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    i have an event in 11 days time where i need to bring a brew. problem is due to short notice im low on ready beer. now i have some lying around odds and ends so all is not lost but its very small amount.
    i have the new coopers hefe on since the 21st ( 8 days) and its flying it, i know its a new wheat beer yeast with this kit so is any chance like the old one you could ferment 10 days bottle 10 days. and go with it.

    else i have a coffee stout sitting in a corny keg for 12 months. could this be bottled ( the seal isnt perfect but should be kept under c02 blanket anyway ) could i bottle this or would the yeast be stone dead now. or could i mix a small bit of live wort from hte here in before bottling ?

    maddness im sure