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Recommend a new sat nav anybody?

  • 20-04-2017 9:37pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1,071 ✭✭✭ juneg

    I'm looking for a new sat nav. Mainly for driving in Europe. Needs to be a reliable good one . I'd be grateful if anybody has an opinion on which ones to look at, many thanks


  • Depends on what you prefer, but with data services about to become 'free' (if they are part of your 'home' contract) across the EU for EU members, you should consider just using google maps or waze on your phone and get a cable and bracket for the car?

    I have a tomtom that I have used extensively throughout the EU for the last few years and am very happy with it but the one thing I would not do without is the live traffic service so whatever device you choose to use that is the one thing I would suggest is a must.

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  • dont like using the phone S7 as sat nav....but is it the way forward. would kill me to pay 100 for sat there any aliexpress devices worth getting..

  • The reason Google Maps is so good is because of the live traffic updates, you won't get this in offline options, also, the cheaper Sat Navs would probably have out of date maps. Personally, I'd be putting the €100 towards data charges and be delighted to have €100 back (if you're staying in the EU)

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  • perfect .. phone bill not payed by me :D and added to the fact roaming charges are gone ( for france ) looks like a $5 holder for the phone is all i need..
    thanks all