary I do what has to be done with them. Unfortunately I'm not online as much as I used to be because I have a new job and other general life things going on. Added to that, reported posts aren't filtered at the moment. So all reported posts are going to the same place, which means if I haven't been on in a while it's likely PI/RI reports end up like needles in haystacks to try and spot. But there is work being done in the background to help us filter reports, so that should help ease matters soon.

    I'm sorry if I've missed some reports, I thought I was managing to locate them all but clearly not. It's definitely not that reports are being ignored or modding has fallen off a cliff. If there's something that you feel is quite urgent and needs action, by all means PM me or any of the other Mods who are also here and working away and we'll see it straight away when we log in and review it.

  • Thanks HS. Another question I've asked before - is there any way to auto-lock threads once they've been dormant for, say, a month or whatever? The issue of people posting in threads that have been dead for weeks on end is still rampant. There's one in RI right now - last post was on August 4th but someone just posted in it. That's a zombie by PI/RI standards.

    Also, while we're at it, I just reported an utter troll post in RI too.

  • Dial Hard, if you think a post really needs attention, will you send a PM to one, or all of us!

    Reported Posts is not working in any kind of meaningful way for us, so I'll be honest I scroll through occasionally but don't really go looking too deep.

    I'm happy to take PM reports for the time being. Even moderating is difficult at the moment as we don't seem to have full functionality yet. In PI, we generally prefer to nudge posters with onthread reminders rather than carding or banning. But in some cases cards are needed or posts to be deleted.

    So if you notice something that is dangerous in PI, drop one of us a PM rather than report it just for the moment.

  • There's no hard and fast rule with dormant threads. Sometimes the OP is still around and might possibly be still getting notifications or benefit from something newly posted. Also, the forum itself has been pretty slow of late so it may not be obvious to the latest poster how old the thread is, but they're posting a genuine piece of advice that might help the OP. I wouldn't like to think they're getting a wrap on the knuckles or turn them off the forum by thinking they did something wrong when they were only trying to help.

    So, if it's a once off post which again maybe of benefit to the OP, it comes back to a judgement call on the post/thread itself. If its obviously months old and the OP has never engaged since close to Day 1 or it kicks it all off on a carousel again, I'll close it off. Sometimes the OP does come back so again from their point of view unless it's been months, I'd hate for them to get a nugget of advice and then find their thread closed.

    I'll go take a look at reported posts now 🙂

  • It’d be worthwhile listing the current active PI/RI/Bereavement Mods here or in a sticky of it’s own until they fix the issue with the reported posts, maybe with a short post explaining that, temporarily at least, a PM directly to a Mod would be a valid option.

    It used to be easy to identify who was looking after a forum, not so easy now.