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Public Speaking (Cork / Limerick)

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    Registered Users Posts: 515 sunnyday1234

    Hi Everyone
    I have an acute fear of public speaking and it consumes me during the build up to saying even a few words. 
    I have thought about toastmasters but to be honest, it seems that they dont account for someone who is very nervous and im sure that it would suit me 
    I think a good starting point would be where absolute beginners meet for an hour every week where we can give presentations to help build our confidence
    Would anyone be interested in this ?


  • The phobias forum can be quite quiet. You might get more of a response if you posted in the regional forums for the areas. You could even try starting your own meet up group on meet

    I wish you well, it sounds like a great idea.

  • Hi sunnyday1234. I would definitely still recommend Toastmasters for you. They have a number of speaking roles like timekeeper and ah counter which are perfect for those starting out and building confidence. It has personally helped me work on my anxiety and fear of public speaking. I'd use the phrase...the more fearful you are of public speaking the more you will benefit from Toastmasters. There are many clubs around the country. If you are in the Cork region I would recommend Cork Douglas Toastmasters. They meet every 2nd Wednesday and the members are a good mix of young, old, experienced and inexperienced. Very supportive members in a fun environment. See link below