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Hotels for Christmas dinner

  • 01-10-2017 8:27pm
    Registered Users Posts: 264 ✭✭ Petyr Baelish

    Hi all, I'm considering booking a hotel for Christmas dinner for me and my partner, either for the meal alone or to stay over for one night. I'm based in Meath but I'm open to traveling so suggestions anywhere are welcome. I wouldn't be looking at a big budget so that's going to limit my options.

    Any suggestions on where to look?


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    Depending on what your Budget and travel requirements are Johnstown House and Clontarf Castle are certainly worth a look.

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    A friend of mine stayed in Dunboyne castle with his elderly mum last christmas, said it was incredibly well done & they were well looked after but it was a tad pricey, worth a look though as they may have different deals etc.
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