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Participants needed for online survey exploring models of mental wellbeing.

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    My name is Lauren Mawn, originally from Donegal and I am currently completing my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Newcastle University.
    As part of this I'm carrying out research on the relationship between uncertainty and mental health difficulties. To begin this research the team are seeking to explore more about uncertainty and people’s responses within a general population aged 18+.
    The aim of this study is to understand how people think about and respond to uncertain situations. Once we know more about this in general, we hope this will enable us to explore the links with those who experience distress and mental health difficulties. Understanding these links is important for the development of research exploring effective treatments.

    This study is completely online, and has been taking participants approximately 40 minutes to finish. It is best completed on a computer as it is difficult to read some of the scenarios outlined on a mobile device. The information sheet and consent form are at the start of the online survey, followed by a series of questionnaires. The application to carry out this research has been reviewed and approved by an Ethics Committee at Newcastle University.

    Participants who wish will be able to enter their email address at the end to be entered in a draw for a £25 Amazon voucher, which will be pulled every 20 participants. This draw is only open to residents of the UK and Ireland.

    Please find the link to the study below:

    Please do not hesitate to contact me on the email address listed below if you have any additional questions.

    Your participation is GREATLY appreciated.

    Kind regards,

    Dr Lauren Mawn
    Trainee Clinical Psychologist