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What Kind Of Modern Irish Society Do We The Irish Citizens Want?

  • 18-10-2017 12:47pm
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    I know it is my first post on and it might seem a little heavy, but it is a question that I believe we should all be asking ourselves, I want to know if there are others who are asking the same question of themselves. I just want to state that I am not affiliated to any political party whatsoever, I am just an average Joe Irish man who is bothered by what is happening in our "Modern Irish Society" so here it goes:

    What Kind Of Modern Irish Society Do We The Irish Citizens Want?

    A. - A modern Irish society that benefits the few elites at the expense of the majority of us Irish citizens like we have now


    B. A modern Irish society that benefits all Irish citizens at the expense of the few elites

    Please give a reason for your reply, Thank you!


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    I think its fairly obvious what way your political leaning is from those 2 options.

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    As stated in my post I have no political affiliation, would you like to state your choice and if not why?

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    Mod note:

    Thread closed. OP, please read the charter re: serious political discussion.

    Specifically, what you have done is set up a false dichotomy whereby the country is divided into two camps - the elite and the majority - and it is a zero sum game whereby one has to be exploited and the other benefits from same. I seriously you doubt you think anyone will genuinely answer that they want a system that benefits an unspecified elite to the detriment of the majority of people.

    Further, if you want to discuss a political issue you will need to provide more specific detail that is based on the real world. There is scope to discuss political theory which does not require a link to current events, but it has to be an actual theory and not just assertions.

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