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Kablammo - it actually can happen!

  • 11-07-2017 10:47am
    Registered Users Posts: 463 ✭✭ Testacalda

    I have often heard people on about backfires so bad that they 'nearly split me exhaust in two' :pac: I've had many cars backfire over the years and the only consequence has been a bit of rusty crap coming out the tailpipe.

    However as of yesterday I have U turned on my scepticism. Had on old ford down yesterday suffering from ignition problems. Would crank over when hot (which I forgot would have been pushing unburned fuel vapour down the exhaust) but not fire up. I swapped the suspect coil and needless to say I have now sorted the ignition problem!

    Kablammo on the first turn! Similar in decibel to a shotgun

    35722367401_ef8a395107_b.jpg20170710_162427 by Testa Calda, on Flickr


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    Yikes, I hope there was nobody close to it. Looks like there might have been shrapnel.

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    Strangely enough something similar happened an old Ford of mine too.

    But it just split the box along the seams. It was a 4.1 falcon