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Agri contracting

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    Registered Users Posts: 17 Fergusonk65

    Hi all im 16 be 17 by the summer have a licence and safe pass done looking to go driving tractors during the summer months anyone point me in a direction on where to go or know anybody looking for drivers based in sligo would travel though thanks


  • Hey Fergusonk65

    From experience at the same age as you contractors tend to go for guys who do more than just drive tractors,eg stacking square bales or going rock picking).I worked with a contractor for 3 summers and on the first summer it was all manual work very little to do with a machine,once you show that you are willing to do manual work and arnt afraid of it they build up a sort of bond with you and they might let you drive some machines for em.

    Hope this helps you,
    Kind Regards

  • Myself, the auld lad and the brothers are contracting here a good bit further South than you. Best thing you could do is ring around to the different contractors you know locally and tell them your story. We've found good help to be hard got in recent years so you wont be idle for long.

    One bit of advice would be to pick up as much experience as possible. If you're driving a wrapper and the boss asks you to do a bit of baling don't shy away from it just because it might seem a bigger responsibility. Nothing handier around the yard than a jack of all trades.

    Best of luck anyways lad.