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Does your family member or loved ones have MCI or Memory Loss/Forgetfulness

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    Hi all. I'm a college student that's currently developing a device to help aid people who have MCI OR Memory Loss/Forgetfulness. My aim is to help those with MCI but also to those family members or loved ones that provide help to the parent or loved one. I want to help make caring for the elderly with memory loss easier and more efficient on the carer by using technology.

    I'm conducting a quick 3 minute survey to gather information from those who provides assistance to their family members and also a survey for those who have memory loss themselves.

    So If your Family Member or Partner does have MCI/Memory loss/Forgetfulness I would really appreciate your input so I can try and provide aid.

    Thanks in advance.

    Survey #1 Your Family Member or Partner has MCI/Memory Loss

    Survey #2 You have MCI/Memory Loss