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Rudolph Day



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    Completely forgot about it so I’ll have to do something today to mark the Occassion 👍🧁

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  • Registered Users Posts: 498 ✭✭ pigtail33

    They are delicious! I think I got them reduced in January and shoved them in the back of the press. I'll be looking out for them again in a couple of months.

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    Happy Rudolph Day everyone. Getting less and less of these now! Just 2 more until the feelings really start and 3 until it's the season 😬

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    Happy Rudolph Day all :)

    Feels like we are in the start of the home stretch now. Feeling more Christmasy now that the holiday is over and thoughts have turned to kids going back to school and getting emails/whatapps about after school activities.

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    Happy Rudolph Day everyone! Told a lad in work it was Rudolph Day today he just looked at like I had two heads 😄

    I think this one is a bit of quiet one tbh as last months one was the halfway one and the next couple will really feel like the countdown is getting serious.