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Psychotherapy and Counselling Course

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    I am planning to join a university course in psychotherapy and I have a couple of options:

    Either I can take a BA(Hons) (4yrs) at PCI or I can apply at DBs and
    get an Higher Diploma in 2yrs (level 8) + Master Degree (Level 9) in 2 yrs, for a total of 4 yrs.
    However the BA (Horns) is ICAP approved, while the other two are not formally approved by any organization.
    In addition the Higher Diploma + Master requires me to do 250 hrs of personal therapy, probably to comply with the IAHIP standard. This would amount to 15,000 Euros cost. This as opposed to 50hrs requirements of the ICAP.
    I was wondering if any of you can give me an advice and highlight something I am missing.