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TEG Exam as Gaeilge

  • 04-10-2017 10:52pm
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    Hi there (apologies if this is the wrong place for me to start the discussion. I wasn't sure what area of boards to post in .
    Has anyone sat the TEG exam to gain access into primary school teaching, and hwo would you compare it in terms of difficulty to the LC.



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    I've taught both for people wanting to do primary teaching. I think the LC is probably easier, but it'll be a pain in the rear end. You'll have to do all the poetry and stories and essays, but if you get in quick you can qualify with 50%, they're changing it for the current TY or 5th years to 60% (or so I've heard). Easy enough to get 50% with the oral and the reading comps. That said, I've spent years giving grinds to people who got into primary teaching with a low grade and they regret not working on their Irish sooner.

    The TEG one will be challenging but if you can get through it you'll be much better prepared for the course. The writing pieces are easy enough but the translations can be tricky, depending on your level of Irish.