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Is Atheism in compatible with a belief in the Afterlife?



  • Registered Users Posts: 1,236 jigglypuffstuff

    I don't think it is

    In my opinion, If one is to believe in an afterlife, then one must believe that mind precedes matter. (My own belief)

    If one was to believe that matter precedes mind, then once matter ceases to exist, then mind should too.

  • Registered Users Posts: 668 Pat D. Almighty

    Well since the almighty has done a runner (something it seems we predicted with more accuracy than he predicted any of our words)........... and since now 2 MORE people have PMed guessing correctly the word that he failed to get.......... the word was "laconic".

    Both clues that this was the word I picked, since I was too lazy to go about a hashing algorithm like your tech heads :) were here........

    "I will not say much about that word, like smacl did above, but I assure you that the word I picked I will be able to offer SOME evidence that I did not change after your guess. Lest anyone consider one not intentionally contributing."

    Damn. that what I was going to say!!!!!