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County Board Levys To GAA Clubs

  • 12-01-2018 9:36pm
    Registered Users Posts: 2 Redcardayl

    Hi all,

    Hoping someone could help me with this query.

    I read an article from 1996 about Kilkenny GAA introducing a Levy for clubs for the development of Nowlan Park.
    And they threaten to throw over 10 teams, from Senior to Junior out of the following years Championship.

    I know during recent times during the recession such County Boards introduced fees for GAA clubs.

    And I seen this become standard for some County Boards now. I am wondering the effects this has on small rural clubs with small numbers and revenue streams.

    My first question is - Is this legal? Can a County Board do this?

    My second question is - Can the County Board throw clubs out of championship for non-compliance with this levy?

    The likes for small rural junior clubs with 30-40 members can withstand this annual fee against the likes larger clubs with over 1000 members.

    Hypothetically speaking. If a County Board was threating to kick a club out. Is there anything the small clubs can do? Something to get out of this fee or am I wrong? Or will they get kicked out or wound up?

    Any advice knowledge on this is greatly appreciated.