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Premium Whiskey Tasting DBA

  • 14-03-2017 12:51pm
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    Has anyone done the whiskey tasting with Dublin Bar Academy?

    I'm thinking of trying it but the price might be a bit steep depending on what they offer. Hoping to increase my knowledge of whiskey by trying a few side by side with an expert! Have people tried something similar that they could recommend?


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    Don't think that's too expensive? Depending on the quality and extent of the person's knowledge giving the course you get 2 hours of their time. I've have price tags north of what they're asking for 10 minutes of a plumbers time :pac:.

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    I haven't done the tasting, but do know DBA & the guys involved. They're all knowledgable and have a pretty nice inventory of whiskies. Can't imagine them having a tight pour either.

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    Thanks for the replies. I just didn't want to drop €80 on something without someone else recommending!

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    It may well be worth it but there are good whiskey tastings for between 20 and 30 euro in Dublin. The Celtic Whiskey Club and the Irish Whiskey Society both do them.

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    I got this last year when it was a living social deal for 40 quid. Well worth it imo, you get a flight of 8 whiskys including 3 scotch, 3 Irish an american and a Japanese whisky. We got a cocktail beforehand and stayed chatting to the guy doing the course and got to sample two other scotches.

    I'd pay the 80 for it myself.

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