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PW Draft 2017 - Evaluation Thread

  • 24-01-2017 2:27pm
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    Welcome to the Boards Draft 2017 Evaluation Thread.

    For you new to the game, I strongly encourage you to check out last years thread to see what others have done. Some go the while hog and do many write ups and a PPV, others simply post their dream card from their available roster.

    CHECK IT OUT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HERE!!!!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Below is a general outline of the rules and how it works :
    - Posting is optional. Participants don't have to write weekly shows for their rosters if they don't want to. Its up to them if they want to do shows, however usually those who do the weekly shows are more in teh running to win the overall game.

    - You can outline your promotion, TV show name, your roster's champions etc.

    - There is a max to what you can post. Traditionally players are allowed post 5 posts in total. 4 weekly shows to build up to your PPV and a PPV. This is essentially your weekly TV show building up to your PPV so you can post this up to 5 times.

    - You may post a preview post, outlining your federation history and outline of your characters before your weekly shows begin. This wont count towards your total.

    - You may also post a preview show before your PPV summing up the weekly shows before your PPV, recapping all that has unfolded in your weekly shows. This also wont count as one of your 5 posts.

    - Final write-ups will be posted after round 15. It is your PPV event and the only thing which is a requirement in this thread. This is not optional as the PPV will be judged to determine the winner.

    You can commence your PPV build now. Good luck and have fun. As always please keep discussion of the game (feedback to show etc) in the discussion thread.



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    Welcome ladies & gentlemen to CWA Fallout we open this week’s show with Pipers Pit

    Piper: Welcome to the premiere slot in professional wrestling Pipers Pit, You know old Hot Rod had a lot of options this year but I wanted to come home to CWA the place where I won my first legends title and where I plan to defend it plus it’s a home away from home of Pipers Pit.
    This week we have with us well let’s just say an interesting group,
    They're creepy and they're kooky,
    Mysterious and spooky,
    They're all together ooky,
    The Wyatt Family.


    Bray Wyatt, Kevin Sullivan, Braun Strowman and Dr Death all make their way to the ring
    Piper: What a group of misfits we have here, Bray Wyatt the eater of worlds…maybe you should go on a diet Bray as you are looking a little Husky lately & Kevin Sullivan the task master himself..the only master you are is a master (Sullivan grabs mic)
    Sullivan: Listen up here Piper be very careful with your next words
    Piper: I was going to say master of disguise I barely noticed ya without the face paint on, but enough of you Sullivan I want to talk to you Bray Wyatt I want to know what your plans are here in CWA, what are you doing here
    Wyatt: You will get your answers Piper in fact your answers is about to slap you in your face (with that Williams & Strowman attack Piper and tru him out of the ring.

    Wyatt: They’ve been lying to you man you see there no such thing as a hero, oh yes CWA will go out and sign all these legends to make you feel safe, to tuck you into bed at night and kiss you on the cheek and tell you everything is alright.
    But the truth is everything is not alright we live dangerous times but me and my family are here to let you know as long as you follow the buzzards you will be safe.


    Announcer: We are back folks from our commercial break but while we were on break we had an altercation backstage, let’s show you what happened.

    Backstage Segment

    Lashley: Yo Jay wait up I have a proposition for you
    Lethal: A proposition, this ain’t going to cost me any money is it.
    Lashley: No nothing like that, I have brought the Nation back together and we want you part of it
    Lethal: You brought the Nation back together again and why would you do a stupid ass thing like that
    Lashley: Stupid…do you not see what is going on around you, with the stipulations in place for this years draft you looked certain to go in round 1 but didn’t go till 9th round, I am a multi time world Champion and did not go till 4th Round, Godfather a Hall of famer and D-Lo not till Round 5 then Mark Henry another multi time champion till Round 6.
    Lethal: Look man I don’t care what round I go in I am here to tear it up and come World Champion the only nation I am interested in is the Lethal Nation population 1
    Lashley: Well if you are not with us you are against us
    Lethal: That is fine by me in fact why don’t we sort this out in the ring

    Announcer:So folks that is what happened during the break and our owner has signed the deal, next up is Bobby Lashley taking on Jay Lethal


    Lethal is in the ring staring at the entrance waiting for Lashley to show up when all of the sudden Godfather, Dlo Brown and Mark Henry jump the guard rail and runs in to attack Lethal who has no chance to defend himself, one they beat him down Lashley comes out puts his foot on Lethal and has Dlo do a 3 count with loud boos coming from the crowd.

    Announcer:Well that was just disgusting what a group of thugs.

    Then the Wyatts appear at the top of the ramp

    Bray: Nation of Domination if ye are so eager to prove your dominace why not have my man Braun Strowman come down there and face two of yer guys in a handicap match, that is if Godfather and Dlo are up to the challenge

    Announcer: Oh here we go folks Dlo has just made the just bring it sign, Lashley and Mark Henry have been ordered out of the ring and we will have Braun Strowman face off against Dlo Brown and The Godfather


    As soon as Strowman get’s into the ring Dlo and Godfather attack him with Lashley and Mark Henry outside jeering him on, But Strowman is soon to get the upperhand and over powers the Nation Members, he tosses Dlo out of the ring and when Lashley & Henry go to aid him the rest of the Wyatts attack, it’s now 3 on 3 on the outside and just Godfather and Strowman in the ring, Godfather puts up a good defence but was not enough for Strowman who picks up the win via running powerslam.
    After the win the Nation regroup in the ring and Mark Henry says anything Strowman can do he can do better and tonight he will also have a handicapped match.

    As they are leaving up the ramp Wyatt turns and says “ Godfather your place is not with this Nation follow the buzzards”

    *******COMMERCIAL BREAK*******

    Backstage Segment

    The Wyatts are backstage celebrating their win, The Godwinns approach them
    Henry Godwinn: Mr Wyatt sir we have followed the buzzards and wish to join your family
    Kevin Sullivan: Why don’t you pig farmers just move along
    Bray: Don’t be so hasty Kevin let’s hear what these here boys have to say
    Pheonis Godwinn: We just want to prove ourselves worthy
    Kevin Sullivan: Worthy…ye ain’t worthy of being in our presence
    Bray: Again with the hastiness Kevin, I will decide who is worthy and who is not so I tell you what Godwinns if ye can’t beat the Sullivan & Williams tonight I will consider ye
    Kevin Sullivan: Is this really necessary Bray
    Bray: Just cause you knew my pop don’t think you know me Sullivan if I say something is necessary then it is necessary

    Announcer: Well folks it looks like we have our main event , next up we have an exclusive look at the newest signing’s for CWA

    After video ends Mark Henry is already in the ring awaiting his opponents


    It’s the tag champions and members of The Bullet Club, Guerillas of Destiny, the crowd give them a huge pop and as soon as the match begins they take control, plenty of high flying spots on this one and they are really wearing down Henry, they go for combo powerbomb but instead Henry is able to back flip both at once he then picks up Tama and bodyslams him onto Tanga, he comes off the ropes and splashes onto both for the 3 pin.

    And finally we have come to our main event , can the Godwinns prove to Bray Wyatt they deserve a place in his family or will Sullivan & Williams cement their place.


    Sullivan & Williams are in control from the off, with some really nice in ring work and quick tags it looks like it is all over Kevin Sullivan locks in a figure four leglock on Henry Godwinn, but Godwinn refuses to tap, Sullivan who is close to the ring reaches out to Bray Wyatt to hold his hand so he can get more leverage but instead Wyatt pulls Sullivan out of the ring and starts stomping on him, while Strowman then attacks Williams.
    Once they are beat down Bray gets in the ring

    Bray Wyatt: Sulllivan you and Dr Death were never part of my family, I know my pop sent ye down here to try and keep his young boy under control, well there is no controlling me, no sir so why don’t you & Williams go back to pops while ye still can and never follow the buzzards again….


  • Registered Users Posts: 3,364 ✭✭✭campo


    Ladies & Gentleman welcome to CWA Fallout, we open the show with Jim Cornette in the middle of the ring.

    Cornette: Folks let me tell you, last week Campo the owner of CWA rang me and said Jim I need you, I need a proper wrasslin man someone who can get the best out of the roster, so I said Campo you have made the right call so here I am the shows new GM
    And 1st order of business is to sort out who will be the CWA World Champion, well I have looked around this roster and got to be honest no one has impressed me yet so there will be a title tournament starting tonight.
    Next Bray Wyatt I know you are in the back so make your way out here.

    Bray Wyatt: Jim Cornette Mr GM man, anyone the calls me out must be very brave or very stupid and the only reason I am out here is to find out which one are you
    Cornette: Listen Wyatt I used to run Smoky Mountain and people like you are a dime a dozen, they used to come down from the mountain with their sister & wife which were usually one in the same person, talking about their love for buzzard and goats and God only knows what else, so you don’t scare me, what I want to know is can you go in the ring.
    So tonight, Wyatt we will find out as you get to face a man who can go in the ring, a former NWA World Champion, so in the 1st round of the CWA World Championship will be you versus The Franchise Shane Douglas oh and if any of your freaky Friday family members interfere the closest you will get to a wrestling ring again is when you are mopping it up.


    Backstage Segment
    Interview with Bad Luck Fale

    Interviewer: Bad Luck Fale what bring’s you here to CWA
    Fale: (Pushes announcer away)
    I was at home last week when I get a call to tell me that Guerrillas of Destiny lost in a handicap match, I started to laugh and asked what did they get disqualified for and I was told no Underboss you don’t understand they lost clean, Oh hell no I wasn’t having that so I got on the first flight to here to make sure the Guerrillas of Destiny know who and what they represent
    Commentator: We have Bray Wyatt vs Shane Douglas coming up but before that we have just had word from GM Jim Cornette on the CWA Championship Tournament, and we can reveal who will face who in the 1st round


    Douglas launches into a frenzied attack on Wyatt, hitting him with forearms and elbows but Wyatt soon fought back with headbut and running crossbody, Douglas does attempt a come back but Wyatt is in full control at this stage, Wyatt now has Douglas and ready to finish him off with sister Abigail but before he get’s a chance to finish move Kevin Sullivan & Steve Williams have ran into ring and start to beat down on Wyatt with the help of Douglas, Sullivan, Williams and Douglas stand in the middle of the ring arms aloft and make a BWA gesture…………

    winner via DQ: Bray Wyatt

    We go to the outside where both Henry and Strowman have a pulling harness on which is connected to a bus, Henry is giving plenty of thrash talk to Strowman telling him he is the true strongman of CWA & the strongest man in the world and tonight he will prove it, the ref is in the middle and he whistles to start the competition, the both start to pull their bus forward inch by inch there is nothing to separate them, Henry slowly beings to take the lead and is nearing the finish….when Guerrillas of Destiny appear chairs in hand and they start to smash Henry with them, he can’t defend himself while harnessed and Strowman passes him out while smiling over at him and crosses the line taking the win.
    Piper: Welcome to Pipers Pit where tonight we will have the leader of the Nation Of Domination Bobby Lashley with us, but 1st after last week I decided to beef up my security so who better to have my back then my old friend Cowboy Bob Orton

    Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring

    Piper: Bobby great to have you on Pipers Pit, lets just jump straight into it…why did you put Nation back together.
    Bobby: I’m glad you asked and let me answer your question with a question
    How many black wrestlers were drafted in the first round…I’ll tell you 1
    How many would you say in Round 2…I’ll tell you again it was 2
    Oh and in round 3 not one Black competitor was picked.
    Piper: So you are saying Black Wrestlers are being discriminated against
    Lashley: Isn’t it obvious
    Piper: Ok then let me ask you this, is there any fees for joining the Nation as if so because I was once half black does that mean I only have to pay half the fees
    (Lashley begins to crack his knuckles and stares down Piper till Orton stand in front of him)
    Lashley: You want some Orton, tell you what get a ref down here and we will start our CWA Championship Tournament match right now

    As soon as ref enters ring Lashley attacks Orton with vicious punches and kicks , he whips him to the rope and hits him with a spear before picking up and finishing him with the dominator.

    Winner via pin fall: Bobby Lashley

    Backstage segment

    The Godwinns enter Jim Cornettes office


    Cornette; Oh my God I should have known ye were about to call as I could smell ye from two buildings away
    Godwinns: We want a match tonight, we got to show Bray what we can do
    Cornette: So ye are falling for his claptrap, well I tell you what you are lucky I love a good tag team match so tonight Godwinns I am putting ye in a match against Dlo & Godfather oh and who ever wins gets to slop their opponent so good luck.

    Godwinns seemed more interested in trying to impress the watching Bray Wyatt then beating Dlo & Godfather which proves to be a costly mistake, Dlo & Godfather and never truly troubled and are able to defeat the Godwins when Dlo hits Henry with a frog splash and Godfather makes sure PhIneas does not interfere, after the match Godfather and Dlo dumps a bucket of slop over The Godwinns head who looked devastated.


    Bray Wyatt gets on the mic
    Wyatt: Yes Yes this makes me very happy very happy indeed , There is indeed a place in my family for you

  • Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 22,628 Mod ✭✭✭✭Bounty Hunter


    Welcome to the BWA Raw preview show!

    All the lights in the arena are off as we go to air, making it all the more impressive when the pyros (not as much as usual, it's still the preview show) hit. just then a large spotlight appears in the center of ring. A figure stands in it who slowly raises his head to a good pop from the crowd as they realize that it is none other than the BWA's own Bounty Hunter.
    10 years... 10 years since The Draft began and 10 years since I first set foot in the BWA. Back then the BWA was named after me - Bounty Hunter Wrestling association. That may have changed but this place (looks around the arena), this place stayed the same. This place has always been the heart of the BWA universe. Every year we put on the best best matches witht he best wrestling personalities from John Cena facing off against the immortal Hulk Hogan in our first year to the dream match that was Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar last year at Wrestlepalooza... but that all changed when the voting started last year. That all changed when the BWA board realized they would not be retaining the draft champions title.

    I now invite you to watch the following video, first recapping last years groundbreaking BWA Wrestlepalooza, then recapping the year to date since then.
    The video plays

    After the Wrestlepalooza highlights are shown we see how the board reacted to coming joint second in the voting last year or as they described it not even good enough to be the best loser on our own. They were livid and blamed the promotions top stars and said that they let the brand down despite actually each having mammoth matches (Bryan vs Brock won the best match slammy).

    They also announced their intentions to sell the promotion after the disappointment that was the 2016 draft season and as a result did not invest in new talent until they had done so which obviously did not sit well with the roster or the fans. An example of this was when Bobby Heenan straight up quit the promotion a few weeks back and took his top star Brock Lesnar with him, although some did suggest that was actually in reaction to how Brock had been suspended indefinitely for going nuts and F5'ing / suplexing half the production crew after losing to Daniel Bryan at the last Wrestlepalloza.

    It is believed that this coupled with them struggling to find a buyer forced the boards hand as they announced both the fact that they had secured a new main event talent (whom they stated was a multi time world champion and a box office star) to replace him and tonight's main event. They said that after tonight's year in review show and 1 week before the new draft season begins that Daniel Bryan would defend his title in a Street Fight! The board clearly want to make the company look like a big deal with these announcements but I wonder have they made it enough of an exciting proposition to entice a buyer to part with their cash and take on the promotion?

    As the video ends Bounty Hunter states that now as his last act as an announcer as he will instead be returning to the commentary team to replace Heenan he will introduce tonight's main event

    Daniel Bryan vs Takeshi Morishima in a Street fight for the WWE title

    We are informed that this match will literally start in the streets as we head to the BWA parking lot in the back where almost the entire roster are waiting to watch the fight as the champion makes his entrance out through the security entrance to the back of the arena where there is even a big screen and speakers set up for this occasion. He then hands his title over to the referee who raises it up to highlight that this bout will decide the BWA world champion.

    The referee passes the title over to Bounty Hunter (and whispers something to him) who looks a little confused but brings the title back inside the arena letting the arena doors swing shut and locked behind him.

    Then just as the two competitors are about to engage each other they are stopped in their tracks as music starts blaring... the entrance music of "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase who all roster members start watching on the big screen while we switch back to the ring.
    Ted Dibiase: I'M HERE, I'M HERE... The Million Dollar Man is here in the BWA! Now I would say sorry for interrupting your main event but the Million Dollar Man doesn't apologize to peasants like you and all of you (points to the titantron where the roster can be seen in the parking lot) better listen up because as you know... Everybody's got a price and I just paid the BWA boards price so your looking at the boss of this here place. Oh and one more hard cruel fact of life you need to know, If you don't do the job right you don't get paid and you guys not winning the draft last year wasn't doing the job right... So.... YOUR ALL FIRED!


    The entire arena is in shock, as are the wrestlers in the car park who suddenly realize they have been locked out of the arena. As the show ends we are left wondering just like the commentators what does this mean for the BWA going forward? and just what kind of promotion will we see on the first week of the road to Wrestlepalooza which will apparently be the first week of the reign of The Million Dollar Man!
    **End of Show**

    so storyline wise we don't know who will be competing in the BWA the next time we return to the show but for the viewers at home who have been following the names drafted to the company here is a little preview of what we could see:

    The NWO - Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, "Mr Perfect" Curt Hennig, "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase, IRS / V.K. Wallstreet (Mike Rotunda), Virgil & Horace Hogan

    That's 8 different former NWO members all on the BWA roster this year. Will they take over? Will The Hulkster and the outsiders dominate the main event scene? will anyone be able to stand up to such a group ? and will anyone else join the NWO?

    The Million Dollar Corporation - Ted Dibiase, IRS (Mike Rotunda), Tatanka & Bam Bam Bigelow

    What if The Million Dollar man isn't in the NWO? could he reform his Million Dollar Corporation? The Beast from the East (Bam Bam) would be incredible muscle and with Tatanka & IRS also on the roster they would no doubt be a formidable stable for anyone to have to deal with.

    The Varsity Club - Kevin Sullivan, "Dr Death" Steve Williams, Rick Steiner, Dan Spivey & Mike Rotunda

    The entire Varsity club has found it's way onto the BWA's roster this year meaning there are 3 rosters that Mike "IRS" Rotunda could easily fit into. Lead by Kevin Sullivan this stable who brag about their superiority to other wrestlers on the roster because of their amateur wrestling background could really make an impact on the undercard at the very least.

    Triple Threat - Bam Bam Bigelow, Shane Douglas & Chris Candido

    Shane Douglas was "The Franchise" in ECW where he won and threw down the NWA title, could he make as big an impact in the BWA? He does have a former wrestlemania main eventer in his corner in the form of Bam Bam Bigelow and the often underrated (Wrestling Observer Newsletter most underrated of 95) also former NWA champ Chris Candido on his side, so who knows how well these boys could do if they combine their efforts.

    Other Main Eventers - Andre The Giant, Dave "The Animal" Batista, Stan Hansen

    It says a lot about the BWA in 2017 that we have gotten this far into the description of the roster without having mentioned the most successful and popular gaijin in professional wrestling history Stan Hansen or "The Eighth Wonder of the World" and the inaugural inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame Andre The Giant (who also has history with Dibiase). Then you also have bonafide main eventer and big time Hollywood star Dave The Animal Batista who completes the list of main event names all of whom are worthy of headlining the BWAs annual Wrestlepalooza PPV.

    The Women's division - "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey, Manami Toyota & Aja Kong, Victoria & Molly Holly

    2 years ago at Wrestlepalooza Rousey defeated Jesse Ventura of all people... can any female wrestler really defeat her? Well Arguably the best female wreslter of all time (just look at her list of 5 star matches) Manami Toyota will no doubt believe she can. Meanwhile Aja Kong has been drafted to the BWA roster more times than any other woman for a reason, because she is a destructive force of nature and she too will believe that she can be the top women in this years BWA's women's roster. It isn't just Female asian stars who will be gunning to make a name for themselves at Rousey's expense though as we also have the woman known as The Head B*tch in charge Victoria & the woman whose head she shaved at Wrestlemania Molly Holly who no doubt will both want to ascend to the top of arguably the best womans division in the draft.
    Other undercard wrestlers - Sabu, The Original Shiek, Abdullah The Butcher, Hannibal, "hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert & Tatanka

    High flying, crazy, hardcore and Gimmick wrestlers who can offer something very different to this or any roster and some of them such as Sabu & The Shiek or Hannibal & The Butcher have history together that could obviously get brought up when they meet up in the BWA.

    BWA Roster 2016
    Hulk Hogan
    Scott Hall
    Kevin Nash
    Andre The Giant
    "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase
    "IRS" Mike Rotunda
    Dave Batista
    "Mr Perfect" Curt Hennig
    Stan Hansen
    Manami Toyota
    Aja Kong
    Ronda Rousey
    Molly Holly
    The Original Sheik
    Abdullah The Butcher
    Bam Bam Bigelow
    "The Franchise Shane Douglas"
    Chris Candido
    "Dr Death" Steve Williams
    Dan Spivey
    Kevin Sullivan
    Rick Steiner
    "hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert
    Devon "Hannibal" Nicholson
    Horace Hogan

  • Moderators, Social & Fun Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 50,988 Mod ✭✭✭✭Necro

    Previously on Natural Championship Wrestling….

    Necrominus: No, goddammit! Hey ref, you have to stop this!

    Hardy has no more energy left, and Hussan sinks the Clutch in and drags him dead centre of the ring. Hardy goes limp, and the referee starts to raise Hardy’s arm…




    Necrominus: Dammit, Hussan has stolen the title!

    Billy-Bob: And we have a new NCW Champion!

    Hussan holds his arms high, as the others enter the ring. Hardy lays unconscious in the ring, as the announcer regrettably announces the decision.

    Ring Announcer: The winner of this match.... And New NCW Heavyweight Champion... Muhammad Hassan!

    Necrominus: It shouldn't have been this way! Jeff Hardy just had the belt stolen from him!

    Billy-Bob: Take it up with management, Necro… I can’t believe it myself!

    Daivari grabs the belt from the referee, and gives it to Hussan! He cackles in delight, hugging his new allies, Monty Brown and Michael Tarver! The two members kneel before Hussan… Hussan places the title on his shoulders, pride beaming from his eyes. The referee checks on Jeff Hardy, who has yet to move. Hussan storms towards the ring announcer, and yanks the microphone from his hands.

    Hussan: Get a good look at your hero!

    Hussan points down to Hardy.

    Hussan: This will be the last you see of him... And I have ascended my throne, as your one true NCW Champion!

    Daivari, Brown, and Tarver nod their heads, as Hussan screams into the microphone....

    Hussan: Long. Live. The. King!

    Hussan holds his arms in the shape of a crucifix, as, Daivari, Brown and Tarver flank his left and right side. Necrominus begins to speak, as the copyright information comes up.

    Necrominus: My God... What... What does this all mean....

    At the end of last year’s Natural Selection a new ‘King’ was crowned. Muhammad Hussan shocked the world when he stole the title from Jeff Hardy, directly following on from his war with John Cena . Together with Monty Brown and Michael Tarver, Hussan climbed to the top of the NCW mountain and ascended his throne.

    In the months that followed, Hussan would retain his title in a rematch with Hardy, again aided and abetted by the assistance of his trusted allies. Then it was Andre the Giant’s turn – but once more Hussan kept hold of the championship belt. But behind the scenes at NCW, a revolution was on the cards.

    Fed up with perceived mismanagement and distrust of the head writers, John Cena was the first in a raft of talent to leave the company, immediately departing following Natural Selection. Scott Hall and X-Pac were next to leave – a rematch with the Outlaws teased but never materialising. But late in the fall of 2016, the company was to be dealt its biggest blow of all – when The New Age Outlaws, the reigning tag team champions announced their departure for the MWA. Days later, reigning NCW US Champion Andre the Giant also announced he would be signing for another rival federation – the BWA, and would be bringing the US Championship along with him. More and more departures were to follow.

    General Manager Pete Rose was quick to act, immediately signing up reputable tag team The Natural Disasters, but compounded his already controversial reign by simply awarding them the championships – as there were no other tag teams left in the company to face them. Legends such as ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham and Pat Patterson also signed on, but the writing was on the wall. Haemorrhaging talent and money, NCW would surely fold.

    Cue a lifeline. Realising their mistake, NCW management fired the embattled Pete Rose, stating a ‘gross abuse of power’ coupled with severe staff mismanagement had made his position untenable. The next day the company was put up for sale.


    Elsewhere at the same time, Stephanie McMahon stunned the wrestling world when she sold her stock in WWE and left the company under a cloud of controversy. Immediately rumours began swirling that she intended to purchase a controlling interest in NCW – but for weeks it was simply rumours. Until tonight that is. We would now like to take you live to the NCW press conference:


    A hush comes over the packed auditorium as Necrominus, the voice of NCW makes his way onto the stage, accompanied by Stephanie McMahon. They take their seats along the large table set up for this conference.

    Necrominus: “I’d firstly like to thank you all for attending this important night in the history of NCW. For months now there has been speculation that the company was to close its doors – but I can confirm to you all that this will now not be the case. And it is all thanks to this woman sitting here beside me.”

    Necrominus sits back and Stephanie moves forward to speak into the mic.

    Stephanie: “Before I begin tonight, I would like to remind you that I will NOT be answering questions regarding anything to do with my departure from the WWE. That, as far as I am concerned is in the past. NCW is the future of professional sports entertainment, and we will strive to be the very best in the business at what we do.”

    John, Sunday Tribune: “So, Stephanie – from what you have just said – is it safe to presume that you have indeed purchased the company?”

    Stephanie: “I suppose the cat is out of the bag. Yes, it is true. I have purchased a controlling stake in NCW and will serve in the role of General Manager of the company. Moving forward NCW will be a force to be reckoned with as we move to challenge the premier companies in this industry.

    Gillian, New York Times: “But, Mrs McMahon – it’s been well documented that the roster at NCW is depleted and lacks any significant quality. How can you even talk about competing with the premier organisations when you have no discernible talent on your books?”

    Stephanie: “I resent that comment. Already signed to NCW we have several legends in this business in Billy Graham and Pat Patterson, alongside our Tag Team Champions, The Natural Disasters. But you’re right, the talent pool is very low on the numbers side. Already NCW has been on a recruitment drive, and I can exclusively reveal this evening that we have signed an incredible array of talent, from all corners of the globe.

    Firstly, I can reveal that Samoa Joe has signed an exclusive deal with NCW.

    Another member of the roster will be – and we consider this a coup given his status in Monday Night Grappling last year – he is, quite simply – The Rated R Superstar – Edge. Another former member of the MNG roster has also joined – in the monster, Vader. As you can see, we are intent on paying top dollar to ensure the NCW fans get to see some of the finest talent on the planet.”

    The room is awash with questions again.
    Mary, Wrestling World Weekly: “Stephanie, these are all big names to be signing exclusively to NCW, for certain. However, last year this company came under considerable criticism for assembling an all-male roster. Given these criticisms is it fair to say that a change may be on the cards in this regard?”

    Stephanie: “NCW recognises the mistake it made last year and has this year resolved this glaring issue. I would like to introduce to you, the inaugural NCW Women’s Champion – The Fabulous Moolah!”


    The crowd applauds the legendary Moolah as she comes to the stage, revealing a glittering new belt with the company’s logo emblazoned on the front. She takes a seat next to Stephanie and again the room is ablaze with questions.

    Tony, Slam Wrestling: “Moolah, how do you feel being given the opportunity to be the first women’s champion in NCW history?”

    Moolah: “Darling it’s absolutely fabulous to be here. Stephanie has presented me with this opportunity to delight the NCW fans – and they will not be disappointed.”

    Stephanie: “And to ensure that Moolah will have competition for her championship, the ink has barely dried on this latest deal, which will see Emma and Bayley leave BCW to join us here at Natural Championship wrestling.”

    Moolah: “Competition? Well… if you can call it that. I hardly think that you can compare two developmental talents with someone as fabulous as myself.”

    Stephanie: “We have signed a wide range of talent as you can see – there are many other names that we have been in negotiation with and in time they will be revealed to the NCW fans. But we must move on from talent discussions. There is a reason you see, that we called this press conference today. Generally, a takeover is announced via press release but we at Natural Championship Wrestling can exclusively reveal a number of major announcements.

    Firstly, as is already well documented – when Andre the Giant left the company, he did so taking the NCW United States Championship along with him. After much deliberation, it has been decided to create a new concept for our secondary title. That is – the NCW Rising Star Championship!

    It is unfortunate that Andre saw fit to take our company’s property with him when he signed for the BWA, but he can do whatever he likes with it now – the Rising Star Championship is a brand new concept to professional wrestling, with rewards for champions who can successfully retain the championship on a multiple of occasions. If they are successful in retaining their championship five times, they can – if they wish – vacate the belt for an NCW Championship opportunity.

    We at NCW feel that this is a way of allowing the so-called midcard to grasp the brass ring and claim the company’s ultimate prize. And the very first champion for this title will be decided on our Agony Pay Per View, when Michael Tarver takes on the debuting Samoa Joe.”

    Stephanie pauses as the onlooking journalists take notes on the new championship.

    Stephanie: “To continue, my next announcement concerns the NCW Heavyweight Championship. In a situation which has been brewing for months, Muhammad Hussan will defend his championship against ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham at Agony.

    But this will not main event Agony. We feel that it is fitting as my final announcement is that NCW have signed a deal with the 45th President of the United States of America – Mr Donald J. Trump! President Trump has long held an interest in the wrestling world and sees it fitting that one of his first public appearances since his inaugaration be in front of the NCW fans.”




    The room is suddenly ablaze with questions when Stephanie and Necrominus stand up and start to leave.

    Necrominus: “Any further questions will be taken by our Press Officer. Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your attendance today.”

    So there you have it folks, Stephanie McMahon is the new owner of Natural Championship Wrestling. But what of the other roster members she alluded to? Well, please see below for an exclusive preview of the main movers and shakers for our current season of NCW!

    NCW Roster 2017:

    Key Players:

    The Brotherhood


    Muhammad Hassan: NCW Heavyweight Champion, and leader of the Brotherhood. The longest reigning champion in NCW history by some way, Hussan and his cronies have reigned supreme over NCW for the past 12 months with an iron fist. The latest influx of talent has left Hussan even angrier at the world than usual. He defends his title against ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham at Agony – can the self-professed ‘King’ of NCW continue his reign?

    The Natural Disasters: The NCW Tag Team Champions. Having been awarded the titles after having the honour of being the last surviving tag team in NCW, Earthquake and Typhoon have laid a path of destruction ever since. Swiftly aligning themselves with Muhammad Hussan, they have come close to entirely wiping out their competition from NCW. They now have an opportunity to eliminate the last remaining active team in the division when they take on Team CoBro at Agony.

    Michael Tarver: One of Hussan’s most trusted allies, lately relations between his long-time friend Monty Brown and he have become strained with Tarver feeling they should have been awarded the tag team championships. Tarver will now finally get the break he has been asking for at Agony when he takes on Samoa Joe to determine the first ever Rising Star Champion. However is Tarver truly prepared for the challenge that he faces?

    Monty Brown: The official muscle for the Brotherhood. He has struck up an alliance with Hussan, seeing the benefit to his career, and has become his most trusted advisor.

    Ranjin Singh: The official spokesperson for the Brotherhood. Singh lacks any real physical attributes, but more than makes up for this with his mind. His schemes are used to ensure that Hussan – in particular – but also the entire Brotherhood stay on top for a very long time.

    Edge: Arguably the most high profile signing of the year, Edge has come to NCW smarting from defeat to Finn Balor last year on Monday Night Grappling. The Rated R Superstar claims to have cleaned up his act and turned over a new leaf. But can Edge’s nice guy act truly be believed?

    Stephanie McMahon: The controlling force in NCW since her acrimonious WWE departure. Stephanie has shocked not just the wrestling world, but the entire planet with the announcement that President Trump will step foot in an NCW ring to address the fans at Agony. What other plans for the company has Stephanie in store?

    Samoa Joe - Joe has carved a path of destruction across every federation he has graced. From his unbeaten run in TNA – to being crowned the only two time NXT Champion in history, Joe’s reputation precedes him. Now he has set his sights firmly on NCW – and the Rising Star Championship. Will Joe succeed in his debut match when he takes on Michael Tarver – or has he finally bitten off more than he can chew by tangling with The Brotherhood?

    Team CoBro – Agony presents the final opportunity for the comedy duo to claim the Tag Team Championships. If they were to lose the match against the Natural Disasters, it has been decreed by NCW management that the team must disband and go their separate ways. Having come so close to claiming tag gold just last month, will this be the final swan song for Santino and Zack Ryder?

    ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham – The original Superstar, Billy Graham came to the NCW alongside his old tag team partner Pat Patterson. Together they stood against the domineering Brotherhood for almost 3 months. Now Graham finally has his title shot against Hussan at Agony, will he seize the day and claim the title?

    Pat Patterson – Joining the NCW alongside his longtime friend, Patterson has stood toe to toe against the Brotherhood over the past number of months. Last month he was unsuccessful in wresting the championship from Hussan’s grasp. Since then, Patterson has been displaying a much more aggressive persona, most recently destroying a local talent at a house show after the match with a set of brass knuckles. How will this new change in attitude affect his relationship with Graham?

    The Fabulous Moolah – NCW Women’s Champion. One of the most decorated women to have ever stepped inside the squared circle, Moolah has been crowned the inaugural Women’s Champion. How will Moolah react with the news that Bayley and Emma are on their way to NCW?

    Bayley – The rising star in women’s wrestling, Bayley has arrived in NCW alongside her one-time tag team partner, but more often than not enemy – Emma. With their paths destined to cross for yet another year, will Bayley and Emma collide one more time? More importantly – what will happen when the most popular women’s wrestler in a decade comes face to face with the legendary Moolah?

    The Dudley Boyz – The legendary tag team are rumoured to have signed an exclusive contract with NCW.

    Vader – One of the most destructive forces to ever set foot in a ring, Vader has finally landed in the NCW. Since his arrival, Vader has preferred to let his actions speak louder than words, laying waste to everything in his path. With his laser focus, Vader is determined to reach the pinnacle of NCW and will let nothing or nobody stand in his way.

    NCW Presents:


    AGONY – Live on Pay Per View:

    Match Card:

    The Cutting Edge debuts on NCW – with special guest Bayley

    Samoa Joe VS Michael Tarver – NCW Rising Star Championship

    The Natural Disasters (c) VS Team CoBro – NCW Tag Team Championships

    Muhammad Hussan VS ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham – NCW Heavyweight Championship

    President Donald J. Trump addresses the NCW fans

    NCW ROSTER 2017


  • Registered Users Posts: 679 ✭✭✭daithi1989

    Welcome to DPW here on the new ROI Network. Lets take things to the ring, where DPW owner Daithi is waiting to address the audience.
    Lady and Gentlemen.. Let me take this opportunity to introduce to you the next big Wrestling Promotion to launch. My name is Daithi, and I am proud to bring you DPW, Daithi Pro Wrestling! In this Launch Show on the ROI Network, we will be introducing you to our Champions and have a No1 Contender match for one of these titles.

    Here at DPW, we have spent the last 3-4 week encouraging stars from the Past and Present to join us in this new adventure and they will thrill and entertain you in the coming weeks, and we will have our first DPW Pay Per View soon too, Destiny Day.

    At this time, I would like to introduce you to the first General Manager of DPW, who will run the day to day programming of the show while I try keep things in check behind the scenes. He was successful in the role for WWE Raw in the past, and I have full faith in him to do the same here in DPW.

    ***Hornswoggle Theme***
    Thanks Daithi for the opportunity to be a General Manager again, only this time without having to do so in secret. And although I’m only small in stature, I want all the performers in the back to respect my authority and decisions. All decisions I make will be for the good of DPW and if you don’t agree with that… Well tough luck! I’m the boss… AND THE BOTTOM LINE COZ HOOOORRRNNNS-WOGGLE said so!

    Hornswoggle - You’re not Stone Cold. Get your own catch--


    Stop Hornswoggle… I think I preferred when you were anonymous! And couldn’t talk now that I think about it!

    Now, without any further delay, please let me introduce you to our 4 champions here in DPW, as we display there pictures on the Screen.

    DPW World Heavyweight Champion: The Great Khali

    DPW Inter-National Champion: Booker T

    DPW Tag Team Champions: Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr.

    DPW Womens Champion: AJ Lee

    These are the champions of DPW and I can announce now, in our PPV, all 4 Championships will be defended by their champions. And at least one title will be defended every live TV show every week. If you are champion, you will need to be a fighting champion.

    Now, lets have our first match in D……..


    Randy Orton has interrupted the owner of DPW in his first address. He must have something on his mind that he has come out to confront Daithi.

    Here we are everyone - Let me introduce you to the first Superstar of DPW.. Its..

    It’s the Apex Predator.. The Viper.. The LEGEND…. KILLER… Randy Orton

    Randy, you’re not scheduled for this match up. Why are you out here?

    Hornswoggle, Daithi.. I’m here for one reason, and one reason only. I want to know if you have any legends on this roster, or have they all run scared of The Legend Killer.

    Randy, welcome to DPW

    ***Offers Handshake*** Randy refuses.
    Okay.. Be like that. I’ll let you know we have got some legends on the rosters, but I wont let you at them. You have eliminated enough Legends in the past.

    That’s the thing Daithi… I wasn’t asking to let at them - I was telling you. I want to face every legend you have. If they think they can still cut it in wrestling by joining DPW, then let them go through me.

    Alright Randy.. You want competiton, you’ve got it. Next Week, on the 1st ever episode on DPW Weekly Show, you will face a WWE Hall of Famer. The Main event will be Randy Orton v Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

    That will be the first legend to fall to a RKO on my Road to Destiny Day, and as there’s no Legends here tonight….


    Oh my God, Randy Orton has just RKO’ed the owner of DPW. Surely he will face serious consequences over this. Join us next week to see how Daithi reacts to this and for our Main Event of Randy Orton v Hacksaw Jim Duggan.


    Welcome back to DPW on the ROI Network.

    Before the break, Owner of DPW, Daithi and the General Manager were in the ring, when they got interrupted by Superstar Randy Orton. Hornswoggle had just informed Randy that next week he will face Hacksaw Jim Duggan in the Main Event of the first ever DPW show. When this happened.

    **Recap Video**
    Daithi has been helped to the back by officials while we were on commercial break, and although a little shaken, he should be okay to be on the first DPW show next week. What will he have in store for The Viper Randy Orton.
    Now, changing gears.. We hand you over to the Ring Announcer to introduce you to the competitors in the No1 Contenders match we have tonight on DPW Preview Show for the AJ Lee’s Womens Championship.

    **Tamina Entrance**

    Ring Announcer
    The following is a No1 Contenders Match scheduled for One Fall. Introducing first, from Vancouver Washington.. TAAAAMINA..

    Here she is - Tamina Snuka is on the way to the ring. As you are all aware, she comes from Wrestling Royalty, as her surname suggests, but she is also connections to famous Anoa’I family.

    **Kaitlyn Entrance**

    And her opponent, from Houston Texas.. KAITTTTLYN

    Kaitlyn was the winner of the All-Female series of NxT when working for WWE, but has found herself on DPW now, and goes up against Tamina with the a chance to go on and face her friend, AJ Lee.

    **Match Starts**

    The women lock up in the middle of the ring, when Tamina gets the better of Kaitlyn and spins her round to deliver a Suplex. She keeps the pressure on, working the head area with headlocks. Kaitlyn gets back into the contest and both women go for the same move and collide in the middle of the ring and both women are down on the mat.

    At the top of the ramp, Captain Lou Albano has come out for a closer look at this match. What interest has he in Kaitlyn or Tamina? This match continues, next..


    We come back from the break, and Kaitlyn is on top here. During the break, this battle spread to the outside, when Kaitlyn drove Tamina back first into the Ring apron. The commentator reminds us that Captain Lou is still on the ramp watching the match.

    Tamina gets back into the match, and has Kaitlyn rattled. Kaitlyn is staggering on her feet, and Tamina is waiting for her to turn around… Kaitlyn turns, and the Big Boot connects. Kaitlyn is down, Tamina climbs the top rope, and hits the Superfly Splash.. 1...2...3! *ding ding*

    Here is your winner, and New No 1 contender.. Tamina!
    At this point, Captain Lou leaves the stage again

    She’s done it - she’s beating Kaitlyn with homage to her family. But why was Captain Lou out here?

    At this time, I would like to hand you over to DPW General Manager Hornswoggle, who is going to introduce the full DPW Roster to the TV Audience on the ROI Network.


    Here we are everyone. Next Week on the ROI Network, we get going for real on DPW. You already know who our Champions are.

    At this time, I would like to introduce you to the follow wrestlers who also make up DPW roster.

    You already know 3 of our Women here in DPW, but we also have Naomi here. With her partner Tamina after becoming No1 contender, how will she force her way into the title picture?

    We have a strong Tag Team Division here in DPW, with champions Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase having to contend with the Wyatt Family, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, and Too Cool, Scotty 2 Hotty, Grand Master Sexay and Rikishi, and Tons of Funk, Brodus Clay and Tensai.

    Booker T will have many rivals chasing him down for the Inter-National Championship, with Nathan Jones, Manu, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Juventud Guerrero all chasing him down, and with Daithi intending on getting 2 more people to join us in DPW, Booker T has his work cut out for him.

    The Great Khali is our DPW Heavyweight Champion, and he will have his work cut out, as he deals with 3 of the toughest people in Wrestling History. The Icon Sting, The Legend Killer Randy Orton and Goldberg all aiming to take the title of him.

    However, after Randy Orton’s actions tonight, it could be awhile before Daithi allows him have an opportunity.

    There we have it Lady and Gentlemen! We are DPW, and we are on the Road to Destiny Day.

    Join us for the DPW Live Shows in the coming weeks, where on our first show, we will have a Title match and Randy Orton faces Hacksaw Jim Duggan.


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  • Closed Accounts Posts: 2,469 ✭✭✭LeeJM



    Jim Smallman : Welcome to the AEPW Year in Review show. I am Jim Smallman the AEPW Chief Executive and colour commentator. The “Voice of AEPW” and my fellow commentator KK couldnt be here today mainly because I didnt invite him. So lets recap all that has happened in AEPW since last April.

    Following a so-so debut in the Boards Draft, AEPW management reached out to me and offered me the Chief Executive position. They said they needed to shake things up and gave me free reign to sign and release any and all talent.

    So AEPW said goodbye to talent like DDP, Chris Jericho, Jerry The King Lawler, Sabu, The Faces of Fear, Dr Death Steve Williams and others.

    I brought in many new talents like Takeshi Morishima, Pete Dunne, Chris Hero, David Finlay Jr and Sheamus to name just a few. Gone were any restrictions the talent felt previous management had imposed on them. If the talent wanted to get on the mic and swear that was fine by me. This isnt a business where being a nice guy is rewarded. In AEPW if you want something you can just go and f*cking take it.

    Now lets focus on what has the graps world buzzing right now, our annual New Years Eve Event, The Big Bang. But before jumping right to the main event and the WWGC Title match lets focus first on the WWGC Tag Team Titles. The father & son team of Finlay & David Finlay Jr retained their titles in a hard fought battle against the new team of XPac & Jerry Lynn. And this was after Trent Seven and Tyler Bate of British Strong Style became the #1 contenders earlier in the show.

    The AEPW European Title was the only title to change hands at The Big Bang. In a shock that nobody saw coming Pete Dunne became the first man since AJ Styles last April to pin Taz. It was so shocking because the European Title match was scheduled to be Taz vs Sheamus. But when Sheamus was found a bloody mess in the locker room just moments before the match Taz issued an open challenge to anybody in the back which Pete Dunne gladly accepted. But Pete didnt do it alone as his British Strong Style cohorts interfered whenever possible and eventually the numbers proved too much for even Taz.

    As for the man responsible for the attack on Sheamus, well this video was sent to my office only days ago.

    Rocky is it on? It f*cking is I can see the red light! Right Sheamus, ye know who I am. I am a blast from yer past right. Ye think I forgot what ye did to me? A Ward never forgets! And what happened at that Big Bang show was just a taste of what ye have comin’ to ya! Luther Ward is comin’ for ya Sheamo and Im gonna use my lady here *holds up hurley* to make sure ye pay yer debt in full! Right turn it off Rocky

    And now the WWGC Title match. It was the champion AJ Styles defending against Chris Hero in what was a battle that will never be forgotten. But instead of talking about what happened I am going to show the final minutes of The Big Bang event right now, role the tape!

    *AJ Styles vs Chris Hero WWGC Title Match @ The Big Bang*


    JS : But he cant capitalise KK. Both men are absolutely spent.

    KK : Both men are down Jim and its hard to tell just who has anything left in the tank. The referee has begun his count.

    Ref ; 1……………….2…………….3………………..4

    KK : Neither man has moved much. It cant end like this.

    Ref ; 5……………….6……………...7

    *The lights in the arena go out and the place is total darkness*

    KK : What the hell is this? Whats going on here? Jim are you there?

    JS : Yeah KK I am here!

    *Marty Scurll walks out onto the stage and points toward the ring as both Chris Hero and AJ Styles are beginning to get too their feet*



    JS : He is here to be The Villain KK! The Villain is here to progress this company to the future! Hmmmmm I think I just said progress………..

    *British Strong Style and Jimmy Havoc have come through the crowd and are in the ring and attacking both Styles and Hero*

    KK : What is this? British Strong Style and Jimmy Havoc have no business ruining this classic match. Jim what is this about?

    JS : SHUT UP KK! I am trying to enjoy this moment. 9 months of planning all come to life.

    KK: What?! Are you part of this? Jim say you arent part of this!

    *Jim Smallman leaves the announce booth. Marty Scurll has locked the chicken wing on AJ Styles as Jimmy Havoc lays out Chris Hero with an Acid Rainmaker. Smallman gets into the ring, mic in hand and is hugging British Strong Style*

    JS : Ooohhhhh I think you guys are p*ssed off. Did my guys ruin your little match? Well if you are p*ssed off then you can join the f*cking club! For 9 months I have been here playing nice, acting like everything was ok, wearing these f*cking suits and sitting next to that pr*ck over there.

    Well everything isnt f*cking ok. I spent years building a wrestling company! These guys here helped to build that brand. We became known as the premier Indie company in the business. The standard bearers of great wrestling. Then the big f*cking companies decided to ruin it all.

    They stole our wrestlers. They mimicked our look. They undercut us. They stole our fans. THEY KILLED THE INDIE WRESTLING SCENE! And everything is supposed to be ok?!

    All of you f*cking mugs sitting out there in your AEPW merch can go f*ck yourselves. You should be wearing Progress Wrestling merch! You all killed my company! Our company! You all ruined it. So we decided to do something about it. Progress was no longer running shows but it wasnt DEAD.

    I took the Chief Executive job here for one simple reason, to kill AEPW from within! All you idiots never saw it. Everytime I fired an established AEPW talent, I brought in one of my own. Bye DDP, hello Jimmy Havoc! Bye Sabu, welcome Pete Dunne! And you think we didnt know about what was going to happen to Sheamus?! How do you think the attacker got access to the locker room!

    As for Mr Hero and Mr Styles, I have sat over there beside that tosser and listened to you argue over who is the best in the world. And the answer is quite simple ; NEITHER OF YOU! Standing over you is the #1 in the world. He is the only true Villain in this industry. He is Marty Scurll!

    And its not only us 5. There is more of us. This isnt an Invasion. Its not even a Hostile Takeover. This.





  • Moderators, Social & Fun Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 50,988 Mod ✭✭✭✭Necro

    NCW Presents…



    Necrominus: “Welcome one and all to our first Pay Per View of 2017 – Agony! And we are live here in Omaha, Nebraska as we bring to you one of the greatest nights in the company’s short history!”

    Jiminy Billy-Bob: “You got that right, Necro! And what better place to have it than in my home state!”

    Disco Inferno: “I know guys, adding me to the commentary team was a stroke of genius – Disco is here to stay!”

    Necro: “Um… we weren’t talking about that decision, Disco – that was made by a crazed lunatic! We are, of course, talking about tonight’s main event – when the newly elected 45th President of the United States – Donald J. Trump – addresses the NCW fans!”

    Billy-Bob: “That’s President Trump, Necro. I can’t believe my idol is here tonight! Don’t you think I look like him?”

    Disco – “Maybe in your dreams, Jiminy – but guys, what about the rest of the card! Tonight we see the debut of a new Championship in NCW – when Samoa Joe and Michael Tarver collide for the Rising Star Championship!"

    Necro: “Yes, we’re all looking forward to that, Disco. Especially the debut of Samoa Joe. He comes to NCW with a stellar reputation in the other companies he has graced."

    Billy-Bob: “And of course, let’s not forget guys – Muhammad Hussan defends his NCW Title against ‘The Superstar’ Billy Graham – that’s sure to be one hell of a match!”

    Necro: “That’s for sure, Jiminy! We also will see two of Hassan’s henchmen in action tonight – when the Natural Disasters defend their NCW Tag Team Titles against Team CoBro!”

    Disco: “And if Santino and Zack Ryder fail to win, they are forced to disband! I know who I’ll be rooting for!”

    Necro: “And rounding off our stacked line-up tonight – The Rated R Superstar FINALLY debuts on NCW – with his award winning talk show – The Cutting Edge!!”

    Billy-Bob: “And exactly what awards has he won for it, Necro?”

    Necro: “It’s in the script, Jiminy… just go with it for once!!”

    Disco: “And that is up next!”

    You think you know me…

    The crowd erupts with a mixed reaction for Edge as he comes to the stage in typical fashion, smoke blaring and lights flashing.

    Necrominus: “We have all been wondering for months – what sort of Edge will show up here in NCW. Will it be the vicious, violent individual who surrendered his Monday Night Grappling title to Finn Balor last year?”

    Billy-Bob: “No way, Necro. I have it on good authority that Edge is a reformed character! He’s seen the error of his ways!”

    Disco: “I just hope he doesn’t put me through a table like some guy did last year. What was his name again….John…”

    Necro: “We all know who it was, Disco. Let’s not risk it with the legal team mentioning his name.”

    Edge is in the ring at this point, soaking in the cheers (and boos) of the crowd. He grabs a mic and addresses the crowd.


    Edge: “What’s with all the aggression, Omaha? (cheers) This is no way to greet the newest member of NCW – and a 12 time World Champion! (boos)”

    Edge looks quizzically at the crowd.

    Edge – “Oh, I get it. You don’t trust me, is it? (loud chants of NO) Well, from the bottom of my heart, I have come here to NCW…. To apologise.”

    Necrominus: “To apologise? Is this the same Edge we signed? Or has someone been feeding him happy pills?”

    Billy-Bob: “Quiet Necro! The man is pouring his heart out!”

    Edge: “I know what you’re all thinking. That I have some devilish scheme in mind to gain control of the NCW Heavyweight Title – or take over the company – something like that. But not this time, guys. Honestly, I swear. Cross my heart and hope to…”

    The music of Muhammad Hussan hits!!

    Muhammad Hussan comes to the stage, uncharacteristically alone. The NCW Heavyweight Championship is wrapped firmly around his waist. He has a mic in his hand, and stands on the stage.


    Hussan: “You filthy, capitalist dog. What have you done to my ring? I demand you clear this rubbish from it right now.”

    Edge: “So you’re the face that runs this place eh? Allow me to introduce myself Mr….”

    Hussan: “Silence you buck-toothed, sorry excuse for a human! I know exactly who you are. And I am out here to give you one chance to pack up your bags, clear my ring and bow down at my feet before you ship off to whatever two-bit promotion will have you. This is the Brotherhood’s domain – and you are not welcome.”

    Edge: “Get a load of this guy – listen Hussein, Hussan – whatever the hell your name is. It’s fun to listen to you go into your usual ranting and raving about empires, kingdoms… or shanty towns in your case. But if you’re so intent on booting me out the door, Muhammie…. Why don’t you come down here and do it yourself?”

    The crowd cheers Edge as Hussan’s face contorts from Edge’s insults.

    Hussan: “That won’t be necessary – tonight. You have had your warning Edge. If you value your career – your very life… I would take heed. For one way or another – you, Edge – and the entire NCW roster – will bow down to The Brotherhood!”

    Hussan leaves the stage as quickly as he arrived as the crowd boo him emphatically.

    Edge: Ok… what lunatic asylum let him out for the day. Now – where was I? Oh yes – Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the debut episode of the Cutting Edge on NCW!! Now I was going to go into a whole spiel about how great it was to be here and what my plans were for the future… But – Mr. Crankypants Abdul Jibar went and cut into my time.

    So, without further interruption – I would like to welcome my first guest to the show tonight… it’s everyone’s favourite diva – Bayley!!”

    The crowd goes wild for Bayley as she makes her way down to the ring, hugging her young fans and high fiving the older ones. She rolls into the ring and beams at Edge who eyes her strangely. She grabs the second mic from the stool as Edge speaks again.

    Edge: “Bayley – a pleasure to meet you. I gotta say, and don’t take this the wrong way, but I never got the hype about you. I never understood how the fans could have made such a connection with someone like they have with you… until now.”

    The crowd cheers the final two words of Edge’s sentence as Bayley’s eyes sparkle with delight.


    Bayley: “Your words mean a lot, Edge, as do the cheers of each and every one of you, the fans!! (loud cheers and a Bayley chant) It’s because of you, the NCW fans, that I decided to join this company. It’s because of each and every one of you, that I am determined to give everything – inside the ring and out - each and every single night!”

    Edge: “You’re just a bundle of energy, aren’t you! Listen, Bayley, I invited you here as my guest tonight for one reason and one reason only – we haven’t seen much of you inside an NCW ring. I know, I know – they’ve got you doing promotional stuff all over the country for our upcoming Natural Selection Pay Per View (cheers), but what are your plans?”

    Bayley: “You know Edge, I love the promotional work and everything. But I belong here, in the ring – performing for the fans. And as for my future…”

    Edge: “Well that’s what I wanted to hear, Bayley – and that brings me to the second guest on tonight’s show – can you all please put your hands together, for the inaugural NCW Women’s Champion - the legendary – Fabulous Moolah!”

    The crowd cheers again as Moolah comes to the stage, her glittering title draped over one shoulder. She comes to the ring with purpose, as Bayley looks starstruck in the ring. She wipes her feet on the ring steps, and motions for someone to hold the second rope for her to enter the ring – Bayley obliges to loud cheers again!

    Moolah eyes Bayley up and down before walking past her and shaking hands with Edge. Moolah then looks for a mic – before snatching Bayley’s from her hands! Bayley looks a little troubled now as Edge shrugs his shoulders and grabs the third mic from the stool, handing it to Bayley.

    Moolah: “Thank you Edge, my dear. I’ll take it from here.”


    The crowd grows a little restless at Moolah’s attitude and a few boos start to filter in.

    Moolah: “Bayley my dear, how Fabulous to meet you. I almost thought you had retired we’ve seen that little of you inside an NCW ring.”

    Bayley: “Miss Moolah – it’s an honour. My whole life I’ve dreamed of matching the success that you have had in your career. And now, to stand beside you in an NCW ring – it truly is a dream come true.”

    The fans applaud Bayley’s kind words as Moolah eyes her up and down.

    Moolah: “Such manners! I can see why they like you. I have to admit – I like you too, Bayley. So much so – I asked… no, begged is the right term – Edge here to set up this once in a lifetime meeting. You see, I can see the potential in you, Bayley – more than any of the other pretenders floating around in the other companies at the moment. I believe I am the one to make you realise this potential more than anyone. So I have a proposition for you.”

    Bayley looks truly in awe of Moolah as she continues to speak.

    Moolah: “My proposition is this, my dear. I will become your trainer. Together we will work on every aspect of your game, and refine you… eventually – into one of the greatest female stars of all time. I even have the papers drawn up. All you have to do is sign them, Bayley. You sign these papers and one day – you can become… simply Fabulous.”

    Moolah pulls a two page contract and a pen from her pocket and shoves them in Bayley’s face. She flips one page and shows Bayley where to sign. Bayley tries to flip back to the first page to read, and Moolah’s face drops as she holds it in place.

    Moolah: “Why the hesitation, darling? It’s all legal mumbo jumbo – you wouldn’t understand it at all. Simply sign on the dotted line and you will be on your way to becoming the greatest.”

    Bayley draws the pen towards the dotted line – but hesitates again. Suddenly, she manages to wrest the contract from Moolah’s grasp! She quickly flicks to the first page and begins to read.

    Bayley: “Further to the training and assistance the undersigned will also agree – under penalty of NCW contract termination – to forego active match participation for a period of no longer than 3 years.”

    Moolah: “Well, aha, you, aha, see – in order to train correctly you must give your entire dedication…”

    Bayley: “Wait, there’s more… The undersigned also agrees to surrender their NCW salary to the trainer and will be compensated for the duration of their contract with a fee of no less than… 30 dollars per week? What is this nonsense?”

    Moolah: “Training is not cheap, my dear – and you will have all the necessities you require in my training compound. Now are we really going to worry about the frivolities? Sign here, Bayley – and you will be a star.”

    Bayley: “Moolah, ma’am, I’m sorry – but the terms of this contract are simply too much. I could never give up performing for these fans! I respect you, and all you have done for this industry – but I have to say no. Instead, I want to make you an offer. The Fabulous Moolah VS Bayley – for the NCW Women’s Championship – right here, tonight!”

    The crowd cheer in unison for Bayley as Moolah’s face suddenly changes...

    Moolah slaps Bayley!

    Moolah: “You insolent little pup! Do you honestly think that you, a teenage joke – could match up to the might of the Fabulous Moolah? You are not even in my atmosphere, Bayley. You’re a joke, a fraud. You just turned down the only chance you had of EVER making it in this business. You are not now – nor will ever be – deserving of this championship! So my answer, dear Bayley – is an emphatic no!”

    Moolah slips out of the ring and stalks to the back as Bayley stands in shock in the ring holding her face.

    Necrominus: “What was Moolah thinking? It would have been curtains for Bayley’s career for minimally 3 years had she signed that contract!”

    Billy-Bob: “What disrespect to a legend of our business! When Moolah makes you an offer, you don’t turn it down because of certain ‘conditions’ – you accept it and learn from the greatest!”

    Disco: “I dunno Billy-Bob – those conditions seemed like trying to stop a rising star from challenging her for the title..”

    Billy-Bob: “Don’t be so ridiculous – Bayley just made the biggest mistake of her career!”

    The camera suddenly cuts back to the ring where The Natural Disasters have rolled into the ring behind Edge. He turns round and gets smashed with a huge clothesline by Earthquake!

    Necrominus: “What the hell? This is ridiculous!”

    Edge staggers to his feet but is immediately whipped across to the corner by Typhoon. Earthquake follows up and splashes Edge in the corner, before throwing him to the mat. The two men then back up either side of the ring: Typhoon runs forward and splashes Edge on the mat, quickly rolling out of the way – Earthquake follows suit and blasts Edge with a second splash!

    Billy-Bob: “That’s their finisher right there – The Tidal Quake!”

    The Disasters then pose over a prone Edge, who lies on the mat writhing in pain as the crowd boo the two monsters.

    Backstage, Tarver is wrapping his hands for his upcoming match. Monty Brown comes into the room.

    Tarver: “What the hell? I told you, Monty – I do this tonight by myself.”

    Brown: “Huh? Oh, yeah – your match. That’s what I was coming here for. Listen I’ve got your back against Joe – trust me when I say he’s like nothing you’ve ever faced. I should know man – he kicked my ass upside down and inside out when we were in TNA. You should let your friends in the Brotherhood help you out.”

    Tarver: “Listen, Monty – I respect your offer. I really do. But there comes a time when a man has to stand on his own two feet. I’ve been begging for this opportunity for months. A chance to prove myself to you all. Now I have to go out there and back it up tonight.”

    Brown: “Tarver, I…”

    Tarver: “No, I told you no, Monty! Why can’t you get that into your thick skull? Not everything is about you, or Hussan, or the damn Brotherhood! Tonight is about me!”

    Tarver storms out of the room leaving Brown looking perplexed.

    Brown: “Thick skull?”

    Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall – and will determine the inaugural NCW Rising Star Champion!”

    The music of the Brotherhood hits and the crowd boo as Michael Tarver comes to the stage with a determined look on his face.

    Ring Announcer: “Introducing first, from Cleveland Ohio, weighing in at 256lbs – representing the Brotherhood – Michael Tarver!”

    Necrominus: “Having campaigned to his fellow Brotherhood members for months – Michael Tarver finally gets the chance to stand on his own two feet tonight.”

    Billy-Bob: “And I for one think he’s an idiot! Did you see the way he spoke to Monty Brown earlier?”

    Necrominus: “I think it’s commendable that Tarver wants to prove himself here tonight. He’s spent too long in the background of the Brotherhood as… well, basically a lackey.”

    Disco: “Yeah… but… has he forgotten who he faces tonight?”

    The crowd explode as Joe’s music hits!

    Ring Announcer: “And the opponent – making his NCW debut right here tonight… from Huntington Beach California, weighing in at 282lbs – he is SAMOA JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEE!”

    Joe comes to the stage with his towel over his shoulders and the crowd erupts in a frenzy chanting his name.


    Necrominus: “Samoa Joe has arrived in NCW! And what a way to make a debut, competing for the Rising Star Title!”

    Billy-Bob: “This is another lock, I’m afraid Necro. Without the Brotherhood to back Tarver up… I shudder to think what happens now!”

    Joe comes to the ring as the crowd are amped up with the arrival of their newest superstar. Tarver eyes him across the ring, the first sign of doubt crossing his face as Joe bores a hole through him with his deadly stare.

    Disco: “Tarver seems to be finally realising what he’s up against, guys. This Samoa Joe dude is scary!”

    The referee unlocks the case at ringside which holds the newest title for NCW, and brings it into the ring. He holds it up for all to see, and passes it to the timekeeper before calling the bell to start the match!

    Joe continues to stare at Tarver as they come face to face in the ring. Tarver starts mouthing off at Joe.

    Tarver: “You’re nothing special. Tonight is my night!”

    Tarver backs up a step or two – Joe runs through him with a Lariat! The crowd explode as Tarver lies motionless on the canvas!

    Necrominus: “Oh my good God…”

    Joe stands over Tarver, who seems to be coming to a little – Joe picks him up and nails him with a Dragon Suplex! The crowd cheer again as Tarver writhes on the mat in agony! Joe again picks up Tarver and whips him into the corner – before running in and hitting an enzuigiri to the side of Tarver’s head!

    Disco: “This is a massacre!”

    Not finished just yet, Joe sets Tarver on the second rope before climbing himself and setting Tarver on his shoulders – he drops off and hits the Muscle Buster planting Tarver on the mat! The crowd again go wild as Joe stands up and dusts himself off – before locking in the Coquina Clutch and synching it in the middle of the ring!

    The crowd chant ‘Tap’ in unison as Tarver, barely conscious is seen weakly tapping out – Joe releases the hold as the referee calls for the bell – this match is over!!

    Ring Announcer: “Here is your winner…. And the FIRST EVER NCW Rising Star Champion – SAMOA JOOOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!”

    The crowd are again chanting Joe’s name as he holds up the Rising Star Championship above his head. He eyes a motionless Tarver on the mat, shrugs his shoulders – and leaves for the back. On his way up the ramp, Monty Brown comes to the stage! The crowd boo as the enforcer of the Brotherhood stares down Joe – walks towards him – but shakes his head and walks straight past him! Joe continues to the back as Brown rolls into the ring and tries to revive Tarver.

    Billy-Bob: “Brown checking on the well-being of his longtime friend here after a destructive display of dominance by Samoa Joe.”

    Tarver eventually comes to and is helped to his feet by Brown. Brown pats his head as Tarver is distraught, finally realising what just happened.

    Tarver: “I tried my best Monty – I really tried.”

    Brown: “I know, Michael… I know.”


    Brown suddenly shakes his head as Tarver struggles to stand by himself – Brown runs the ropes as Tarver staggers around –


    Necrominus: “Oh Jesus, I should have figured this. The Brotherhood don’t take well to failure.”

    Tarver slumps back to the mat motionless as Brown opens up on him, mounting him and punching him repeatedly in the face while screaming at Tarver.

    Brown: “It didn’t have to be this way, Michael – You should have listened!”

    Brown drags Tarver up again as the crowd boo him mercilessly – he dumps Tarver to the floor, before rolling out himself! Picking up Tarver again he drags him onto the steel ramp before holding him upright and speaking to him.

    Brown: “This isn’t for me. This is for the Brotherhood! Everything is for the Brotherhood!”

    Brown sets Tarver and delivers an ALPHA BOMB onto the steel ramp!

    Necrominus: “Come on, enough is enough Brown! This is… was your friend!”

    Not done yet, Brown drags Tarver up and delivers a second Alpha Bomb onto the ramp. Finally security personnel come out and stand over the unconscious Tarver as Monty Brown screams at him

    Brown: “You ruined it man! We had a good thing! Now you’re done!”

    Finally Brown is escorted backstage as the medics load Tarver onto a stretcher and wheel him away.

    Necrominus: “It seems that Michael Tarver has pushed the Brotherhood too far tonight. Monty Brown has destroyed him and you have to wonder will he ever be the same?”

    Billy-Bob: “You can’t say it wasn’t coming, Necro. Tarver kept pushing for his chance. And when he gets it? Samoa Joe runs through him in record time!”

    Disco: “That’s the difference though, Jiminy. At least Tarver was willing to try and stand on his own feet – not like that snake Brown.”

    Billy-Bob: “Did you see the way Tarver spoke to him earlier?”

    Necrominus: “That doesn’t justify his actions here tonight, Jiminy. He could very well have ended Michael Tarver’s career – and for what? The Brotherhood? It’s not right!”

    We are taken backstage where our interviewer Jenni Jamestown is standing by:

    Jenni: “Well, I was due to interview ‘The Superstar’ Billy Graham on his upcoming match for the NCW Heavyweight Championship tonight… but it appears he has forgotten about me!”

    (In the background) Pat Patterson:
    “Help! Get the medics now!”

    The camera cuts past Jenni and moves toward the sound of Patterson’s voice.

    They go around the corner and the camera shot shows Graham lying motionless on the floor , blood tricking from his ear as Pat Patterson tries to revive him.

    The medics come running and the lead paramedic tries to ascertain what happened from Pat.

    Patterson: “I don’t know. He just left the locker room and I heard a thump so I came running. I found him like this! Is he ok? Can he compete tonight?”

    Paramedic: “I don’t know. We’ll have to get him to the trainers room and see what damage has been caused.”

    Patterson: “It’s the damn Brotherhood that did this! I swear – they will pay for this!”

    We cut back to the ring.

    Necrominus: “What the hell? The damn Brotherhood strike again!”

    Billy-Bob: “Hold your horses there now Necro. It might have been the Brotherhood, sure – but it could just as easily have been someone else.”

    Necrominus: “Who the hell else would attack Graham before his title match tonight? Open your eyes Jiminy!”

    Disco: “I gotta say, Jiminy – it does look sketchy.”

    Ring Announcer: “The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall – and is ‘The Last Chance’ match for the NCW Tag Team Championships!”

    *The sound of rumbling thunder hits*

    Ring Announcer: “Introducing first representing the Brotherhood, weighing in at a combined weight of 846lbs and being accompanied to the ring by Ranjin Singh, they are the NCW Tag Team Champions… Earthquake – Typhoon – The Natural Disasters!”

    Earthquake and Typhoon come to the stage with the tag titles slung across their shoulders, looking extremely confident.

    Necrominus: “The seemingly unstoppable Natural Disasters defend their titles for the 5th time tonight. Twice prior they have knocked back Team CoBro – swatted them away with ease. Now Santino and Zack Ryder must win tonight – or disband forever."

    Billy-Bob: “This is lunacy by Santino and Ryder! They don’t stand a chance against this mass of humanity coming to the ring right now!”

    Disco: “I hate to agree with you Jiminy, but given the dominance of Earthquake and Typhoon – I can only see one winner here. Especially with that jerk Singh out here to help them! And I don’t want Team CoBro to go! I’m an honorary member you know!!”

    Necrominus: “Remember, The Natural Disasters have already made their presence felt tonight with a heinous attack on Edge


    Ring Announcer: “And introducing the challengers – Santino Marella and Zack Ryder – Team CoBro!!”

    The crowd are on their feet cheering as Santino and Ryder burst through the curtains, clearly pumped for their match. The Natural Disasters smirk in the ring as Ryder and Santino play up to the crowd.

    Necrominus: “Let’s not totally discount Santino and Ryder, guys. They know what’s at stake here.”

    Billy-Bob: “No, no. I am totally discounting them. Two joke acts that are now on borrowed time. The Natural Disasters will squash them!”

    Santino and Ryder enter the ring and pose on the ropes as the Natural Disasters stand side by side in the centre. Finally, Ryder and Santino stand across from them and the difference in size is staggering. The referee shows the tag titles to both teams and the crowd and Earthquake and Santino take their places in their respective corners. The referee calls for the bell and this match is on!

    The beginning:
    Ryder and Typhoon lock up centre of the ring, with Ryder trying his best to overpower the big man – Typhoon simply shoves Ryder to the mat!
    Necrominus: “Strength is not going to win the day here for Zack Ryder. He needs to use his speed and agility and somehow get the big man off his feet!”

    Ryder shakes his head as Typhoon flexes his arms and beckons Ryder to get back to his feet. Ryder again tries the lock up – but this time slips Typhoon and runs the ropes – coming back and hitting Typhoon with a clothesline! Typhoon shrugs it off! He grabs Ryder and flings him across the ring into his corner!

    Santino tags in and goes to work on Typhoon with right hands, but the big man isn’t fazed at all. He grabs Santino around the throat, and delivers a huge headbutt, flattening Santino!
    Billy-Bob: “Ryder and Santino simply do not have what it takes to win here. In fact, I don’t think anyone in the company does!”

    Typhoon backs up Santino and slugs him across the face with a right hand, staggering Santino in the corner. Typhoon backs up and goes for a splash – Santino moves! Typhoon crashes into the turnbuckles, momentarily stunned – Santino comes off the ropes and hits a hard looking chopblock to the knee!

    Typhoon roars in pain and goes to one knee for a moment – Santino tags in Ryder who hits a beautiful running dropkick to Typhoon’s face! The big man staggers – Santino and Ryder boot Typhoon in the stomach and look for a double suplex – Typhoon fights them off and plants both men on the canvas!!

    Disco: “Everything Santino and Ryder do is being countered by the big man at the moment. This does not look good!”

    The Middle:

    Continuing their dominance, Earthquake and Typhoon continue working over a weakened Ryder, tossing him around the ring with ease. Earthquake, now in the ring locks in a bearhug and Ryder screams in pain as the monster crushes his ribs. The crowd are on their feet in support of Ryder, chanting ‘Team CoBro’ over and over again. Ryder tries to fight out with a few right hands to the head of Earthquake, but the big man ignores these and tightens his grip.
    Necrominus: “After all the punishment Ryder has endured thus far, this looks like it could be the end right here.”

    Billy-Bob: “Do it Earthquake, crush him into powder!”

    Ryder is now limp and the referee checks to see if he is out. His hand drops once, twice – thre – NO!

    Ryder suddenly comes alive, determined to fight back – He this time drives his elbow into the temple of Earthquake three times! The big man releases the hold, dazed – Ryder quickly jumps up and hits a huge DDT, finally taking Earthquake to the mat! Both men are down!

    Disco: “This is Ryder’s chance, he needs to make the tag!”

    Billy-Bob: “Come on Earthquake, don’t let that pipsqueak keep you down!”

    Ryder, completely exhausted begins a slow crawl towards his corner. Earthquake is still down but coming to ever so slowly. Santino is in the corner, hand outstretched for the tag as the crowd noise begins to rise

    – Ranjin Singh runs around and pulls Santino’s leg from under him – dropping him face first into the apron!

    Necrominus: “Oh come on! That has to be a DQ right there!”

    Billy-Bob: “Brilliant by Singh – Ryder has no chance now!”

    Disco: “That Ranjin Singh cat is an absolute disgrace!”

    The End:

    Ryder had leaped for the tag as Santino had his leg pulled from under him by Singh and had missed by inches. With a look of disbelief on his face, Ryder turns around as Earthquake tags in Typhoon who runs across the ring as Ryder has hauled himself up by the ropes to check on Santino – Typhoon squashes Ryder in the corner!

    Ryder slumps to the canvas, and Typhoon drags him into the middle of the ring. Earthquake is in and both men stand opposite each other with Ryder in the centre of the ring – Typhoon runs forward and splashes Ryder on the mat, quickly rolling out of the way – Earthquake follows suit and blasts Ryder with a second splash!

    Billy-Bob: “That’s their finisher right there – Tidal-Quake!”

    Typhoon drops for the cover as Earthquake makes his way back to his corner



    3!!! It’s over!

    Ring Announcer: “Here are your winners – and STILL NCW Tag Team Champions – Earthquake and Typhoon – The Natural Disasters!

    Necrominus: “Dammit! Ranjin Singh cost Team CoBro this match – Santino was ready to make the tag and had his leg pulled from under him!”

    Billy-Bob: “Yes! Brilliant strategy from Singh. Ryder was out on his feet and Typhoon took full advantage!”

    Disco: “I don’t know how you can agree with that, Jiminy dude. Ranjin Singh basically screwed Team CoBro!”

    Billy-Bob: “I think you mean – Co – NO now Disco. They have to break up!”

    Earthquake and Typhoon celebrate in the ring with Singh and leave as Santino rolls in to check on Ryder. He helps him to his feet – but Ryder shoves him off! Santino looks confused as Ryder angrily stares at Santino, before turning on his tail and leaving for the back alone.

  • Moderators, Social & Fun Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 50,988 Mod ✭✭✭✭Necro

    We are taken backstage again where Billy Graham is sitting up in the trainer’s room.

    Doctor: “I can’t do it, I’m afraid Mr. Graham. You have suffered a significant blow to the head and could be suffering from a concussion. Therefore you are not medically cleared to compete tonight.”

    Graham: “I don’t give a damn, doc! This is the biggest match of my life tonight! I’m going out there and I’m going to win that damn title!”

    Pat Patterson walks into the room.

    Patterson: “Billy, will you see sense here. You could get even more hurt if you compete! It could be the end of your career.”

    Graham: “Maybe, maybe not. Maybe go fiddle yourself Pat. I am going out there and I am going to become NCW Champion!”

    Stephanie McMahon now enters the room, a look of concern on her face.

    Stephanie: “How is he doc?”

    Doctor: “As I was explaining to Mr. Graham here…”

    Graham: “I’m fine, Steph. I’m going to go out there, kick Hussan’s ass and win the championship.”

    Graham gets up, clearly still a little dazed and leaves the room in a rush.
    Patterson, Stephanie and the doctor look at each other worriedly.

    Ring Announcer: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall… and is for the NCW Heavyweight Championship!”

    The crowd cheer loudly as Graham’s music hits, but he doesn’t come to the stage straight away. A few moments pass before Graham comes out and the crowd chant ‘Superstar’.


    Necrominus: “I know why Billy Graham wants to compete tonight guys – but this is a bad idea.”

    Billy-Bob: “It would be a bad idea if he was fully able to compete, Necro! This is a terrible plan!”

    Disco: “Yeah guys, Graham could get seriously hurt here… or worse.”

    Graham is in the ring now, shaking his head and slapping himself in the face to try and remove the cobwebs from his earlier attack.

    Necrominus: “This is exactly what Hussan wanted. To injure or incapacitate Graham so he isn’t fully fit. Well whoever attacked Billy Graham – has succeeded in doing just that.”

    The crowd boo mercilessly as Hussan and Singh come out to the stage.

    Hussan has the NCW Title wrapped around his waist and kneels on the ramp before raising his hands to the sky and shouting ‘For Allah!’

    He then takes his time coming to the ring, a smirk on his face as he eyes the clearly injured Graham in the ring. The crowd boo and chant 'USA' at Hussan who ignores the hatred raining down on him as he walks up the steps and enters the ring.

    Billy-Bob: “Hussan has Graham right where he wants him tonight!”

    Hussan unwraps the championship belt from his waist, before holding it up to his face and kissing it. He then hands it to the referee as the ring announcer speaks:

    Ring Announcer: “Introducing first, the challenger – from Paradise Valley, Arizona, weighing in at 275lbs – ‘THE SUPERRRRRSTARRRRR’ BILLLLLLLY GRAHHHHHHAMMMM!”

    The crowd chant both ‘Superstar’ and ‘USA’ and cheer Graham as he raises his hands in the air.

    Ring Announcer: “And now, introducing the NCW Champion – He is the leader of the Brotherhood and ‘King’ of NCW – weighing in at 245lbs… MUHAMMAD HUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSAN!!”

    The crowd boo Hussan as he is on his knees again, praising Allah – and the entire arena in unison are chanting ‘USA’.

    Necrominus: “The typical, hostile reception for the leader of the Brotherhood, and self proclaimed ‘King’ of NCW here tonight.”

    Billy-Bob: “Where do these guys get off, Necro? This is no way to treat a king!”

    Hussan and Graham step forward and go face to face in the ring as the crowd chanting rises in anticipation. The referee calls for the bell – immediately Graham nails Hussan with several stinging right hands, backing him up!

    The Beginning

    Hussan staggers back as Graham looks to overwhelm the longest reigning champion in NCW history in the early moments, but seizes the advantage when Graham misses with a wild right – Hussan counters with a poke to the eyes! The crowd boo Hussan again as he hits a snap suplex on the larger Graham, before dropping the elbow on his sternum several times!

    Necrominus: “Typical antics from the NCW Champion early on. When are referees going to get wise to these dirty tactics?”

    Billy-Bob: “Hussan is the longest reigning champion in NCW history, Necro. He knows by now to use everything he can to retain his title.”

    Disco: “But this is ridiculous, Jiminy. It’s every match. If it’s not Hussan – it’s that idiot Singh getting involved! Something has to be done about it!”

    Hussan goes to drag Graham back to his feet – Graham counters and whips Hussan to the ropes – before nailing him with a big boot! The crowd chant ‘Superstar’ as Graham drops the knee on Hussan’s head!

    Billy-Bob: “Referee! That is a dangerous and outrageous manoeuvre! This match should be stopped!”

    Necrominus: “Oh can it, Jiminy. You know perfectly well that a knee-drop is not an illegal move.”

    Billy-Bob: “Well it should be! The only thing that should touch Hussan’s head is a crown!”

    Graham goes to work on Hussan in the corner with lefts and rights. Hussan tries to fight out – but Graham overpowers him and tosses him back into the corner! Hussan is covering up, overwhelmed by the early offence – Ranjin Singh jumps on the apron and remonstrates with the referee!

    Graham turns around to go after Singh – Hussan drops down for a low blow! Graham drops to the mat, clutching his groin as Hussan recovers in the corner.

    Necrominus: “Damn it! The numbers game already playing a huge factor in this match!”

    Disco: “I don’t hear you crying about illegalities now, Jiminy!”

    Billy-Bob: “A perfectly legal kick to the lower back, Disco! I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

    The Middle:

    Hussan has dominated the match following the low blow, working primarily over Graham’s head following the earlier backstage assault. Yet Graham refuses to give in. Finally, Hussan hits a backbreaker on Graham and stands over him, getting ready to apply the Camel Clutch.

    Hussan: “Kneel before your King!”

    Hussan tries to lock in the move, Graham stands up with amazing strength, and with Hussan on his back – drops backwards and lays him out! Unfortunately, Graham’s head collided with Hussan’s knee and he rolls around on the mat in a daze, clutching his head.

    Necrominus: “Come on Billy, that’s enough! Think of your future! Of your career! Stop the match!”

    The referee checks on Graham as Hussan hauls himself up using the ropes – Graham refuses to let the referee stop the match!

    The End:

    Graham somehow staggers to his feet as Hussan stands across the ring, stunned at Graham’s resilience. Graham beckons Hussan to ‘come on’ - Hussan obliges and Graham locks in his patented bear hug!

    The crowd come unglued as Hussan screams in pain and Graham locks in the hold even harder! Hussan counters suddenly with swift elbows to the temple that drop Graham like a sack of bricks. The referee rushes in to try and stop the match and Hussan pushes him aside – before nailing Graham in the temple with a roundhouse kick to the head!

    Necrominus: “This is sick! You sick b******! “

    Graham’s eyes glaze over and he slumps onto the mat, motionless. Hussan quickly locks in the Camel Clutch on Graham who is totally unresponsive – the referee immediately calls for the bell to end the match! Hussan refuses to release the hold!! Ranjin Singh comes into the ring and lays boots to Graham who is still trapped in Camel Clutch as Hussan roars at him.

    Hussan: “You will bow down before your King!”

    Finally, Hussan releases the hold and the medical personnel rush to ringside to check on Graham.

    Ring Announcer: “Ladies and Gentlemen – your winner… and STILL NCW Heavyweight Champion – Muhammad Hussan.”

    A hush grows over the crowd as Graham is the second man to be stretchered from the ringside area tonight. Pat Patterson comes to the stage, absolutely distraught at the sight of Graham and accompanies him backstage.

    Hussan ascends the ropes and celebrates as Singh rips the title from the referee and hands it to Hussan himself. Hussan wraps the belt around his waist again and the crowd boo him mercilessly.

    Necrominus: “I don’t even know what to say here. Billy Graham gave it his all tonight. But at what cost?”

    Billy-Bob: “I have to agree, Necro. Graham wasn’t fit to compete tonight and this is the result. This could be the end of the original ‘Superstar’!”

    Disco: “That filthy rat bag Singh with the boots to an unconscious Graham. I’m telling you guys – one day that Singh will get his just desserts. But that’s not even important right now.”

    Necrominus: “I don’t know how we’re supposed to compose ourselves after witnessing something like this but we’re not even done yet.”

    Billy-Bob: “Quite, Necro. Coming up in our main event – the 45th President of the United States addresses the NCW Universe!”


    We cut backstage to where a 15 foot limo is pulling up in the parking lot, along with a swarm of secret service cars and local police. Stephanie is waiting by as the limo driver opens the door, and President Donald J. Trump steps out to a loud cheer from this primarily pro-Trump crowd! Trump shakes hands with Stephanie.

    Trump: “Thanks boys. I’ll take it from here.”

    Trump and Stephanie converse as they walk towards the building with purpose – they are on their way to the ring!

    Ring Announcer: “Ladies and Gentlemen, NCW at this time would ask you to please all be upstanding for our honoured guest. Being accompanied to the ring by NCW General Manager, Stephanie McMahon, He is the 45th President of the United States of America – Donald J. Trump!!!”

    The crowd rise to their feet as President Trump, linking arms with Stephanie McMahon comes to the stage. They are flanked by 6 secret service agents. Together they walk towards the ring with purpose as Trump waves to the fans on the way. They both come up the steps and 2 of the agents hold the second rope up so both Stephanie and Trump can enter the ring. Two mics are produced but the agents check them first before handing them to both Stephanie and Trump.

    Stephanie: “Welcome everyone, to NCW Agony!(cheers) Aren’t we all excited to be here tonight! And in such company! Before President Trump can speak – allow me to provide an update on the status of ‘The Superstar’ Billy Graham.

    The crowd chant ‘Superstar’ as Stephanie continues.

    tephanie: “Mr. Graham has been transferred to a local medical facility where we have been told he is suffering from a severe concussion. Unfortunately, Billy Graham made a foolish decision tonight. He chose to compete against medical advice and has suffered an injury as a result. We at NCW do not condone such foolish actions and therefore we have no choice but to suspend Billy Graham from any further in ring activities until such a time as he is deemed medically able to compete (Loud boos). However, Mr. Graham did not suffer these injuries during a match. He was brutally attacked backstage and the perpetrator, or perpetrators of this act will be brought to justice. I am told a task force has been set up to get to the bottom of this – and will address the issue next Tuesday night.

    Now, without further ado – allow me to introduce you all to the 45th President of the United States of America – President Donald J. Trump!”

    A huge cheer and ‘USA’ chant breaks out as Trump salutes the crowd.

    Trump: “Good evening my fellow Americans (cheers). Tonight we…”

    Bob Backlund's music hits!!

    The crowd cheer as Bob Backlund comes to the ring!


    Stephanie and Trump looked perplexed as Backlund tries to get into the ring but finds his path blocked by secret service agents. Backlund has a mic and speaks:

    Backlund: “Donald! Donny boy! Pleased to make your acquaintance! I’ve been dying to meet you!”

    Stephanie: “Bob, what the hell are you doing out here? Who invited you?”

    Backlund: “I didn’t realise it was invitation only, Steph! I came out here to show my appreciation for our new Commander-in-Chief! Now if you wouldn’t mind… letting me in the ring?”

    Stephanie looks at Trump who shrugs and asks the agents to stand aside. Backlund enters the ring to loud cheers, before extending his hand to Trump! Trump tentatively takes it – Backlund pulls him in for a hug!

    The agents rush the ring and are about to forcibly remove Backlund when Trump speaks:

    Trump: “No – it’s ok. Bob was just showing his support for my presidency… weren’t you Bob?”

    Backlund: “You bet, Mr. President Donny!”

    The agents back off again as Trump eyes Backlund.

    Backlund: “I came out here, Donny to express my admiration for you. Your core values, that of America, of family – I am in total support. So much so, I came out here with a little request.”

    Stephanie: “Get to the point Bob. These fans didn’t come here to listen to you rambling on.”

    Backlund: “Quiet Stephanie! No one on earth wants to listen to you so just SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH! (Cheers)

    Stephanie’s face contorts in anger but she remains silent.


    Backlund: “I see you’re forming your cabinet Donny boy. You’ve got your Vice President, Secretary of State… other roles like that. But I don’t see a nomination for your good friend Bob Backlund! So I am here to ask you… no, to beg you – toss that witches mom to the curb and saddle up your old friend Bob Backlund in her place! And together we can…”

    Trump: “Bob – with the greatest respect in the world – to borrow from my good friends the McMahons – There’s no chance in hell of that happening!”

    Bob looks upset. His face goes red and he screams into the mic.


    The republican crowd starts to boo Backlund as Trump now looks a little flustered.

    Stephanie interjects: “Ok gentlemen, I think we get the point. Now Bob if you wouldn’t mind…”

    The music of the Brotherhood hits!!!

    Necrominus: “Oh my God… what the hell are they doing here?”

    The crowd boos louder than ever before as the entire Brotherhood – Muhammad Hussan, Ranjin Singh, The Natural Disasters and Monty Brown come to the stage. Muhammad Hussan has a mic.


    Hussan: “President Trump. You filthy, republican pig. You are the embodiment of the state of this rotten, embarrassment of a nation. Your racial prejudices are a disgrace, your core values as that raving lunatic beside you put it – non-existent. You sit there in your ivory tower and care about only two things – money, and power. Well Mr. President, allow me to welcome you to my kingdom – the Kingdom of the Brotherhood! Here tonight – you are MY subject. And I will not tolerate this filth staining my ring.”

    Stephanie: “Mr. Hussan – this will not be tolerated! President Trump is an honoured guest here tonight!”

    Hussan: “Honoured by who exactly? By the rabid mongrels in the audience? I could care less about this backward, hick town. This is your final warning, Mr President. You will leave this ring, and go back to your Oval Office with your tail between your legs – or you will live to regret it.”

    Trump: “It seems we’re at an impasse then, Mr Hussan. You can stand up there and make your threats all you like. Because, and I say this as the 45th President of this great nation – We do NOT bow to anyone! You cannot intimidate me – you and your fake Kingdom. Because as long as your so-called Kingdom is on American soil – you answer to me.”

    Hussan’s face contorts in anger: “Very well. We shall see who answers to whom. Deal with them!”

    The Natural Disasters and Monty Brown advance on the 6 agents who form a line, blocking their path. The three big men attack the agents!

    Necrominus: “Someone stop this! This isn’t right!”

    Typhoon clotheslines one agent to the floor, knocking him out cold before lifting another above his head and dumping him face first into the steel barricade!
    Brown on the other side smashes two agents’ heads together before dropping one with the Circle of Life and the other with an Alpha Bomb!
    The three men surround the remaining two agents – Earthquake slams one into the ring apron and splashes him against it! Typhoon and Brown lift the other up high before slamming him down hard on the steel ramp. All 6 agents are motionless!

    Disco: “I’ve got a bad feeling about this, guys…”

    The three men then line either side of the ramp as Hussan saunters down towards the ring, stepping across the fallen bodies of the agents and heads towards the ring. He steps inside the ring and moves towards Trump – Backlund steps in his path!

    Hussan: “If you value your life – move – you raving loon!”

    Backlund: “MAKE ME YOU SON OF A B****!”


    Backlund tries to hit Hussan with a right hand – Singh jumps on his back! Backlund flips Singh onto the ground but steps too close to the ring ropes – Typhoon and Earthquake pull him from the ring and hit him with the Tidal Quake on the floor!

    Stephanie: “What is the meaning of this! Muhammad Hassan – as your General Manager, I order you to stop this madness!”

    Hussan ignores Stephanie and gets face to face with President Trump.

    Hussan: “I am not usually a merciful man – but I will allow you to leave unharmed, President Trump. All you have to do, is get on your knees – and kiss the feet of your King!”

    Trump drops his mic – and nails Hussan with a right hand!!!! The crowd erupts as Trump shakes his head and loosens his tie, getting ready to fight Hussan

    Trump: “Not in my country – not on my watch! Come on then!”

    Hussan looks a bit taken aback as he stands opposite the President of the United States


    Commentators (aghast): “What?”

    Trump drops to his knees in agony as Hussan smirks and shakes hands with Stephanie.

    Hussan: “Thank you – for providing me with this opportunity.”

    Stephanie makes a quick exit to the back as the ring starts to fill up with trash as an incensed crowd are now on the verge of rioting.

    Hussan stalks Trump, pushing him to the mat with his foot.

    Hussan: “Lost your nerve, Trump? Get up you dog!”

    To his credit, Trump tries to get back to his feet but Hussan stomps on his back. Hussan then stands over the fallen President, and smiles at the enraged crowd. Several fans cross the barrier but are taken out by Earthquake, Typhoon and Brown!

    Hussan: “This is the guy you voted into office? This weak, quivering mess? Watch now while I make him squeal like the filthy capitalist pig that he is!”



    Trump cries out in pain once as Hussan continues to mouth off to Trump while he has him locked in the Clutch.

    Necrominus: “Please, Hussan – stop this! This is not right!”

    Billy-Bob: “This is too much. Way too much.”

    Disco: “I wouldn’t be surprised if the entire American military force was on their way here right now!”

    Trump finally goes limp in the hold but Hussan keeps it locked in tight. Singh raises the mic to Hussan’s lips.

    Hussan: “Look at your leader now! He is worthless! A peon! You all should bow before me! Bow to your King!”

    Necrominus: “Someone come out – anyone! Dammit stop this!”

    You think you know me…

    The crowd now close to a full riot erupt in a frenzy as Edge comes to the stage, clutching his ribs from the earlier assault. Hussan eyes him quizzically and finally releases Trump and flings him to the mat as Brown, Earthquake and Typhoon advance on Edge.

    Hussan: “Break him in half!”

    The Brotherhood surround Edge – Bob Backlund runs up the ramp with a steel chair in hand!

    The crowd are chanting for Backlund and Edge now as Hussan and Singh stare on angrily from the ring.

    Typhoon advances towards Backlund – he hits him in the ribs with the chair! Typhoon doubles over in pain – Backlund cracks him across the back with the chair driving him to his knees!

    Edge backs up a little – before running through Brown with a huge Spear! Earthquake backs off Backlund as he advances with the chair


    Edge and Backlund now divert their attention to Muhammad Hussan and Singh in the ring and charge towards them – Hussan and Singh bail and back up the ramp as Edge checks on Trump who is motionless on the canvas while Backlund waves his chair towards the Brotherhood on the ramp, begging them to come back into the ring.

    Hussan rants on the ramp at Backlund and Edge as the medical staff come to the ring for a third time tonight to tend to the injured Trump.

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    Welcome to episode 3 of CWA Fallout, we open tonight’s show with Pipers Pit.

    Piper: Tonight’s guest is legend of pro wrestling, one of the greatest managers that has ever lived and to boot he is a dab hand at tennis, it’s the CWA GM Jim Cornette.

    (Cornette makes his way to the ring but he has a title belt with him)

    Piper: Corny it’s good to have you on Pipers Pit, I have known you for a long time and you know I have great respect for you
    Cornette: Thanks Roddy it’s a pleasure to be here and I come with some news
    Piper: Well I see you have a belt with you so what gives man
    Cornette: This belt is the new CWA TV Championship belt and shortly I will be introducing our 1st champion, but before I do I want to let all the fans know that this belt will be on the line if we are on TV & as long as the challenger has a referee with him.
    So, with that let me introduce you to our new TV Champion Nikita Koloff

    Cornette: Welcome back to CWA Nikita & I can’t think of anyone else who deserves this title more
    Koloff: Thank you Mr.Cornette
    Piper: Wait there just a minute Jim let me clarify you said this belt is on the line 24/7
    Cornette: Yes that is correct

    (Wait that Piper gives Koloff and chair shot and starts to beat him down, he calls out a ref who runs down to ringside)

    Piper pins Koloff for the 3 count as becomes the new TV Champion.
    Bob Orton comes out to celebrate with his pal and gives Piper a hug, he then lift his arm in celebration…


    oh Orton has hit Piper with his cast on his arm and knocked him out, he covers him for the pin..1…2…3.
    We have a new TV Champion: Cowboy Bob Orton
    Orton leaves the ring and runs backstage

    Announcer: The 1st match of CWA Superstarts of Wrestling has been announced and it will be Mark Henry vs Braun Strowman in a cage match.
    Last week Bray Wyatt & Bobby Lashley moved into the semi-final of the CWA Championship tournament, tonight we will find out who will join them
    1st we have Jay Lethal who will face off against Bo Dallas.


    The two have a good back and forth match, but Jay still seems to be suffering from the beat down that he got 2 weeks ago from N.O.D and is holding his ribs, Dallas would take full advantage with some stiff kicks to Lethals ribs followed by a belly to belly suplex, Lethal gets back up but is wobbling, Dallas takes the opportunity for his rolling cutter and takes the pin for the win and moves onto the semi-final.

    Winner: Bo Dallas

    Backstage Segment
    Cornette: Stan, Bobby oh man it’s great to see ye guys, get over here and give me a hug (all embrace)
    Eaton: Jim it’s good to see you but we are here on business we want a title shot at CWA Superstarts
    Cornette: Guys ye know I love ye and respect ye but the fans also know our history together so I can’t simply just hand ye a title shot but what I can do is put ye in a number one contender match tonight but to appease the fans ye will have to face one of the biggest names in tag team wrestling
    Lane: We have always beat the odds and beat the unbeatable so tonight we will beat whoever you put us against.
    Announcer:Ladies & Gentleman it is now time to find out who takes the last semi-final spot in our Championship tournament, the winner of this will face off against Bray Wyatt next week.


    Both coming out looking like absolute monsters and no one gives an inch and start trading punches in the middle of the ring, It is eventually Sid that takes control whipping Fale against the ropes and hitting him with the big boot then proceeding to power bomb in the middle of the ring for the 1…2…3 and the win.
    Winner: Sid

    After the match Bray Wyatt comes out to the ramp
    Wyatt: Every night is a special night but tonight you have all bared witness to Sid destroying the underboss, well next week Sid you will have to face the devil himself and I promise you a night you won’t forget..

    I’ve got the whole world in my hands, I’ve got the whole wide world in my hands, I’ve got the whole world in my hands, I’ve got the whole wide world in my hands…hahahaha

    OH WHAT A RUSH…………..

    Announcer: Oh my God that music can only mean one thing, Cornette has done it he must have made a trade to get these guys here…..

    Wait what the hell is this that is not the original Legion Of Doom that is Droz & Heindrich who both at one stage were in Legion Of Doom but they ain’t no Animal & Hawk


    Heindrich & Droz don’t actually look so bad and put on a great performance so much so they have the Midnight Express on the back foot more than once, Cornette makes his way to ringside to watch the No.1 contender bout, he grabs a steel chair and throws it into the ring, Bobby Eaton picks it up the ref is trying to get him off it when Cornette grabs the mic and says this is now a no DQ match, with that Eaton smashes the chair over Heindrich head, Droz tries to get into ring but Cornette is holding his legs, Eaton takes the pin for the win

    Winners: The Midnight Express

    Announcer:We are back and we go backstage for an interview with the Nation

    Interviewer:We are now joined by Bobby Lashley, Dlo Brown & The Godfather
    Lashley: Did you see what happened tonight, not only did Jim Cornette put the Midnight Express in a No.1 contenders match instead of Dlo & Godfather he also put a injured Jay Lethal in a match against Bo Dallas
    Interviewer:But it was ye who injured him
    Lashley:That does not matter it just shows once again the white man trying to push the black man down well we have had enough and next week Midnight Express if ye want to prove ye deserve the spot that was handed to ye then face our newest member of the Nation.

    Just then Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman and The Godwinns attack the 3 nation members, Strowman & Lashley battle back and forth while The Godwinns take out Dlo, Bray hits The Godfather with a sister abigail and begins to drag his unconscious body away, the rest of the family soon follow in retreat when Mark Henry comes to the rescue.
    Henry: Ye OK
    Dlo: Ya I'm fine but where is Godfather
    Henry: They've taken him
    Lashley: What you mean they have taken him
    Henry: The Wyatts man they have him..


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    Welcome to the BWA Raw!
    Live from The Allstate arena, Chicago Illinois
    previous shows: Preview show

    Recaps from last week and the shock firing of the entire BWA roster are played and then we are brought live into the arena where the fans go wild and the pyros go off. The announcers point out that now with The Million Dollar Man in charge we can not only expect a whole new roster but also that every championship in the BWA has been vacated. They then begin to speculate who Dibiase may have signed on to fight for those titles. We don't have to wait too long to find out however as out first is none other than "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase himself to address the audience.

    He states that he has a plan for the BWA. He has the money and he has the contacts to bring the biggest names in the Industry to the company and that he won't let anything stop him from doing so. He name checks how Ronda Rousey is sitting front row tonight and will spearhead the companies new women's division but says, that although she did compete at BWA Wrestlepalooza 2 years ago, he wanted to start the show with the person who headlined the first ever BWA PPV and the person Dibiase describes as the biggest name the industry has ever seen...
    *Hulk Hogan's Real American Theme Plays*

    Hulk Hogan emerges almost completely wrapped in an American flag and gets a pretty good pop from the patriotic crowd but before any Hogan chants can begin another theme takes the place of Real American

    The flag no longer covering him, Hogan can be seen wearing the black and white of the NWO, and now arriving & flanking him as he makes his way down the ramp are Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.

    Some fans seem happy, other fans look worried about the NWO's arrival and what this means for the company but there are enough fans that some small Hogan and NWO chants breaks out.
    Hogan: Now let me tell you something BWA brothers... It's good to be back! When I heard that our former NWO brother "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase was flashing his cash to bring this place up to grade I just knew it was for me Jack. I mean once your NWO your NWO for life.

    Nash: and Flash the Cash he did! who-wee it was too sweet *him and Hall Too Sweet*

    Hogan: True but I got something better than that now brothers... I got the BWA title!
    *The audience look stunned as he produces it and from this point on they start to become increasingly anti-NWO*

    Hall: Hey Yo! You the mang Hogan. (The crowd boo this which Hall seems to notice and take note of)

    Hogan: and that's not all... I got something called creative control brother! As long as I'm the champ, I and I alone can book world title matches! (more boos can be heard but this time at an increased volume)...So locker room be on notice I will only face the very very best of you... prove yourselves brothers!

    Then before heading to the back Ted Dibiase announces that tonight's first match will see a NWO member in action but not one who is in the ring right now. Instead he says he will once again get one over on ever other promotion in the fight game as he introduces to the BWA audiences a man he describes as a blockbuster signing for the promotion, someone who he had to promise a title match just to get him to sign for the promotion and someone who has been on an unbeaten streak ever since he joined the NWO. That person is....."Mr Perfect" Curt Hennig!

    Opening match: "Mr Perfect" Curt Hennig vs "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert

    We find out another new roster member as Gilbert makes his way out to the ring but even with Dibiase then heading backstage he clearly felt apprehensive making his way down the ramp with 4 NWO members and massive stars of the industry united and awaiting him him in the ring. Thankfully Hogan, Hall & Nash all left the ring before he got there but Eddie was right to be worried as Hennig seemed determined to make an impression tonight on his first match in the BWA.

    Hennig lives up to his billing and has the perfect debut match reversing anything Gilbert tries before hitting suplexes or dropkicks and eventually getting his 3 count via a perfect plex.

    Winner: "Mr Perfect" Curt Hennig

    The NWO are seen too sweeting each other before leaving ringside to celebrate the victory, while Perfect heads to the back and we go to commercial.
    When we return we see "The Franchise" Shane Douglas backstage. Our roving reporter Sean Mooney tries to get a word with him asking him what everyone was thinking "weren't you drafted to CWA? what are you doing here tonight?" But alas he's in too much of a hurry to talk too long and just says that the announcer just like most people clearly doesn't watch CWA as otherwise he'd have known Douglas was on his way here (to the BWA) before asking where The Million Dollar Man's office is and walking off in that direction. At which point we head back to the announcers at ringside.

    Bounty Hunter: I don't know what to think after how BWA Raw has started this week! I mean What have we witnessed already tonight? The NWO are here, Hulk Hogan is apparently the new BWA champion and not just that but he says he has creative control over who can challenge him! what ever could happen next?!
    JB: What? don't give me that, this has been a great show far! 3 of the biggest names ever in professional wrestling are here in the BWA, actually make that 4 after we had the perfect opening match possible. You should be ecstatic BH! Even if we have to look at Shane Douglas's ugly mug for whatever reason I couldn't have asked for more. God knows I can't wait to see who else is going to join the new BWA roster under our new management.
    BH: hmm...Well there is one lady we know The Million Dollar man has brought back to the BWA
    (Ronda Rousey once again appears on screen at ringside as the announcers show recent tweets of hers talking about how the BWA have promised to build a new womens division around her)

    BH: I don't know if I agree with you about the NWO but I gotta give Dibiase credit for getting Rousey back, I mean what women could really go toe to toe with her ?!
    Just then however, entrance music new to the BWA hits and a women emerges onto the stage

    JB: Dear God! is that Manami Toyota!... wait what were you just saying BH?!

    Before her match with the aid of a translator and whilst initially staring at Rousey she cuts a promo
    Toyota: 女性部門は私の周りに構築する必要があります!
    Translator:The BWA Women's division should be built around me!

    Toyota: 私は最高を打つことができます。 私は最高です...腕時計
    Translator: I can beat the best. I am the best... watch this

    Toyota: ホーガンは今ここに出る
    Translator: Hogan get out here now!

    The announcers are going wild speculating if the Hulkster will really come back out and accept this unusual challenge

    Toyota: ホレス・ホーガンが今ここに出て行く
    Translator: Horace Hogan... checks something with Manami...
    Toyota: ハッハッハは非常に面白い、あなたは私がハルクスターを意味すると思った...彼はロンダを倒してベルトを統一したい時まで待つことができます!
    Translator: ha ha ha very funny, You all thought I meant the Hulkster... he can wait till after I beat Ronda and want to unify the belts!

    just then Horace Hogan comes out and down the entrance way as much to everyone's surprise it's announced that we have an inter-gender match coming up

    Manami Toyota vs Horace Hogan

    JB on commentary notes that he had heard that Horace had been looking for a match tonight and an opportunity to impress his uncle as he wants in to the NWO but it's Manami Toyota that makes a huge impression on the BWA audience and embarrasses Horace here. She avoids his big punches before slapping and kicking the sh*t out of him and then finally sets him up for a hugely impressive Victory Star Drop (Avalanche bodyscissors back flip into a back-to-back kneeling piledriver)

    Winner: Manami Toyota

    After this match the announcers are understandably impressed by "new to the BWA" Manami Toyota and once again begin to speculate who else could be arriving to the company when suddenly announcer Sean Mooney runs over the the commentary team and whispers something to them before they inform the audience that we will now be heading to O'Haire international airport and some fan filmed footage from within the past hour of another apparent new signing to the BWA...

    Next thing we know we are looking at the exit from departures of O'Haire and yet the crowd back in the arena can still be heard popping big time as now huge movie star Dave "The Animal" Batista emerges. Batista does not look too pleased though and is talking to someone on the phone.
    "Look I may have been in a few big movies but I don't think I'm being a Diva or expecting too much to have someone meet me at the airport when I sign for a new company... wait, what do you mean you don't work with the BWA anymore?... fired!... wait hold on, who is in charge now!.... wo wo wo slow down and let me get a cab to the arena, you can fill me in on the way.

    When we return to the arena the Commentators are going mad talking up how huge it is that Dave Batista has seemingly signed for the BWA, although they do wonder whether the new management even know this is the case before we head backstage to see the new head honcho himself Ted Dibiase walking the corridors. His way is blocked by another new face to the BWA however as Kevin Sullivan approaches him telling him that he needs to talk to him about the tag team titles saying that "his boys" are ready for the challenge. Dibiase tells him that they will talk next week when he will decide what will happen with the tag titles but that he's busy now.

    The camera follows The Million Dollar Man as he passes Sullivan and heads towards his office backstage and he can be clearly heard wondering what Sullivan was even doing there and asking "who the hell are his boys" before adding, "I leave Schyster (IRS) in charge for 10 mins..." which kinda trails off as he enters the office only to see his former tag partner Stan Hansen sitting in there pounding beers and crushing the beer cans. He looks up and after one big Texas cowboy sized burp he says "Hey pardner... So when are we going to win the tag titles in this here place"

    Dibiase looks exasperated already and after a big sigh just says "Hi Stan" as we head back to ringside.

    As we return to ringside for our next match there is already a lady standing in the ring and we are informed that this is a recent graduate from the now defunct WECWF training academy. BH points out that she is apparently the highest touted female graduate they have ever produced as her opponent is announced as none other than returning BWA veteran Aja Kong who comes out to a huge pop from the BWA fans while JB jokes that he thinks the rookie just crapped her pants.

    Aja Kong vs Kay Fabian

    This is a dominant display from Kong who tosses her opponent around the ring like a rag doll before hitting her with a devastating powerbomb. While her opponent is near unconcious on the mat she leaves the ring and makes her way over to Rousey at ringside and gets in her face making a belt gesture around her waist before heading back into the ring to finish Fabian off with a very impressive Brainbuster before the 1, 2, 3 pinfall victory.

    Winner: Aja Kong

    After the match we return backstage and to the office of The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase where Ted is on the phone until the other half of Money Inc Irwin R Schyster (IRS) opens the door and interrupts him.
    IRS: Boss I know you said you didn't want to be interrupted after you finally got Hansen to leave your office but... (Dibiase holds up one finger stopping him, then hangs up before speaking)
    Ted: No obviously you don't know that, as otherwise you wouldn't be barging in here while I am negotiating the signature of one of the biggest names wrestling as a whole has ever seen! A man that went unbeaten for over 15 years, a real giant in the industry and someone who had main evented Wrestlemania but now will be debuting in the BWA next week!
    IRS: umm that's the thing boss... we have another Wrestlemania headliner here who wants to debut next week!
    *IRS opens the office door to reveal Bam Bam Bigelow standing there, at first Dibiase looks shocked but moments later we see a more common sight - The Laugh*

    After an ad break we head back to ringside where the commentary team are going mad with excitement over those two huge names for next week when we witness the arrival of The NWO (Hogan, Hall, Nash, Perfect & Dibiase) for the second time tonight, this time they come out to a decidedly more negative reaction.
    Hogan: Now let me tell you something brothers! We were in the back just a clanging and banging in our personal gym, making sure my 24 inch pythons were looking their best when one of my little Hulkamaniacs came running up to me. After I got through telling him how he should say his prayers and take his vitamins if he wants to grow up to be a big Hulkamaniac like me I realized that this little brother was worried about something. You see the older kids told him that Hulk Hogan was afraid! That old Hollywood here wasn't running wild but was running scared from competition brother and that I was going to use my creative control clause to only face wrestlers I knew I could beat!

    (he turns to Nash) and I know that's what all of these people (in the crowd) are thinking Jack but get a load of this brothers, Millionaire Ted here just okayed a world title match for next week, where yours truly will take on the greatest wrestler ever to never win a world title. I will take on... (Mr Perfect with a big smile on his face prepares to step forward as Hogan looks in his direction but then turns to the other side and says)...Scott Hall!

    Hall looks shocked but can't help but show his happiness at the announcement while Hennig on the other hand holds back his dissapointment (despite it being clear from his reactions) for his friend's (Hall) benefit. Thankfully he isn't given too much time to dwell on this as Dibiase steps in to announce our next match and tonights main event which would see The Outsiders Hall & Nash against the men who now make their way out to the ring Abdullah The Butcher & the Sheik.

    The Main Event: The Outsiders (Hall & Nash) vs The Shiek & Abdullah The Butcher

    This match starts even enough with the Shiek & Butcher holding their own against their bigger name opponents but eventually Hall & Nash start to gain the upper hand. Their advantage becomes even more prevalent as Hulk Hogan keeps interfering grabbing the Sheiks leg when he hits the ropes. Each time when he does this he (Hogan) celebrates what he perceives as getting one over on the heels by doing his signature gestures / taunts for the crowd except by this time almost everyone has soured on the NWO, hell even Scott hall is finding Hogan's interference annoying feeling they don't need the help.

    That said this advantage definitely does help and leads to the opportunity for the matches finish with both Nash's powerbomb and Hall's Razor's edge being hit in unison on their opponents before Hall makes the pin for the win.

    Winners: The Outsiders (Scott Hall & Kevin Nash)

    The NWO are not happy with just the victory and the beatdown continues after the bell as Hogan and IRS roll into the ring and continue to stomp down on The Shiek and Butcher to such an extent that the fans begin to boo even though those two are traditionally bad guys themselves. suddenly everyones attention gets turned to the titantron though as we are shown Dave Batista arrive into the arena. As he does he catches a quick glance of a monitor which shows the ongoing beatdown in the ring and can simply be heard to say "screw this, I'm not having this sh*t" as he pulls off his shirt and immediately heads towards towards the ringside area and moments later his music hits and the animal emerges on the ramp.

    He charges down the ramp and takes out Dibiase with a massive clothesline before even reaching the ring, at which point he grabs IRS's legs and pulls him out of the ring before delivering a devastating Batista Bomb to him laying him out on the floor below. He then helps The Shiiek and Butcher back to their feet on the outside and those 3 go toe to toe with the original NWO trio Hogan, Hall & Nash but as Perfect joins them and The Million Dollar Man slowly gets back to his feet Big Dave & Co are forced back up the ramp and as we go off the air the final shot is of the NWO laughing at ringside as their opponents are made to retreat, Batista though makes it clear that it is just for now and that this is not over!

    Meanwhile the commentators remind you all to tune in next week to see if anyone can combat the poison that is the New World Order.
    BWA Roster 2016
    Hulk Hogan
    Scott Hall
    Kevin Nash
    Andre The Giant
    "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase
    "IRS" Mike Rotunda
    "Mr Perfect" Curt Hennig
    Stan Hansen
    Manami Toyota
    Aja Kong
    Ronda Rousey
    Molly Holly
    The Original Sheik
    Abdullah The Butcher
    Bam Bam Bigelow
    "The Franchise" Shane Douglas
    Chris Candido
    "Dr Death" Steve Williams
    Dan Spivey
    Kevin Sullivan
    Rick Steiner
    "hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert
    Devon "Hannibal" Nicholson
    Horace Hogan

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    MWA Road to WrestleRama Preview with live interview from MWA General Manager Shane McMahon – exclusive to Pro Wrestling Witness.

    Few could have known that January 2016 would be the beginning of a surge in popularity for Maddox Wrestling Association but by WrestleRama III it had cemented its place as a "good wrestling promotion". Brian Pillman, Batista & Kazuchika Okada main evented that night but it was the following months of fierce competition that continued the company's promise. The now 2-time MWA World Champion Pillman, backed by Motor City Machine Guns battled with Okada's Lions of CHAOS and ultimately broke it apart as Pillman's mind games turned Kenny Omega against his one-time friend. Omega vs Okada tore the roof off but soon both men left the organisation for pastures new. Seeing off remaining challengers like Rob Van Dam & Kota Ibushi, Pillman reigned supreme in the land of Supremacy.


    Fresh off this hype, losing Okada & Omega so quickly hurt MWA and its owner who was forced to take a back seat. The board sought a new investor to not only revive the slight struggle of the MWA but to push it forward to heights previously untouched. This man would be the son of a billionaire, an experienced & succesful CEO in his own right, Shane McMahon. As the General Manager of MWA, McMahon instigated widespread changes in personnel. RVD, Ibushi, the now seemingly crazy Matt Hardy were all removed and replaced by proven ratings stalwarts like Ultimate Warrior and friends of Shane, the New Age Outlaws. But before all of this Shane had one problem – Brian Pillman. The MWA World Heavyweight Champion just didn't have the star power, 'the draw' so-to-speak, to push MWA forward so Shane turned to a long proven entity. This man conquered the Streak, conquered UFC (twice) and has been one of the most reliable 'draws' no matter where he goes. Brock Lesnar joined MWA and its fans went nuts. Lesnar conquered Brian Pillman and the new MWA World Heavyweight Champion made MWA the "Next Big Thing". Or at least that was Shane's hope.

    Fast forward 6 months and rumours suggest Lesnar & McMahon have long been at loggerheads with one another. Lesnar's drawing power is undeniable but the problem Shane and many MWA fans have is that it isn't there often enough. Lesnar often doesn't show up to MWA programming for weeks at a time, the champion has been pictured at various sporting events and movie premieres while at the exact same time MWA fans are chanting his name in a packed arena 100s of miles away. The once revered star now gets a mixed reaction when he does turn up – boos regularly overpower the hysterical cheer his entrance music initially gets. But the one constant theme throughout has been when Lesnar turns up MWA becomes must-watch television. For that Shane has put up with The Beast's erratic scheduling but rumour has it that the GM's growing discontent is reaching a climax and McMahon is ready to issue an ultimatum. At precisely 6 o'clock eastern we will be hosting a live interview with Shane McMahon were we promise to press him on this issue. The interview's feed will be found at the bottom of this article so get sharing.

    But first we must not ignore the other happenings in MWA as we approach the Road to WrestleRama IV. Damien Sandow is a man who has overcome some dreadful gimmicks to become one of the hottest acts in MWA – his partnership with The Miz last year was a sight to behold and the ensuing feud as 'Mizdow' became his own man brought joy to all who watched. To recap; The Miz defeated Sandow at WrestleRama III with the help of Titus O'Miz (O'Neil has since left MWA) and the loss both hurt and made Sandow. A bad losing streak saw Sandow's stock plummet but fan support survived; finally Sandow had enough and challenged Miz to a loser leaves town match. Cocky, The Miz thought he would have little trouble dispatching Sandow but would end up shocked by his defeat and forced to leave MWA. Sandow would burst back with a winning streak that saw him win the Intercontinental Championship....and immediately turn on the crowd that cheered him. "You're all idiots," "Bow to my superiour intellectual ability," "I tricked each and every one of you." Suddenly the most loved underdog in MWA was one of the most despised heels in the company. Sandow still holds the Intercontinental Champion and we can only assume he has a big role to play at WrestleRama IV.

    As we touched on earlier, MWA Tag Team Champions Kenny Omega & Kota Ibushi didn't last too much longer after WrestleRama III. They soon lost the titles to Motor City Machine Guns and their team officially ended when Ibushi sided with Okada after Omega's betrayal. The Motor City Machine Guns announced they would be leaving MWA for Spongey Wrestling Entertainment and they intended on taking the titles with them. Determined to avoid such embarrasment Shane McMahon brought in one of the most successful tag teams in wrestling, the reigning NCW Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws. On MCMG's final night with the company the Outlaws stole a victory and the titles were unified. Billy Gunn & Road Dogg, as loudmouthed as ever, drew the ire of fellow new recruits The Impact Players Lance Storm & Justin Credible and the two teams have been battling for the last few weeks. At this time it looks like this might be one match penciled in for WrestleRama IV with the Outlaws style contrasting nicely with the oft-boring but brilliant Lance Storm and his EXTREME partner Justin Credible.

    Also rumoured to return after taking some time out is the first winner of the Super Junior Invitational, Caristico. Whether he is back to retain his crown or to challenge for something new is unclear but fans are said to be eager to find out what the masked lucha star has in mind this year as he continues tyring to regain the trust and support of a disenfranchised fanbase. It would seem trying to destroy Rey Mysterio's legacy at Monday Night Grappling is a hard thing to come back from.

    And now we have an exclusive interview with Shane McMahon. Thanks for reading another article by ABMG.
    Interviewer: "Welcome Shane, we're delighted to have you here."
    Shane: "Delighted to be here."
    Interviewer: "So you've been at MWA for the guts of a year but this is your first WrestleRama, what can we expect from a McMahon led biggest show of the year?"
    Shane: "Well exactly that, WrestleRama is our biggest show of the year and this is gearing up to be the best one. We're going to have some great wrestling, massive stars and celebrities and there's a lot of talent bursting at the seams of MWA looking for a shot at greatness. WrestleRama IV will be the perfect place to grab it."
    Interviewer: "There's been some great WrestleRama's in the past, headlined by The Undertaker vs Keiji Mutoh, KENTA vs Sycho Sid and last year's triple threat between Batista, Brian Pillman & Kazuchika Okada. How will WRIV stack up do you think?"
    Shane: "Oh it's going to blow them all away for sure. For starters we've got Brock Lesnar now, a man that not one of those names can compare to."
    Interviewer: "Surely you don't mean that though? I mean The Undertaker is one of the longest surviving main eventers in wrestling."
    Shane: "And yet Brock Lesnar conquered him and his streak. The Undertaker wishes he could go toe-to-toe and fist-to-fist with Lesnar. But it's not just Brock. I am offically announcing that MWA have come to terms with the man Okada wishes he could be, the Ace of Japan for nigh on a decade, Hiroshi Tanahashi."
    Interviewer: "Wow, you heard it on PWW first folks. But that's a pretty big statement, Okada has been tearing the house down lately and is getting rave reviews. Are you sure this isn't just you being sour that he left for RCW?"
    Shane: "Are you serious right now? Okada couldn't win the big one at MWA so why would I care what he achieves at RCW? And lately? Tanahashi has been tearing the house down for longer than Okada's been wrestling. Gimme a break..rave reviews. Ugh."
    Interviewer: "Ok, you're clearly excited about this signing and we're all amped up for WrestleRama. But lets address these rumours about you and the World Champion Brock Lesnar not exactly seeing eye-to-eye lately? Any truth to them?"
    Shane: "I'm not normally one to air dirty laundry in public but yeah, there's a lot of truth to it. Lesnar is on a huge contract and I feel like he's been taking one too many liberties with it regarding his attendance. I'm not in the market for a part-time wrestling star. I just want wrestling stars."
    Interviewer: "So how can we be sure Brock will even be involved at WrestleRama?"
    Shane: "Oh you can bet your ass he'll be involved. In fact I am telling you right now that Lesnar will be involved on MWA programming for the entire Road to WrestleRama. I'm not going to have our World Champion sitting at home scratching his ass while I try to hype the biggest PPV we've ever had. And I hereby announce that Brock Lesnar will not only be at next week's MWA Supremacy but he will be in action against yet another new signing for MWA...Tomohiro Ishii. I promise you that's not one to miss."
    Interviewer: "A huge announcement by Shane McMahon folks. Lesnar vs Ishii is somewhat of a dream match and what Ishii may surrender in height to Lesnar he more than makes up for in toughness and a willingness to decapitate opponents. Quite a risky move putting your World Champion in the ring against a guy like this just weeks away from WrestleRama Shane."
    Shane: "If Brock can't handle it he wouldn't be champion. I am also announcing a Battle Royale with the final two men left standing set to face each other the following week to determine the challenger for the MWA World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleRama. So as I say, Supremacy isn't one to be missed."
    Interviewer: "And we're just about out of time folks, Shane thanks for meeting with us and we sure are excited for WrestleRa..."
    Unknown Voice: "If it isn't baby boy McMahon..."

    The cameras pan to the doorway were Mankind is standing. He walks in and takes the interviewers seat.
    Mankind: "Let me congratulate you on such a successful interview Shane but you forgot this one little detail. Mankind is back Shane. I'm back in MWA."
    Shane: "Why the hell do you think that Mick, I didn't offer you anything."
    Mankind: "Well ya see Shane, you've got a boss. And that boss thinks I have unfinished business in MWA and I just so happened to agree. So here I am, letting you know that I'm going to win that Battle Royale and I'm going to go to WrestleRama and Mankind is going to be World Heavyweight Champion."

    Shane leaps to his feet. He's irate.
    Shane: "You've got another thing coming if you think I'm letting a freak headline the biggest show of all time. This is why the boss was removed, he doesn't understand how to bring a company forward. He doesn't realise that fans don't care about some washed up loser like Mick Foley. My father knew it, I know it and deep down inside Mick, you know it too. You know that without my father you'd be nothing. Nothing more than a failed wrestler diving off garage roofs in hickville USA, pretending to be 'ladies man Dude Love'. You think your hot wife would have been interested in you as a bankrupt, homeless, mentally deranged loser? You'd have nothing without my family Mick, no home, no money, no hot wife and that means no hot daughter either. The fact that you have any of this is part of my father's legacy, and it's the biggest mistake of it too. So if you want to turn up and ruin my legacy, well Mick, you've got another thing coming."

    Mankind doesn't say a word, he stands up and walks past McMahon. He stops with his back turned to Shane, reaches for something in his pants before turning with a sock on his hand and shoves it into Shane's mouth.
    Mankind: "Say hello to Mr Socko Shane!"
    The mandible claw is locked in and Shane's screams of pain can be heard muffled through Mr Socko. Building security rush into the room and drag Mankind away as Shane is crumpled on the ground, desparately spitting and gagging. "See you next week Shane" followed by laughing can be heard in the background before Mankind is taken out of the microphone's range. The cameras cut to black and the stream is ended.

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    The cameras cut live to the arena where the crowd cheers and immediately begins a huge ‘USA’ chant.

    Necrominus: “Good evening everyone and welcome to Tuesday Night Destruction! We are coming to you live from the sold out Pinnacle Bank Arena! Last night we hosted our Agony PPV, and what transpired in the main event has to go down as one of the most controversial, despicable moments in pro wrestling history!”

    Billy-Bob: “You’ve got that right, Necro! Not even I can condone what happened to President Donald J. Trump last night, who was brutally attacked by Muhammad Hussan – the leader of the Brotherhood.”

    Disco: “I don’t know how we’re on the air still frankly guys! The Brotherhood made a statement last night – and the entire world is abuzz with their opinions on what should be done about it!”

    Necrominus: “The only reason we are here tonight is because the Brotherhood – and our Principal Owner and General Manager Stephanie McMahon have agreed to read a formal statement of apology to the world.”

    The crowd erupts in a fury as the entire Brotherhood come to the stage. Hussan is beaming from ear to ear as they form a guard of honour – and Stephanie McMahon joins them! She walks with purpose to the ring, Hussan and the Brotherhood following her as the crowd’s fury increases. Hussan holds the ropes for Stephanie as she slips into the ring and produces a microphone.

    Stephanie: “Tonight – we are all here – to apologise.”

    Hussan grabs a mic and produces a statement drafted by NCW management.

    Hussan: “On behalf of Natural Championship Wrestling, Principal Owner Stephanie McMahon and the entire group known as the Brotherhood, it is important to state that the actions of one Muhammad Hussan and one Stephanie McMahon were not the actions of the company. We at NCW apologise profusely to the public for their actions last night. As agreed, Mr. Hussan and Mrs McMahon will read their own personal statements that apologise for their reprehensible conduct last night to one President Donald J. Trump.”

    Hussan pauses as the boos wash over him, almost drowning him out. He drops the statement to the floor and continues.

    Hussan: “Actually – I am here to apologise. I want to say, from the bottom of my heart – to all of you. I am sorry. I’m sorry for beating the holy hell out of President Trump. I’m sorry for attacking secret service agents who were only doing their job. I’m sorry… I’M SORRY I DIDN’T DO IT SOONER!!!!


    Donald Trump is a cancer that I cut out of the world last night. A cockroach that I squashed. He has run back to his Oval Office now, hiding behind his military force. He is not a man. He is a dog. I proved last night that he is not fit to run this country. I embarrassed, humiliated – EVISCERATED – President Trump last night in front of the entire world. The only thing I am sorry about is that I didn’t finish the job.”

    Necrominus: “Is there no low this man will not sink to? This is a disgrace!”

    Stephanie: “Does that upset you all? Does that make you mad? GOOD! I know you’re all wondering why I did what I did last night. Why Stephanie Why? Why turn your back on a man that your family consider a close friend? It’s very simple. My family turned their backs on me! I hate them! I hate Donald Trump!

    Last night I castrated him for the world to see. I proved I, Stephanie McMahon – am smarter than the most powerful man on the planet! And I know you’re watching – Donald.


    Because I’m going to prove it again. Last night was just the start of my campaign. I am going to break you, piece by piece until you crawl back to Trump Towers and wish you never heard the name Stephanie McMahon! In two weeks, Donald – if you’ve got the guts – I challenge you to a live television debate – RIGHT HERE ON NCW!

    And when I embarrass you again, Donald – when I destroy you in front of the world – AGAIN – you will resign your position and I will take your mantle. I am the most powerful woman on this planet!”

    The crowd are in a white hot rage, booing furiously and chanting ‘YOU SUCK’.

    Hussan: “But enough talk of this so-called world leader. Last night I proved that I am the undisputed KING of NCW. But some of my servants are revolting it seems. I warned you Edge – I warned you to pack up your bags and get out of my Kingdom. I thought that the lesson my Natural Disasters provided you would be enough. It seems I was wrong. Edge, you have made the biggest mistake of your life. And as for Bob Backlund….”

    You think you know me…

    The crowd erupt in joy as the music of Edge hits and he comes to the stage. They chant his name over and over again as he stares down the Brotherhood and Stephanie from the ramp.


    Edge: “Muhammad Hussan. The King of NCW. Last night you certainly made a statement. But I’ll deal with you in a moment. Jesus, Stephanie – have you stolen Paul’s jungle juice and drank the whole bottle? Talk about deluded!”

    The fans cheer as Stephanie’s face contorts.

    Stephanie: “Shut your damn mouth Edge! After what you did last night I should fire you! You interrupted one of the greatest moments in NCW history!”

    Edge: “Greatest moments? We’ve only been on the air for two years… I think you guys should put down the crack pipe and face the reality of the situation. Last night you attacked the President of the United States of America – a man who… personal feelings aside, came to this company to address the fans. A man who isn’t like us. Isn’t an in-ring performer. And you’re out here bragging about beating him up? You’re an embarrassment to our profession.”

    Hussan: “What Trump got is nothing compared to what I’m going to do to you Edge. That was only a glimpse of what the Brotherhood can do!”

    Edge: “You say that now, Hussan – but what I see is this – a moron who runs his mouth and calls himself King – but cannot back it up. If you really want to prove yourself – how about you leave your buddies backstage and put that belt on the line – against me.”

    The crowd cheers again and chants for Edge.

    Necrominus: “Business is about to pick up here, guys! Edge wants the title!”

    Hussan smirks: “And what exactly makes you worthy of facing me, huh, Edge? No. I will not defend my title against a commoner like you.”

    Stephanie: “You can forget your grand plans, Edge – you might have forgotten that I am still your boss. And tonight you will indeed get a chance to prove yourself. You want to interfere in business that doesn’t concern you? Fine by me. Tonight, Edge – you will go one on one… with the other degenerate that assaulted the Brotherhood last night – Bob Backlund! And we will see if you are worthy. The winner will go on – to face Muhammad Hussan for the NCW Title at Natural Selection!”

    Billy-Bob: “What a main event!”

    Hussan frowns at Stephanie as Edge nods on the stage.


    Backstage, Singh is ranting to Stephanie.

    Singh: “This is ridiculous Steph! Muhammad Hussan should not have to face either of these opponents at Natural Selection!”

    Stephanie: “Listen, Ranjin. I am still the General Manager of this company. The fact is, the fans want to see either of these potential matches main event Natural Selection. And I am proving that once again, I will do whatever is best for business. Now I’m very busy so run along and tell Hussan the match IS going ahead.”

    Singh: “But, but – after last night…”

    Stephanie: “What, did you think I’d join your little Brotherhood and give you everything you ever wanted? No. What happened last night was a business arrangement. I have my eyes on a grander prize. In two weeks, if Trump shows up everyone will see what I mean. Now get the hell out of here!”

    The cameras cut back to the arena.

    Necrominus: “I suppose, at least Stephanie is trying to run things fairly. That’s about the only bonus we can take from this I suppose.”

    Billy-Bob: “Stephanie is proving to everyone that she can run this company fairly and justly. I’m fully behind her when she declares for the presidency in 2020!

    Disco: “I’m going to side with Edge, guys – Stephanie must be smoking some wacky tobaccie if she thinks she can run for president!”

    Necrominus: “Jiminy, last night you were Trump’s biggest fan!”

    Billy-Bob: “That was before Stephanie announced her intentions. Now I’m all aboard the Stephanie for 2020 campaign! Get your hashtags ready folks!”

    Necrominus: “Whatever. At this time folks we would like to introduce you to NCW’s newest ring announcer – Mr. Mike Adamle.”


    Adamle: “Hello NCW! It’s a pleasure to be here. I want to thank Stephanie McMahon (loud boos) for giving me this opportunity to prove myself.

    Without further ado, this following contest is scheduled for one pinfall! Introducing first, all the way from Co. Clare in Northern Ireland (loud boos), he is – Cliff Moher!”

    Cliff Moher waves to the fans but looks a little peeved at Adamle.

    Necrominus: “Ah dammit. Northern Ireland? Not already!”

    Billy-Bob: “One pinfall? What the hell is going on?”

    Disco: “Suddenly I’m not so much of a dud now, huh guys?”

    Billy-Bob: “No, you’re still a dud. But now you’re the second biggest dud.”

    Adamle: “And his tag team partner… oh, whoops. Sorry. Wrong match. His opponent tonight…”

    The crowd explode as Joe comes to the stage, completely cutting off Adamle. He heads straight for the ring and eyes Adamle with disdain as Mike beats a quick exit from the ring.

    Necrominus: “Who in the name of God gave this guy a job?”

    Joe raises his Rising Star Championship up for all to see and the crowd chants his name. He hands the title to the referee as Cliff Moher comes across to shake his hand – Joe just stares at him!

    Billy-Bob: “Um… we might need our medical team on stand-by… again.”

    The referee calls for the bell and Moher immediately goes to lock up with Joe – Joe shoves him off and plants him to the mat with a Lariat!

    Disco: “This is going to be the exact same as last night… Poor Cliff!”

    Joe drags Moher up by his hair and immediately sets him on his shoulders – MUSCLE BUSTER! Joe makes the cover –

    1 – 2 – 3! This match is over!

    Adamle: “Your winner – The Wild Samoan – Joe!”

    Joe stands up and stares angrily at Adamle for his mistake.

    Joe’s attention immediately switches to the stage as the music of Vader hits – Vader is here! Vader comes to the stage to rapturous applause and immediately heads for the ring!

    Necrominus: “Oh my God! It has been talked about throughout the draft – Vader and Joe – in the same ring, at the same time – and now it’s finally going to happen!”

    Vader enters the ring as Joe stands in the centre, Vader steps straight in front of him! The fans are on their feet as the two monsters stare each other down in the centre of the ring.

    Disco: “The mass of humanity in this ring – my God!”

    Billy-Bob: “We could do with the National Guard tonight guys! This could get ugly!”

    Joe and Vader continue their stare-down. Vader’s eyes suddenly shift downwards – towards the title in Joe’s hand!

    Necrominus: “He couldn’t possibly…”

    Joe notices the switch and immediately looks down at his Rising Star Championship. Suddenly, he raises his belt in the air and points at it. He mouths to Vader.


    ‘Wanna do it?’

    Vader nods and points at the Championship belt. He eyes Joe again, before turning around and leaving for the back again.

    Necrominus: “What just happened?”

    Billy-Bob: “Vader knows what he wants – and Joe is standing in his way!”

    Disco: “This is off the chain man! I’m so excited to be a part of NCW!”

    Joe stares at Vader who is backing up the ramp – and smiling.


    *Commercial Break*

    We cut backstage again where Jenni Jamestown is standing by with Pat Patterson.

    Jenni: “Pat, thank you for taking the time to speak to me. Can you provide us with an update on the condition of ‘The Superstar’ Billy Graham?”

    Patterson: “Sure, Jenni. Billy Graham is recuperating at home tonight. But he has assured me that he will be here next week to address his attackers. We all know who was responsible for last night’s heinous assault.”

    Jenni: “Last night, Stephanie McMahon stated she was setting up a task force to find out who was behind the attack. Have you any thoughts?”

    Patterson: “Listen, we all know the Brotherhood are behind this attack. They’ve been gunning for me and Billy for months now – and, well they’ve finally succeeded. There’s no need for a task force. Billy and I have got this covered. Now I just have to prove it. If you’ll excuse me…”

    Pat walks off leaving Jenni standing alone.

    The cameras cut back to the ring.

    Necrominus: “Pat Patterson is convinced the Brotherhood is behind last night’s attack on Billy Graham. I gotta say, I have to agree with him.”

    Billy-Bob: “All Pat Patterson has is circumstancial evidence Necro. There’s no proof!”

    Disco: “That Pat is a crazy cat! I wouldn’t want to be the Brotherhood when he comes across them next!"

    Ring Announcer: “Ladies and Gentlemen, Stephanie McMahon has seen fit to remove Mike Adamle from announcing duties for the night. He will return next week.”

    Necrominus: “Next week? This guy should be fired!”

    Ring Announcer: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and will determine the number 1 contender for the NCW Women’s Championship! The winner will receive their title match at Natural Selection!”

    (Emma’s music hits)

    Ring Announcer: “Introducing first, from Melbourne Australia – Emma!”

    Emma comes to the stage to mild cheers from the fans as she gets set for her NCW debut.

    Necrominus: “What a match to make your debut in, a number 1 contender’s match!”

    Billy-Bob: “I’m in love already! Go Emma!”

    Emma enters the ring and eyes the stage determinedly.

    (Bayley’s music hits)

    Ring Announcer: “And her opponent, from San Jose, California – IT’S BAYLEY!”

    The crowd come unglued as Bayley hits the stage, smiling and waving at the fans.

    Necrominus: “Bayley and Emma certainly have a history, guys. Just last year Bayley got a huge win over Emma on the main stage of one of our competitor’s promotions – Beyond Chaos Wrestling.”

    Billy-Bob: “Who cares? Emma has learned from her mistakes I’m sure! She’s bound to win!”

    The Beginning

    Bayley high fives the older fans and hugs the younger ones as she makes her way to the ring, before rolling in. She turns to salute the fans again – Emma rushes her and knocks her to the mat before stomping on her!

    Necrominus: “What? Oh come on, that’s not fair!”

    Billy-Bob: “What’s not fair about it? Emma proving she’s the smarter person here and doesn’t need the fans!”

    The referee hauls Emma back from stomping on Bayley and backs her up to the corner before checking on Bayley – Emma runs over and stomps on her again!

    Disco: “The referee needs to get control of this match, guys – Bayley could be hurt and this match hasn’t even started!”

    The referee admonishes Emma this time, ordering her back so he can check on Bayley, who is gasping in pain on the mat.

    Referee: “Bayley, are you hurt? Do you want to continue?”
    Bayley (panting): Just ring the bell!

    The referee reluctantly calls for the bell and Emma immediately rushes in, again stomping on downed Bayley. She chokes her in the corner with her foot!

    The referee orders Emma back but she shouts –
    ‘I have until 5!’

    Emma continues choking Bayley until the referee counts to 4, then backs up and looks for a running dropkick – and nails Bayley in the face! Bayley rolls out of the ring, slumping to the ground looking completely out of it as Emma is booed by the fans.


    We come back to the action where Emma has Bayley locked in a sleeper hold, with Bayley struggling to get out of it.

    Necrominus: “So far in this match, Emma has totally dominated Bayley. The sneak attack before the match certainly paid dividends!”

    Billy-Bob: “Sneak attack? It’s intelligent! Emma has Bayley’s number here!”

    The Middle

    The referee drops Bayley’s arm to check is she still responding – Bayley holds it up! She fights back with elbows to the ribs of Emma, finally breaking the hold and whips her against the ropes – Emma comes back and Bayley floors her with a Thesz press!

    Billy-Bob: “Hey ref! Those elbows were illegal!”

    Disco: “Come off it Jiminy!”

    Dragging Emma back up she again whips her against the ropes and dips her head – Emma counters with a kick to the mid-section before setting Bayley – she nails it! Double underhook suplex!

    She drops down for the cover – 1 -2 – NO! Bayley kicks out!

    Emma then drags Bayley up by her hair, the referee admonishing her for doing so. She seats her in corner, backs up and runs towards her, diving for a crossbody – Bayley moves! Emma collides with the turnbuckles stomach first! Both women are down!

    The End

    Bayley drags herself to her feet using the ropes, as Emma lies prone clutching her stomach. Bayley gets ready as Emma staggers to her feet – she catches her – BAYLEY-TO-BELLY!

    Bayley drops down for the cover…


    The referee is pulled from the ring!!

    Bayley turns around in shock – Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne have come from the crowd!


    Necrominus: “Wait a minute – what are they doing here???”

    Velvet and Madison roll into the ring as Bayley is still in shock – Velvet boots Bayley in the stomach -

    #1 STUNNA to Bayley!!!

    Emma struggles back to her feet – Rayne grabs her –

    RAYNE CHECK to Emma!!

    Rayne and Sky kick the two prone women from the ring and pose as the crowd boo them.

    Necrominus: “Why are they here? What is happening?”

    Billy-Bob: “The Beautiful People are making a statement here tonight!”

    (Moolah’s music hits)

    Moolah comes to the stage alongside her best friend Mae Young and comes towards the ring with a look of shock on her face. The Beautiful People eye them from the ring as the two legends roll into the ring – Rayne and Sky embrace Moolah and Young!!

    Necrominus: “This was a setup all along!! Moolah planned this!!”

    The crowd boo as the four women raise each other’s arms in the ring.

    Billy-Bob: “Brilliant by Moolah!! What a way to eliminate the competition!”

    Disco: “Come off it, Billy-Bob!!”

    Moolah and Young nod to the Beautiful People as they go to leave the ring – Velvet grabs Moolah by the hair and shakes her head!!


    Necrominus: “The old fashioned double cross!! Moolah trusted the wrong people!”

    Billy-Bob: “How dare they put their hands on Moolah! What is the meaning of this!!”

    Moolah and Young lie prone on the mat as Rayne and Sky pose in the ring again – Velvet looks down and rips Moolah’s title from around her waist!! She raises it up in the air – the crowd cheers a little!! Rayne then takes the title off Velvet – and raises it herself!! The two partners stare at each other warily in the ring, before dropping the belt and leaving together.

    Necrominus: “I think we know what this was all about, guys – the NCW Women’s Championship!”

    Disco: “I’m not sure the alliance between Rayne and Sky will hold up when the title is involved!”

    Billy-Bob: “Someone check on Moolah, this has gone horribly wrong!”


    We are back in the ring as the crowd are booing loudly at Ranjin Singh and The Natural Disasters.

    Necrominus: “What do these guys want? Haven’t we seen enough of the Brotherhood for one night?”

    Singh: “Tonight ladies and gentlemen, marks a momentous occasion for NCW. We are here to celebrate the most dominant tag team in the history of the company – The Natural Disasters!

    Since they have arrived they have proven themselves – time and again – as the premier team in ALL of professional wrestling. And with last night’s victory in mind – they have eliminated the competition. There is no one left in NCW to provide a threat!

    With this in mind, it is now time to put an end to this charade. To mark this date as one where the Natural Disasters – Earthquake, Typhoon – became the top team in this industry. And to show this, tonight they are officially RETIRING the NCW Tag Team Championships!”

    Necrominus: “What? They can’t do this!”

    Billy-Bob: “And who exactly is going to argue with them, Necro! There are no tag teams left in NCW!”

    Disco: “I hate to say he’s right, Necro-dude… but he’s right.”

    Singh and the Natural Disasters soak in the boos from the crowd before Singh continues.

    Singh: “This is not a dream, folks. The Natural Disasters have officially eliminated the…”

    Singh: “Competition.”

    The crowd erupts as Devon and Bubba Ray come to the stage!

    Necrominus: “They’re here! The Dudley’s are here! It was rumoured for weeks they had signed with NCW!”

    Disco: “This is amaze-balls!”

    Billy-Bob: “Looks like those tag titles will have to stay for another while guys!”

    Bubba and Devon soak in the amazing atmosphere here as Bubba has a mic. He begins to speak – Singh cuts him off!

    Singh: “What is the meaning of this! How dare you interrupt me!”

    Bubba: “Shut your mouth! Everyone is sick and tired of listening to you!”

    Singh: “How dare you speak to the Brotherhood like that! I will make sure…”

    Bubba: “You’ll make sure to shine those belts up real nice for us, Singh! The Dudleys are here in NCW – and we’re coming straight for those tag titles!”

    Devon: “OH TESTIFY my brother!”

    The Dudleys head straight down the ramp towards the ring and the Natural Disasters look ready to fight!

    Singh: “No! NO! Not tonight! You will regret this!”

    Singh orders the Natural Disasters to back down, and reluctantly they leave the ring as the Dudleys slide in! The Dudleys pose on the ropes and motion that they will be the next tag team champions as Singh flips out on the ramp!

    Disco: “Damn that Singh – we could have had a match for the Tag Team titles tonight if not for him!”

    Billy-Bob: “Discretion is sometimes the better part of valour, Disco. Leave it till another night when they’re fully prepared! Those damn Dudleys!”

    Necrominus: “It looks like the competition for the Tag Team Championships is just heating up!”


    Ring Announcer: “The following contest is our main event – and is the Number One Contender’s Match for the NCW Heavyweight Championship.”

    (Backlund’s music hits)

    Ring announcer: Introducing first, from Glastonbury, Connecticut – weighing in at 241lbs, BOOOOOOB BACCCCKKKKKLUNNNNND!!”

    The crowd cheer the arrival as Backlund makes his way to the ring, muttering to himself along the way.

    Necrominus: “I have to say, my opinion of Backlund has gone up given what transpired last night. He really came to the rescue last night.”

    Billy-Bob: “He’s still crazy old Bob to me, Necro. You don’t know what’s going to happen next!”

    Disco: “Bob Backlund is a cool cat in Disco’s book!”

    You think you know me…

    Ring Announcer: “And introducing his opponent, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 241lbs – he is The Rated R SUUUUUUUUUUUUPERSTAR – EDGE!”

    The crowd are on their feet for Edge as he comes through the curtain, clearly amped up for the match tonight. Backlund eyes him from the ring as Edge makes his way down to a thunderous ovation.

    Necrominus: “It would appear that Edge has indeed put his past behind him. His actions last night were nothing short of heroic.”

    Billy-Bob: “Edge is only interested in one thing – the NCW Title! Once he gets it, he’ll be back to his old ways!”

    Disco: “You’ve changed your tune, Jiminy man! Last night you wanted us to hear him out!”

    Edge slides into the ring as Backlund takes a corner and leans back into it. Edge climbs on the ropes and the crowd cheer loudly for him again.

    The Beginning

    The referee calls for the bell to start the match and Edge and Backlund approach each other. Edge extends his hand – Bob shakes it! The crowd applaud the gesture as the two men then circle each other, before locking up in the centre of the ring.

    Backlund slips behind Edge who applies a side headlock, Backlund shoves Edge off him and Edge runs the ropes, coming back and knocking Backlund flat with a shoulder tackle! The crowd pop as Backlund looks up at Edge in shock!

    Necrominus: “Edge enjoying early dominance over the more technical Backlund here.”

    Backlund gets back to his feet and locks up with Edge again – this time he slips behind and pulls Edge’s feet from under him! Backlund then rolls over and slaps Edge round the head a bit, before Edge shoves him off and the two men climb to their feet!

    Billy-Bob: “Backlund using his amateur wrestling background to school Edge here!”

    Both men nod and go to lock up again – Edge whips Bob against the ropes quickly and as he rebounds Edge clotheslines him over the top rope!!

    Backlund slams against the floor hard and comes up a little dazed!

    The Middle

    Backlund, back in the ring now gets hit with a standing dropkick by Edge. He staggers backwards and slumps into the corner in a sitting position. Edge motions for him to get to his feet.

    Necrominus: “Edge is surely thinking Spear here guys!”

    Backlund hauls himself back up using the ropes as Edge charges towards him – Backlund counters into a drop toehold! Quickly Backlund has Edge back on his feet and goes to work on his chest with some crisp, knife-edge chops.

    Backlund suddenly spins around Edge and looks for the crossface chickenwing – Edge counters!

    He lifts Backlund up on his shoulders suddenly, and drops him backwards with an Electric Chair Drop! Edge rolls into the cover

    – 1 – 2 – No! Backlund just gets the shoulder up!

    Edge again stalks Backlund who is struggling to recover from the high impact move – he runs forward – Backlund dodges it again and sends Edge shoulder first into the ring post!

    He drags Edge out – and locks it in!


    The End

    Necrominus: “This is it, Backlund has submitted many men with this move, will Edge tap out?”

    Edge struggles in the hold and tries to reach the ropes, Backlund drags him back into the centre of the ring!

    Billy-Bob: “Man that is in tight! He could break his arm here!”

    Edge is still trying to fight out but Backlund is like a tiger and just will not relent.

    Just as it seems that Edge is fading however – he drops down and takes Backlund with him, flipping him over with an arm drag which releases the hold! Edge is free!

    A little stunned, Backlund runs at Edge and gets booted in the stomach


    Edge rolls to the corner now and stalks Backlund for a third time. Backlund staggers back to his feet as Edge runs, he turns around

    – into the SPEAR!


    Edge rolls in for the cover




    Ring Announcer: “Here is your winner, and number one contender….”

    The ring announcer stops short as Monty Brown runs down to the ring – Edge turns round and gets nailed with the POUNCE!

    He crashes to the mat and lies still. Brown then drags Backlund up by his head – Backlund fights back with right hands! Backlund backs Brown up – but gets dragged from the ring by Earthquake and Typhoon!

    Necrominus: “Oh come on, not this again! Someone stop this!”

    The two monsters pound on Backlund outside the ring as Brown drags Edge up – and hits the ALPHA BOMB!

    (Hussan’s music plays)

    The crowd boo furiously as Hussan and Singh saunter to the ring, smiling at the carnage around them. He enters the ring and Brown tosses Edge to the mat at his feet. Hussan gets down and shouts in Edge’s face

    Hussan: “I warned you! I told you not to cross me! Now look at you!”

    He turns to Brown – “Finish him off!”

    (Santino’s music hits)

    Necrominus: “What?”

    Santino runs down to the ring and immediately begins trading blows with Typhoon. This allows Backlund to recover a little and he ducks as Earthquake splashes the ring steps instead of him!

    Backlund takes over fighting with Typhoon as Santino rolls into the ring – Brown wipes him out with the POUNCE! Hussan kicks Santino from the ring and stomps on Edge.

    (Zack Ryder’s music hits)

    The crowd cheer as Ryder now comes to the ring, chair in hand!

    Brown, Singh and Hussan roll out and the Natural Disasters back off as Ryder slides into the ring!

    Backlund rolls in as well and the two men face down the Brotherhood on the ramp.

    Backlund nods at Ryder – who turns around and nails Backlund between the eyes with the chair!


    Necrominus: “No – Ryder, what have you done?”

    The crowd is stunned into silence as Ryder drops his chair, exits the ring and heads to the back. Hussan and the Brotherhood re-enter the ring, a little taken aback at what has just transpired.

    The Natural Disasters set Backlund up and squash him with the Tidal Quake! Hussan stomps on Edge before applying the Camel Clutch. Singh slaps Edge in the face repeatedly as Hussan continues to mouth off to Edge.

    Hussan: “This is what faces you! Bow down to your king!”

    Hussan finally releases the hold and the entire Brotherhood stand tall over the motionless bodies of Backlund and Edge as the show draws to a close.

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    Byron Saxton and David Otunga welcome us to this Friday night edition of Carnage.

    Paulie is making he’s way to the ring.


    “Dublin, Ireland welcome to the show, over the course of the last number of months we’ve undergone some roster changes, guys have decided to feck off to other promotions. Well that’s their problem if they want to slum it to the lesser lights, I hear Diesel is over at Has Been wrestling haha what a loser thought he was going to be PCW World Champion well I showed him. I value smart wrestlers over brawn like him any day. That’s why I chose the best in the game to be my champion, everybody please welcome Mr. Kennedy”

    PCW World Champion Mr Kennedy makes his way to the ring.

    Paulie: “I’ve a couple of big matches to announce. Tonight any male competitor on the roster will compete in a royal rumble style event to determine the number one contender who will receive a championship match next week. Also, PCW believes in equality and this year we’ve got some female talent on board, so they will also have a royal rumble match to crown the inaugural PCW Women’s Champion tonight.”

    Kennedy: “What a waste of time. None of these jokers will take my title because I’m the best, I’m the man, I’m MISTER KENNEDYYYYYYYYYY.”


    Sasha Banks is been interviewed by JOJO

    JOJO: “How do you feel about your chances tonight Sasha?”

    Sasha: “I’m the boss”

    Bella Twins cut her off


    Nikki: “ This title is going Bella.”

    Brie: “That’s right Nikki, we’re going to eliminate the field and then go through the rope at the same time meaning we’ll be joint champion.”

    Nikki gives Brie an awkward glance

    Saxton and Otunga welcome us back ringside the Women’s Championship Royal Rumble

    Entrant 1: Torrie Wilson
    Entrant 2: Bertha Faye

    “We don’t have to wait too long as Faye eliminates Wilson with a stiff kick to the gut forcing her back through the ropes.”

    Otunga: “Well at least Torrie is nice to look out, even our commissioner has a crush.”

    Entrant 3: Sasha Banks
    “Sasha is not long about getting stuck in locking the Bank Statement in on Faye picking her up and tossing her out.”

    Entrant 4: Brie Bella
    “We finally get some back and forth action with the two ladies both trying to gain an upper hand. Brie is been on the verge of been eliminated but”

    Entrant 5: Nikki Bella
    “Nikki keeps Brie in this thing and they team up to try take Sasha out, Sasha manages to fight both off for the time being but they’re too much to handle. Sasha’s dream has ended and she’s eliminated.”

    Saxton: “This is an outrage, it’s suppose to be every woman for themselves.”
    Otunga: “ Shut up, Byron.”

    “Brie is gloating at Sasha going to the ramp dejected but her twin takes the opportunity to eliminate her, Brie looks back but Nikki just shrugs her shoulders.”

    Entrant 6: Stacy Kiebler
    “Nikki hits the Rack Attack and Kiebler is eliminated. Only one woman left.”

    Entrant 7: Vickie Guerrero
    “Nikki is laughing hysterically as Vickie enters the ring. She shoves Vickie to the floor but behind her back Brie has re entered the ring and thrown Nikki out. Viva La Rasa, Vickie is the first ever PCW Women’s Champion.

    Winner: Vickie Gurrerro


    Saxton: “Well that was unexpected but we’ve little time to waste as the men are ready to take centre stage and compete for the opportunity to challenge for Kennedy’s title next week.”

    Entrant 1: Dolph Ziggler
    Entrant 2: Doug Basham

    “The two men lock up with Basham getting the immediate advantage but Ziggler gets on top and hits Basham with a superkick but Basham survives eliminatation.”

    Entrant 3: Danny Basham
    “The Bashams gang up on Ziggler with them hitting the Ball & Gag. Ziggler fights back hitting both with a superkick.”

    Entrant 4: Roderick Strong
    “Ziggler and Strong stare one another down before back and forth punches are exchanged. Both go for a dropkick leaving everyone in the ring layed out.”

    Entrant 5: Heath Slater
    “Heath wanders around and grabs a microphone.”
    Slater: “I’m the One Man Band babyyyyyyy. I’m the next PCW champion.”

    Entrant 6: Karl Anderson
    “We’ve action all over the place but no eliminations as of yet.”

    Entrant 7: Mark Briscoe

    “Him and Anderson get straight into it but we still have no eliminations.”

    Entrant 8: Giant Gonzalez with Paul Bearer
    “Business picks him as one by one he starts eliminating everyone. Hold on Ziggler skins the cat and survives, Bearer alerts Gonzalez and he knocks Ziggler down with a chop. Gonzalez looks like the clear favourite here ”
    Entrant 9: Jay Briscoe
    “Eliminated by Gonzalez the second he entered the ring.”

    Entrant 10: Rhyno
    “Rhyno is not scared of Gonzalez and gets the giant off his feet, he sets up for the Gore but Gonzalez stops him and tosses him over.”

    Entrant 11: The Rock
    “The Rock and Ziggler team up to try eliminate Gonzalez but he survives for the moment.”

    Entrant 12: Luke Gallows
    “He joins the guys in trying to get rid of the giant but ends up getting eliminated while Rock and Ziggler are layed out.”

    Entrant 13: Baron Corbin
    “The Lone Wolf could be the dark horse here and goes straight for the Giant and wobbles up with a big boot and tries to clothesline up over the ropes but he survives.”

    Entrant 14: Viscera
    “Business has picked up again as Vis and GG face off. This is a monster clash for the ages both men go at it with them teethering near the ropes the rest gang up to take them both out.”

    Entrant 15: Val Venis
    “Val doesn’t last too long as Ziggler superkicks him over the top rope. Ziggler has been in there nearly an hour.”

    Entrant 16: Chris Jericho
    “The first undisputed champion and number one pick has finally arrived. He lays Code Breakers on everyone in the ring and eliminates Corbin.”

    Entrant 17: Gangrel
    “The weird one is in there for a short period as the Rock takes him out.”

    Entrant 18: Rocky Johnson
    “Johnson is our final entrant and his son is delighted to see him. They team up fighting off Ziggler and Jericho. Rock hits the Rock Bottom on Ziggler and Soul Man tosses him out. Jericho tries to eliminate the father/son combo but can’t and gets eliminated. Johnson immediately tosses his son over the rope and we have an unlikely winner.

    Winner: Rocky Johnson


    Mr Kennedy and Paulie are shown looking stunned backstage.

    Saxton: “Well there we have it, as shocking as it sounds we have a championship match next week between Mr Kennedy and Rocky Johnson. See you next time guys.”

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    Tuesday Night Destruction


    (Tuesday Night Destruction Theme)




    The crowd cheer loudly as the cameras go live for another episode of Tuesday Night Destruction!

    Necrominus: “Good evening one and all and welcome to the premier show in ALL of sports entertainment - NCW Tuesday Night Destruction! We are just TWO weeks away from our version of Superbowl Night – our All Ireland Final – call it what you will – Natural Selection II.”

    Billy-Bob: “And things have begun to take shape already, Necro! Already we know our main event when Muhammad Hussan will defend the NCW Heavyweight Championship against the number 1 contender – Edge!”

    Disco: “Edge won his place last week in our main event when he pinned Bob Backlund – but the Brotherhood made good on their promise to make both men pay!”

    Necrominus: “That’s for sure! Edge and Backlund were annihilated by the Brotherhood last week – with a little helping hand from Zack Ryder, of all people!”

    Billy-Bob: “I don’t quite know what possessed Ryder to lay out Backlund with a steel chair shot, but I can’t wait to find out!”

    Disco: “Not only that, but we can exclusively reveal that The Natural Disasters WILL defend their NCW Tag Team Championships at Natural Selection II against the legendary Dudley Boyz!”

    Necrominus: “A match that is sure to be a classic, no doubt. But, back to tonight – where I’m sure this rivalry will heat up even more when Bubba Ray Dudley and Typhoon collide in the centre of the ring!”

    Billy-Bob: “What a match that will be!!”

    Necrominus: “Yes. I wonder will we come to a resolution regarding the NCW Women’s Championship? Last week Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne – The Beautiful People – interrupted the number 1 contender’s match between Emma and Bayley.”

    Billy-Bob: “And to make things worse, they double crossed Moolah after that!”

    Necrominus: “You can’t say she didn’t have it coming, Jiminy. Moolah will address the Beautiful People in the ring tonight!”

    Disco: “But guys, that’s not all. We all saw the epic staredown last week between Vader and Samoa Joe, but nothing has been made official as of yet! Vader is in action tonight and I’ve been told he will issue a challenge following the match!”

    Necrominus: “And we’ll find out about that – right now!”

    Mike Adamle is standing in the ring.

    Adamle: “Good evening everyone! It’s great to be back here again! I want to thank Stephanie McMahon for giving me a second chance after my… errors last week!

    And, without further ado, the following contest is scheduled for one FALL! Introducing first, hailing from County Kerry in the United Kingdom, ROSS CASTLE!”

    Necrominus: “Again? Oh man…”

    Adamle: “And introducing his opponent…”

    The crowd cheer as Vader comes to the stage, cutting off Adamle in similar fashion to Joe last week. He heads straight for the ring and enters it as Adamle beats a quick exit.

    Vader eyes Ross Castle with disdain as the referee calls for the bell – Castle runs at Vader – who flattens him!

    Castle rolls around on the mat in pain as Vader drags him to the corner, before ascending the second rope – and dropping down on Castle with the VADER BOMB! Vader makes the cover –


    Vader wins without breaking a sweat!

    Necrominus: “And, as expected it has to be said – Vader has dominated one of our developmental talents. Hailing from County Kerry in the Republic of Ireland… despite what our fantastic announcer said…”

    Adamle: “Your winner – The Man They Call… DARTH VADER!”

    The crowd groans as Adamle makes yet another mistake and Vader eyes him angrily.

    Billy-Bob: “Why do they keeping making this moron announce these matches? They’re going to get him killed!”

    Vader leaves the ring and angrily stalks toward Adamle. He snatches the mic from him and roughly shoves him to the floor! Adamle beats a hasty retreat backstage as Vader re-enters the ring.

    Vader: “Joe – Natural Selection – NO. HOLDS. BARRED!!!!!”


    The crowd cheer loudly as Vader drops the mic to the floor and heads for the back.

    Necrominus: “Well, I believe a challenge has been issued, gents. Vader wants Samoa Joe at Natural Selection!”

    Billy-Bob: “Much more than that Necro – he wants the NCW Rising Star Championship!”

    Disco: “There’s more, guys! He wants a No Holds Barred Match!”

    The cameras cut backstage and show Billy Graham on his way to the ring!

    Necrominus: “Billy Graham is here! And he’s on his way to the ring right now!!”


    The crowd rise to their feet and chant the name of ‘The Superstar’ as he comes to the ring with purpose. He rolls in and immediately gets on the mic.


    Graham: “Cut the music! I’m not out here tonight to give long rambling speeches! I want that lily-livered coward who attacked me to get your ass out here right now! I’ve waited long enough!”

    Cameras cut to the stage but nothing happens.

    Graham: “I’m not playing around! Hussan! Or whatever of your cronies beat me up at Agony, tried to end my career – I’m standing right here! You want to come out and finish the job or what?”

    Still no reaction from the curtain.

    Graham: “I see. It’s going to be that way, is it? Fine – I’ll come back there and find you myself!”

    Pat Patterson’s music hits!

    The crowd cheer Patterson as he comes to the ring to try to reason with Graham.


    Patterson: “Billy, look, it’s great to see you back. But you can’t just go barging back there and beat the holy heck out of the first member of the Brotherhood you find!”

    Graham: “Pat, we’ve been friends for a long time, so with the greatest respect… I don’t give a damn what you say.”

    Graham motions to go past Patterson but he blocks his path.

    Patterson: “I will make you see sense!”

    Graham suddenly shoves Patterson aside –


    Necrominus: “What? Pat, what have you done?”

    Graham slumps to the mat in a heap.

    Patterson grabs the mic again.
    Patterson: “I couldn’t let you do it, Billy – I couldn’t let you find out the truth.”

    Necrominus: “Oh my god…”

    Patterson: “I couldn’t let you find out who attacked you at Agony… from anyone but ME.”

    The crowd boo Patterson loudly as he stands over Graham, who is holding his head in agony.

    Patterson: “Do you remember that feeling, Billy? That thump to the back of your head? I know you do. Because it was me – I attacked you at Agony!”

    Necrominus: “I don’t understand…”

    Billy-Bob: “Patterson has snapped!”

    Patterson: “I suppose you all want to know why. Why would I attack my best friend before his big match? It’s simple, Billy. I’m tired of you hogging the spotlight! Where were you when I had my match for the title? You were never there for me! But I was always there for you, saving you countless times. Well it’s over, Billy. You are done.

    And at Natural Selection – if you’re cleared to face me, that is – I will finish the job once and for all. Because it will be Billy Graham VS Pat Patterson – in a FIRST BLOOD MATCH!

    And when I bust you open, make you bleed like a stuck pig – your career, your very legacy will vanish! Pat Patterson will become the Superstar he was born to be!”

    Graham is trying to get to his feet using the ropes, but has a glassy look in his eyes. Patterson strikes him with the brass knuckles again!

    The crowd boo even louder as Patterson mounts Graham now, and strikes him between the eyes – a third shot with the knuckles – busting Graham wide open!!


    Patterson stands over Graham, blood dripping from his hand where the knuckles busted Graham open – Patterson wipes it on his chest!

    Necrominus: “I can’t believe this! Patterson was Graham’s best friend – and to betray him like this – over… nothing… it just doesn’t make any sense!”

    Billy-Bob: “It doesn’t need to make sense, Necro – Patterson made a statement tonight. One Graham may never recover from.”

    Disco: “Billy Graham may not even make it to Natural Selection guys!”


    Backstage, Hussan and Singh are in their personal locker room. Zack Ryder barges in.

    Ryder: “I did what you asked last week! Now I want your answer – am I in?”

    Singh: “How dare you speak to your King in such a tone – get out!”

    Hussan: “No, Ranjin – let him speak. Ryder – you have not proven yourself worthy of joining us yet.”

    Ryder: “What do you mean? I laid that loony tune out in the centre of the ring last week! I did exactly what you told me I needed to do!”

    Hussan: “And I assure you it is appreciated. But not two weeks ago, you and that comic joke of a man you called a partner were intent on taking the titles from the Natural Disasters. You failed. Like Michael Tarver found out, the Brotherhood does not tolerate failure. Last week you simply atoned for your loss at Agony. No – you are not in… yet. I have another assignment for you this week.”

    Ryder: “Hussan, let’s get something straight…”

    Hussan suddenly grabs Ryder by the throat and pins him to the locker!

    Hussan: “No, Zack – you listen to me! You have no choice after what you did last week – if you want protection from the Brotherhood you will do as I say.”

    Ryder: “Ok… ok… I’m sorry. Just let me go and I’ll do it.”

    Hussan releases Ryder: “Very good. You are learning. Tonight Ranjin has arranged a match for you. You will go one on one with my opponent at Natural Selection – Edge! But there will be no match at Natural Selection. You will make sure of that. Tonight I want you to destroy Edge. Show him what happens when he crosses the Brotherhood!”

    Ryder: “It will be done…my King. And when I do as you ask? I will join the Brotherhood, yes?”

    Hussan: “If you succeed tonight, Zack – you are in. If not… you can expect no further help from us. Now get out of here!”

    Ryder eyes Hussan furiously, but leaves the locker room.


    Necrominus: “What has come over Ryder? He’s now a snivelling lap dog for the Brotherhood!”

    Billy-Bob: “He’s seen the light, Necro! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of the most dominant group to ever grace NCW?”

    Disco: “I’m devastated guys. I’m hanging up my Broski headband! Ryder is a jerk!”

    Ring Announcer: “Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome at this time, being accompanied to the ring by Mae Young – the ONLY NCW Women’s Champion in history – The Fabulous Moolah!”

    Moolah and Young come to the stage, Moolah being linked by Young and in a neck brace! They slowly walk down the ramp as the crowd boo them loudly.


    Necrominus: “What’s wrong with her now?”

    Billy-Bob: “Isn’t it obvious? She’s injured – Velvet Sky could have broken her neck last week!”

    Young helps Moolah onto the apron and holds the ropes for her. Moolah winces as she bends down to enter the ring, and shuffles across to grab a mic. The crowd boo her loudly.

    Moolah: “Shut up you peasants! Can’t you see I’m hurting! You should be lucky I even graced you all with my presence this week – I should be in the hospital!”

    The crowd starts a ‘MOOLAH SUCKS’ chant.

    Moolah: “I don’t know why I even bother. Last week I was brutally attacked! I had my hair pulled, my neck snapped backwards – I have 1st degree whiplash and I may never turn my head to my side again!!

    All because of my so-called friends. Ladies who I PERSONALLY brought to this company. They were here to deal with that menace Bayley… and that twit Emma was collateral damage!

    But instead – they assaulted me, and my best friend Mae! They had the cheek to take my title from me – and raise it in the air like their property! I will not stand for this!

    Because of their assault – there can be NO match at Natural Selection – my neck will not be in any shape to compete! You can thank them… these… Beautiful People as they call themselves…”

    The crowd cheers a little as Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne come to the stage! They begin to make their way down to the ring.

    Moolah: “NO! Stay right where you are! I am in no fit state to compete!”

    Velvet has a mic: “You know what Moolah – it’s true, you DID bring us here. But if you thought for one second we were going to be your buddies – your lapdogs – you picked the wrong b******, lady!”

    Madison: “You see, Moolah – you may be fabulous – but we – are – BEAUTIFUL. And NCW needs a Beautiful Champion. So at Natural Selection…”

    Bayley and Emma run down to the ring and immediately start brawling with Sky and Rayne!!!

    Moolah and Young survey the fighting from the ring – Bayley whips Rayne into the barricade while Emma and Velvet Sky battle on the other side of the arena.

    The crowd boo loudly as Stephanie comes to the stage, an angry look on her face.


    Stephanie: “Stop this immediately!! Stop it right now!!”

    Moolah: “Thank you Stephanie, I demand that these four be removed immediately and suspended! This is not…”

    Stephanie: “Cut the crap, Moolah. You engineered this. Against my better judgement I allowed you to draft Mae Young, Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne to NCW.

    And this is how you repay me? Ruining a number one contender’s match last week? Starting this brawl?

    And to top it all off, you now say you’re injured and can’t compete at Natural Selection II. Well I’ve got news for you, Moolah – you will defend that title at Natural Selection.”

    Moolah: “Stephanie, can’t you see how much pain I’m in? I mean…”

    Stephanie: “You’re injured Moolah? You’re hurting? Fine – if you cannot compete I will STRIP you of that title!”

    Moolah: “Oh! Well… I suppose I could compete in a match in two weeks… I mean…”

    Stephanie: “That’s what I thought. Now I am sure we can all recall the main event of last year’s Natural Selection.

    An amazing contest between two of the best in the industry. This year, we will strive to emulate that match of the year candidate.

    And you ladies will pioneer this.

    Because the NCW Women’s Championship – will be defended –

    in a LADDER MATCH!”

    Necrominus: “Oh my God! What an announcement!”

    Stephanie: “Now, who is worthy of competing in a match of this stature against the legendary Moolah?

    Bayley and Emma have a worthy claim – having been interrupted last week in their match.

    The Beautiful People made a statement last week at the hands of all four of you.

    It’s a difficult one. And I have decided. Moolah – you will defend your title at Natural Selection –

    against Bayley (Loud Cheers)


    AND Emma (mild cheers)


    AND Velvet Sky (cheers)


    AND Madison Rayne (cheers)


    AND… MAE YOUNG!! (Cheers)


    It will be a six woman Ladder match for the NCW Women’s Championship!!!"

    Necrominus: “A six woman ladder match – I don’t think this has ever been before!”

    Stephanie’s music plays and she heads backstage as all attention turns to Moolah in the ring.

    Moolah: “You can’t do this! This isn’t fair! This is MY title!”

    The four women on the outside eye Moolah as she flips out in the ring. Mae Young candidly eyes the title around Moolah’s waist momentarily, but immediately shifts her gaze upwards as Moolah turns around to rant to her about Stephanie’s decision.


    Backstage, Jenni Jamestown is standing by with Edge.

    Jenni: “Edge, last week you earned the right to challenge Muhammad Hussan for the NCW Heavyweight Title at Natural Selection. Given what happened after the match last week, are you at 100 per cent?”

    Edge: “I’m pretty banged up, Jenni. The Brotherhood are a force to be reckoned with. But I came to NCW for one thing – and that is to become the NCW Champion! This means that no matter what Hussan and his cronies have in store for me – I’ll be ready.”

    Jenni: “Tonight you face Zack Ryder in the main event. After what he did to Bob Backlund last week and given we now know the reasons why – what can you expect?”

    Edge: “Zack Ryder clearly thought he was going to get ahead in his career by signing up with Hussan. Now he needs to take me out to join the Brotherhood. Here’s the thing, Zack – there will ALWAYS be another hoop to jump through for Hussan and his Brotherhood. Another person to maim or injure. They don’t care about him – they just don’t want to get their hands dirty. Well, Zack – tonight you plan to take me out. It’s time to show you why they call me the Rated R – Superstar.”

    Edge nods at Jenni and leaves.


    Ring Announcer: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall – and the winner will decide the stipulation for the NCW Tag Team Title match at Natural Selection!”

    Ring Announcer: “Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Earthquake, he is one half of the NCW Tag Team Champions – Typhoon!”

    Typhoon and Earthquake stomp to the ring as the crowd boos them furiously.

    Ring Announcer: “And the opponent, being accompanied to the ring by Devon – Bubba Ray Dudley!”

    The crowd cheers loudly as The Dudleys hit the stage and play up to the crowd.

    Necrominus: “Bubba Ray making his NCW in ring debut tonight here, and this match has a number of connotations going forward!”

    Billy-Bob: “No prizes for guessing what stipulation the Dudley’s will pick if they win here tonight!”

    Bubba and Devon enter the ring and Typhoon and Earthquake back up and stand on the outside as the Dudleys pose on the ropes.
    Devon then exits the ring as Typhoon tentatively walks up the steps and gets in the ring. Bubba and Typhoon go nose to nose in the ring as the referee calls for the bell.

    The Beginning

    Typhoon and Bubba lock up in the middle of the ring, both men battling for dominance – Typhoon shoves Bubba backwards!

    He staggers but doesn’t fall – and goes straight back for another lock up! This time Bubba gets the better of Typhoon and backs him up into the corner – the referee calls for the break – Typhoon nails Bubba with a right hand!

    He then whips Bubba against the ropes and looks for a clothesline – Bubba comes back with a shoulder block and the two men collide in the centre of the ring – neither man goes down!

    Necrominus: “Typhoon cannot rely on raw power here – Bubba clearly has him matched!”

    Billy-Bob: “Typhoon is only getting started, Necro!”

    Disco: “They wanted competition – well they certainly got it!”

    Typhoon and Bubba again lock up and this time Typhoon backs Bubba up into the corner.
    He breaks when the referee orders him to but immediately tries for the right hand – Bubba counters with one of his own!
    Bubba backs Typhoon up with right hands – before whipping Typhoon against the ropes – Typhoon comes back – Bubba catches him and hits a Samoan drop, shaking the entire ring with the impact!!

    He rolls into the cover – 1 – Typhoon powers out!

    The Middle

    Bubba continues to exert dominance over Typhoon until Earthquake catches his foot as he moves to close to the ropes.

    Bubba turns around - Typhoon sends him over the top rope with a hard clothesline! He hits the floor and Typhoon distracts the ref so Earthquake gets a few cheap shots in on Bubba – Devon comes around the ring and starts brawling with Earthquake!

    Typhoon exits the ring and hauls Bubba to his feet, rolling him into the ring. He climbs back in himself and hits a big leg drop – before making the cover



    Bubba just kicks out!

    Typhoon gets to his feet and drags Bubba to the middle of the ring, before backing up and looking for the Tidal Wave – BUBBA MOVES!!

    Typhoon hits the mat and rolls around clutching his stomach as Bubba climbs back to his feet.

    The End

    Bubba stalks Typhoon as he slowly climbs to his feet and catches him in a Full Nelson – BUBBA BOMB! Typhoon is down!

    Devon still has Earthquake occupied on the outside as Bubba rolls into the cover…



    3!!! Bubba has done it!!!

    Ring Announcer: “Here is your winner…”

    Earthquake rolls into the ring as Devon follows him – the Dudleys whip him against the ropes - Earthquake rebounds –


    The crowd are on their feet as Bubba shoves Devon…


    Necrominus: “I think we have our stipulation guys!”

    Billy-Bob: “Those damn Dudleys!”

    Devon rolls to the outside and hauls a table from under the ring – throwing it inside. Suddenly Devon gets wiped out by… MONTY BROWN!

    Monty Brown beats on Devon on the outside after the surprise attack as Bubba tries to exit the ring to help him – Typhoon is back up and clotheslines him in the back of the head which drops him! Both big men are up again now and hit the TIDAL QUAKE on Bubba!!

    Brown sets Devon on the outside and drops him with an Alpha Bomb!

    The Natural Disasters have set up the table inside the ring and lay Bubba on top of it, looking for the Tidal Quake again – THROUGH THE TABLE!!!



    Brown enters the ring and the three Brotherhood members stand tall over the prone Dudleys.

    Necrominus: “This is getting out of hand! The Brotherhood have laid waste to the Dudleys!”

    Billy-Bob: “This is what happens when you mess with the Brotherhood – it’s been proven time and time again!”

    Disco: “I’m just glad we didn’t have to see that smiling rat Singh out here tonight!”


    Backstage, Jenni Jamestown is standing by again.
    Jenni: “Hi guys, I’m here outside Samoa Joe’s dressing room – hoping to get his response to Vader’s challenge tonight.”

    Mike Adamle walks up to Jenni.

    Adamle: “Shove it, sister – Adamle is taking over!”

    Jenni frowns as Adamle grabs the mic from her and bangs on Samoa Joe’s door.

    Adamle: “Mr Joe? I need to get a few words…”

    The door swings open and smashes Adamle in the head, knocking him out cold as Joe comes out of the dressing room.

    Joe eyes the unconscious Adamle with a cold stare before picking up the mic.

    Joe: “Vader – I accept!”


    Joe then drops the mic and walks off down the hall.


    Necrominus: “I can’t believe it – Joe and Vader – No Holds Barred at Natural Selection!”

    Billy-Bob: “And that match will not be for the faint hearted, guys.”

    Disco: “And we’ve just been told that the official contract signing for that match will take place next week – right here on Tuesday Night Destruction!”

    Zack Ryder comes to the stage and ignores the booing crowd, heading straight for the ring.

    Necrominus: “What has got into Zack Ryder? I just don’t get why he would turn his back on the fans to join the Brotherhood!”

    Billy-Bob: “What do you mean? He sees how powerful the Brotherhood is – you’re better working for them than against them – even President Trump found that out!”

    Disco: “I just don’t know what to think anymore – if you can’t trust a bro like Ryder – who can you trust?”

    The crowd rise to their feet as Edge comes to the stage, pausing to acknowledge the fans but then running straight for the ring!

    Edge tackles Ryder to the mat and the two men start to the brawl – this match is on!
    Necrominus: “Edge clearly incensed with Ryder’s actions – and the fact that Hussan has ordered him to take him out tonight!”

    Billy-Bob: “Edge is a hothead! That was a blatant assault!”

    Disco: “Ryder promised to injure Edge tonight, Jiminy – what do you expect him to do?”

    The Beginning

    Ryder rolls away from Edge to the outside of the ring, shouting at the referee to restore order – As the referee orders Edge back Ryder grabs his legs and pulls him outside the ring, dumping the referee on his head!

    Necrominus: “Oh come on! That is ridiculous!”

    Edge, seizing the moment dives straight through the second rope – crashing into Ryder on the outside!! The two men go down momentarily but come back up and start trading blows immediately!

    Necrominus: “The match has clearly gone out the window – all hell is breaking lose right here beside us!”

    Edge tries to whip Ryder into the apron – he counters and slams Edge into the guard rail! Ryder then whips Edge – who collides head first with the steel ring post! Edge goes down and looks out of it!

    The Middle

    Ryder hauls Edge up again and throws him into the ring, as the referee finally begins to come to his senses.

    Ryder gets in the ring and whips Edge to the corner. He goes to call for the Broski Boot – then stops and flips off the crowd! Ryder runs straight at Edge and connects full force!

    Billy-Bob: “This match could be over right now!”

    Edge slumps to the canvas and the referee rolls back into the ring slowly as Ryder drags Edge into the middle of the ring for the cover…



    NO! Edge kicks out!

    Billy-Bob: “What? How did he kick out of that?”

    The End

    Looking frustrated, Ryder backs up and stalks Edge, looking for the Rough Ryder – Edge slowly gets to his feet and turns around as Ryder runs and jumps for it –ROUGH RY –


    Ryder crashes chest first into the turnbuckle and falls backwards – Edge runs – SPEAR!! SPEAR TO ZACK RYDER! Edge rolls into the cover…



    3!!! Edge has done it!

    Edge, weary from the match and last week’s beatdown, rolls off Ryder and is struggling to his feet.

    Ryder holds his ribs in pain on the mat but rolls to the ropes and gets to his feet – Ryder goes after Edge again and clotheslines him from behind!

    Ryder stomps on Edge and continues his post-match assault…


    Backlund runs to the ring and rolls in, immediately going for Ryder. Ryder ducks a clothesline and bails out of the ring – Backlund gives chase and Ryder escapes through the crowd!

    Necrominus: “Ryder may have escaped from Backlund tonight but he can’t run forever!”

    Billy-Bob: “Backlund is a lunatic! I don’t blame Ryder for running!”

    Edge gets to his feet in the ring and the crowd cheer as his music plays. He exits the ring and heads for the back, walking a little gingerly.

    Necrominus: “These sneak attacks are taking their toll on Edge – you can tell he’s hurting!”

    Billy-Bob: “Hussan warned him, Necro – don’t cross the Brotherhood!”

    Disco: “Warned him? Hussan started this at Agony!”

    Edge makes his way to the top of the ramp – and gets blasted with a clothesline from Hussan!

    The crowd boo as Hussan and Singh stomp on Edge on the ramp.

    Necrominus: “Come on! Enough is enough!”

    Hussan picks up Edge: “Had enough yet? I warned you – this will be the end of you!”

    Hussan grabs Edge and plants him face first on the ramp with an STO!

    The crowd are incensed as Edge lies motionless on the ramp and Hussan places a foot on his back, posing with the championship as the show draws to a close.

    Natural Selection II Line-Up:

    • Edge VS Muhammad Hussan (c) – NCW Heavyweight Championship

    • Vader VS Samoa Joe (c) – No Holds Barred Match for the NCW Rising Star Championship

    • Velvet Sky VS Madison Rayne VS Emma VS Mae Young VS Bayley VS The Fabulous Moolah (c) – Ladder Match for the NCW Women’s Championship

    • The Dudley Boyz VS The Natural Disasters (c) – Tables Match for the NCW Tag Team Championships

    • More to be announced….

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    Beyond Chaos is back!


    We last left you with our Ultimate Chaos PPV and in the end Eric Bischoff delivered with his promise to secure victory for Beyond Chaos in the ratings war. It was a great show with high drama and suspense being the main themes of the show, as Sasha Banks overcame Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch turned to the dark side to win, Shinsuke Nakamura vanquished the dastardly EC3 while Cesaro retained his heavyweight Title with victory over Ric Flair. But 365 days is a long time in wrestling and a lot has changed in Beyond Chaos Wrestling since the Ultimate Chaos PPV. Lets take a look at what has transpired in the past year…...
    The Heavyweight Title Picture
    The show ended with Cesaro embracing the evil Zeb Colter, while he and his fellow Horsemen Reborn stables mates (Chris Hero, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa) celebrated. Cesaro ended the night as World Heavyweight Champion by beating Ric Flair in a brutal 60 minute plus Ironman Match, and by retaining his title that night, he ensured all 4 members of the Horsemen reborn had BCW gold.

    Cesaro would do battle with new challengers such as the resilient Shinsuke Nakamura and a returning Kerry Von Erich and the Swiss Superman successfully retained in both matches, cementing himself as a dominant fighting, albeit unpopular champion.

    But the layout of the landscape in Beyond Chaos would change in the form of a flurry of new signings to Beyond Chaos. While the likes of Shinsuke Nakamura and Kerry Von Erich all left for pastures new, fresh, newly signed stars arrived in the form of an undefeated Kevin Owens, a brash devil may care Alberto Del Rio, the high flying fan favourite Neville, and the ever cocky self-proclaimed A-lister, The Miz .


    One new signing, however would be the make the biggest impact…………….. The Macho Man Randy Savage.

    Savage became engrossed in a feud against Cesaro and would take the fight to all members of The Horsemen. Savage would be a constant thorn in the side of the Horsemen Reborn and he would emphatically beat Hero for the IC title on his way to facing Cesaro for the Heavyweight title. Hero would never be seen again in a BCW ring and Tag Champions Gargano and Ciampa would abandon their leader, leaving Savage and Cesaro to face one on one. Cesaro and Savage would have 3 classic matches, with Cesaro avoiding defeat by a technicality in the first bout before losing the Heavyweight Title to Savage in at the Summer of Chaos PPV, making Savage a duel Champion.


    Savage would be forced to vacate the IC championship now that he won the big prize and Cesaro would then lose his rematch against Savage inside a steel cage before departing Beyond Chaos. Randy Savage would go on to become a great fighting champion whom all the fans respected, defeating the all comers for the title, solidifying his status as one of the all-time greats in Beyond Chaos and in wrestling history
    The Intercontinental Championship
    The Intercontinental Championship was lost by Chris Hero to Randy Savage, but was vacated by Savage when he claimed the Heavyweight Title. Eric Bischoff would announce a tournament which was won in controversial circumstances by The Miz whom defeated Neville in the final. The Miz secured the title thanks to outside interference by his loyal yet scheming Wife Maryse, while Neville was visibly disappointed by this loss and vowed go away, train harder and step things up a notch on his return.

    The Miz would remain undefeated as IC champ, however this is mostly due to him ducking title defenses and using his Hollywood career as an excuse, blaming his busy schedule for missing appearances. When he would defend the title, The Miz would always win by cheating at any opportunity or with help from his meddling spouse. By always finding a route to victory, by hook or by crook, The Miz earned himself the self-proclaimed title of the smartest Intercontinental Champion of all time.
    The Womens Championship
    The Womens scene has taken a shift since the Ultimate Chaos PPV. The ever resilient Sasha Banks and a newly aggressive Becky Lynch began to battle over the gold in a grueling series of matches in which Becky Lynch was successful in winning the Womens Championship. However, her reign was short lived, as the champion was challenged by the debuting British superstar Paige and Lynch lost the title in her first match with the hungry young Brit. Paige would then remain undefeated as she defended her title against both Becky and Sasha, who would both leave soon after. Paige was considered untouchable until recently when her personal life began to change.

    2 months ago, TMZ reported that Paige, 23, began dating 42-year-old married man and fellow Beyond Chaos roster member, Alberto Del Rio. Stories would stream out of their wild nights out and reckless behaviour outside of the ring. Many became concerned about Paige’s future as reports began to suggest her and Alberto were dabbling in illegal substance abuse, excessive alcohol consumption, as well as out of control partying. While Alberto seem to be able to handle both the wild partying without it affecting his in-ring career, Paige’s in-ring performances were sub-par and clearly affected by her new lifestyle.

    Paige would soon lose her title in a match with the new rising star in the Beyond Chaos Women’s division, the Asian Assassin Asuka. Asuka disposed of Paige very quickly, in a bout that many suspected Paige of being too intoxicated to compete.

    Asuka is now the reigning champion and Paige does have her automatic rematch clause, which as of writing is un-invoked. However Asuka also has competition in the form of the returning veteran Alundra Blayze, who has also in-line for a title opportunity after remaining unbeaten since joining Beyond Chaos.
    The Tag Team Titles

    While Ciampa and Gargano were members of the heel faction The Horsemen Reborn last year, in the last 12 months they not only distanced themselves from their former stable, but they have been embraced by the fans for their hard hitting performances. The have defended against all comers and though many believe they are only champions due to a lack of decent competition.
    The No #1 Contendership for the World Heavyweight title

    While Randy Savage was battling Cesaro, 2 men would be on a collision course on their path to the title. One is Kevin Owens, a newly signed star, who has remained undefeated since his arrival in Beyond Chaos. He has risen up the ranks to a point where wrestling pundits believe he is next in line for a shot at Savages title. The fans adore him as he is seen as a people's champion and a true fan favourite due to his innovative in-ring style and his “win-at-any-costs” mind set. However, another man stands in his way of meeting Savage. Alberto Del Rio has been on the accent too, leaving many broken bodies in his wake, such as the high flying Evan Bourne whom Alberto broke the wrist in a recent match up. Alberto has been brutal in his rise to the top and his destruction of his fellow superstars has lined him up for a shot at Savage also.

    Both Del Rio and Owens have legitimate claims for a shot at Savages title. Though some have concerns about Alberto Del Rios partying lifestyle, his in-ring performances haven’t been affected unlike that of his new younger girlfriend, Paige. Many believe it’s a toss-up who should face Savage for the title at the upcoming PPV, however with that decision up in the air and is due to be ruled upon at the next Beyond Chaos Press Conference
    Bischoff’s Unexpected Exit!

    Beyond Chaos was thrown into turmoil by the exit of General Manager Eric Bischoff. Bischoff had made the company a success by winning the ratings battle last year and even though he laid the groundwork for the upcoming year, he was wooed by an offer he couldn’t refuse by young upstart promotion, HCE. Bischoff jumped ship and has left Beyond Chaos without a manager for ratings season.

    The shareholders who own Beyond Chaos have acted fast and did what they can to keep the collateral damage to a minimum by signing all current talent to new deals to prevent Eric Bischoff from bringing them to HCE (Hard Cheese Entertainment, which is run by C. Wagstaff) and they have installed a new GM to run things. A press conference has been called to address the situation and announce a new GM. All Beyond Chaos superstars are due to be in attendance except for The Miz, who is filming a guest appearance in FOXs new hit show, McGarnicle – The Series.
    We are now live at the Beyond Chaos Wrestling Press Conference, and with a huge cloud of uncertainty hanging over Beyond Chaos, the nation's press awaits an appearance from a press officer on behalf of the shareholders of BCW.

    The press officer appears and he is hounded by questions upon arrival as the flashes of cameras are shot in his direction. He composes himself and asks the press to simmer down, before sipping some water and reading a prepared speech.

    Press Officer:“Members of the press and fans of Beyond Chaos Wrestling, I speak on behalf of The Consortium of owners who are in possession of the company. While many believe the current situation of Beyond Chaos has been thrown into turmoil following the sudden departure of Eric Bischoff, I am here to confirm that the company is still going strong despite his exit. While it's true that the company was surprised at the loss of Mr Bischoff, I am here to dismiss any notion of instability within our ranks.

    The press all shout questions at the press officer but they are all waved away as he continues.

    Press Officer: The new era of Beyond Chaos starts today, as does our march to retain our ratings crown. And that Starts with the hiring of a new General Manager. With Bischoff gone, we have moved quickly to replace him. We have hired a man who takes no nonsense, a man capable of taking our promotion to new heights and we wanted a man who we could count on to keep us on top of the pile, above BWA, MNG, and others.......“Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the new General Manager of Beyond Chaos......The legendary…. Gorilla Monsoon.

    Gorilla Monsoon slowly walks out from the back as the flashbulbs go off and the media hustle as he takes the podium. He shakes the hand of the BCW spokesman before addressing the crowd.

    Gorilla Monsoon : I’m truly humbled to be here and to be considered by Beyond Chaos to fill the shoes of the successful Eric Bischoff, whom I wish the best at his new employers. It’s an honour to be here today and I’ve a lot to discuss about how I take Beyond Chaos Wrestling forward. Now our first show in the ratings season is on the horizon and we need to defend our crown. So like many top premier league football teams when they win the title, the top teams don’t rest of their laurels. They rebuild and reinforce their squads with strong, top tier talent and as Beyond Chaos General Manager, I am here to announce the very same as I unveil some big new signings to our roster just in time for the ratings war.

    The media begin to hustle and bustle in front of the podium as all eyes are on Monsoon.

    Gorilla Monsoon : First off I’d like to unveil a man who many say can’t be controlled. Many of my peers will think I’m mad for even considering signing this man due to his reputation, and my close friends have warned me that I will regret ever bringing this man on board. However, I say you don’t score victories without risks, and I have been assured that this talented young man will respect my authority and use his in-ring talents to bring Beyond Chaos some vital fire power. I present, the man the media nicknamed The Loose Cannon…. Brian Pillman.

    Shock descends over the room as Brian Pillman’s name is announced and the press in attendance are awe as a much more formal looking Brian Pillman strolls out from behind the curtain. The grungy and wild look of Brian Pillman is still just about visible but Brian appears to be dressed professionally as he politely greets Gorilla Monsoon. Brian appears to get a little emotional as he takes the podium to address the crowded room with his familiar raspy voice, while the press seem to be stunned by Brian being suited up to some extent.

    Brian Pillman : Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, I’d like to read a pre-prepared statement. (Brain retrieves a letter from his pockets and begins to read it). “ It is with great joy and pride that I appear before you today as a member of BCW. I am wholeheartedly grateful for the opportunity given to me by this company and I’d like to personally thank Gorilla Monsoon for taking chance on me when many others warned him against it. I will try repay his faith in me by being the best Brian Pillman I can be. Thank you and God bless.

    Pillman stares somberly into the crowd for a few moments before exiting the stage as Gorilla Monsoon takes the center stage again.

    Gorilla Monsoon : Thank You Brian, glad to have you on board. My next piece of business is in relation to the Womens division. I’m aware of the situation with former Champion Paige as she is entitled to a rematch against Champion Asuka, I’m also aware that Alundra Blayze is also considered the number one contender. Now I’ve heard rumours that Paige is unfit to wrestle, and she hasn’t returned my calls as of yet. She was due to be in attendance today but she hasn’t turned up. However, I believe everyone deserves a chance and under my watch everyone has a clean slate and a chance to make a name for themselves, So On the first Monday Night Chaos, we shall see Asuka defend her title in a triple threat match against Alundra Blayze and Paige. Now how’s that for starting things on a competitive note, a championship match on free TV folks. I wonder if the folks at BWA or MNG have that on their shows?

    The press begins to ask Monsoon about the announcement, but Gorilla politely waves them away and go on with his next announcement.

    Gorilla Monsoon : Next up on my agenda is to bring another name to the Beyond Chaos Roster. This man is a former MMA star, capable of some of the hardest hitting knockouts you’ll ever see and a master of many different submission holds. He’s now venturing into the world of Professional Wrestling and, if I do say so myself, he’s a wrestling prodigy. He is the next big thing in Wrestling and he is a man who has all the tools and potential to go all the way to the top, and we have signed him to our roster. This man will make his in-ring debut at our PPV later this month and he will appear live at Monday Night Chaos next week, please give a warm welcome to Matthew Riddle.

    Former UFC star Matt Riddle struts out and shakes Monsoons hand before posing for the cameras. Riddle seems to enjoy the attention and plays up a bit before taking the mic.

    Matt Riddle : Yo, Gorilla, only my Mom calls me Matthew Bro, you folks can call me Matt. For those of you that don’t know me, you will know me soon and for those who do know me, well….. I’m gonna light this place up in more ways than one, ya feel me? I’m delighted to be here and I can’t wait to make my debut at Ultimate Chaos and I’m gunning for that Title that Macho Man has wrapped around his waist. Peace.

    Riddles backs away from the podium and poses for pictures again before leaving, as Monsoon takes the stage again.

    Gorilla Monsoon : Matt Riddle everybody….. Now Mr Riddle mentioned the World Heavyweight Title. Now I love Mr Riddles ambition, but he’s not ready for a shot yet, that has to be earned. But before I go any further, allow me to introduce the man who holds the biggest prize in the game, he is The Beyond Chaos World Heavyweight Champion, Macho Man Randy Savage.

    The media go into a frenzy as Randy Savage and his darling Wife Miss Elizabeth walk out and poses of the Cameras. Macho Man embraces his old friend Gorilla Monsoon and he then takes the mic and begins to speak like only The Macho Man can.

    Randy Savage : Oooooooh yeah, can ya feel the electricity in here. The buzz is electric and The Macho Man Randy Savage is the power station beaming the positive vibes to every man, woman and child. I’m the tower of power and I’m too sweet to be sour, yyyyyyyyyyeah. I’ve been the Heavyweight Champion in Beyond Chaos for a long time now, and I’ve fought all comers to call myself the supreme being in professional wrestling today. So it doesn’t matter who is next, The Macho Man Randy Savage will show up, do what he does best, and that’s be the best, OOOOOH YEAH DIG IT!

    Savage steps aside after his speech and remains on the stage as Monsoon steps up to the podium.

    Gorilla Monsoon : Well Macho Man before we get to the Heavyweight Championship match at Ultimate Chaos in 5 weeks’ time, next Monday we will determine an opponent for Macho Man. 2 men will battle it out in a number 1 contenders match to see who will face Randy Savage at the PPV. In one corner is a man who has been brutally dominant in recent months, Alberto Del Rio!

    The press ask if Alberto in attendance to which Monsoon responds.

    Gorilla Monsoon : Alberto Del Rio was invited to the conference today but he doesn’t seem to have made it here, his opponent next week however is here, he is the man who the press have dubbed the new people's champion, the undefeated, Kevin Owens.

    Kevin Owens strolls out and immediately walks up to Randy Savage for what seems to be stare down with Champion Randy Savage before extending his hand to Savage. Both men are locked on each other as Savage shakes Owens hand and Owens then takes to the podium.

    Kevin Owens : See that man there, that’s Randy Savage. He is the measuring stick in which all wrestlers are measured. He’s the Champion and it’s my destiny to face him, it’s my destiny to fight him for the title and if I can’t beat him or Alberto Del Rio, then I don’t deserve to be Champion. That being said I will beat Alberto Del Rio and, with all due respect Macho Man, and believe me I respect the hell out of you, ……..I will beat you.

    Savage and Owens square up to each other, with the press scrambling to get a shot of the stare down, with neither man blinking as they focus on each other. But, as the two stars are staring down, he here a commotion from the back on the room. The press turns and we see that 2 individuals have entered the room from the main entrance and it's none other than Alberto Del Rio and his girlfriend Paige!

    Alberto and Paige are both dressed as if they’ve done the walk of shame from a night out and make their way up to the podium in each other’s pockets, with Paige clutching a glass of what appears to be an alcoholic drink. Both Savage, Elizabeth, Monsoon and Owens, as well as the press, all focusing on the wild couple as they make their way across the stage. Monsoon gets in between the stars with Del Rio and his boo on one side and Owens, Savage and Elizabeth on the opposite side. Paige nonchalantly reaches over Monsoon and grabs the mic from the podium and declares “The real stars are here baby” before passing the mic to Alberto. Paige looks mildly intoxicated as Alberto begins to speak.

    Alberto Del Rio : Well isn’t this nice, everybody’s here having a good time and that’s OK, I like having a good time too. So allow me to get this party started Chico’s. Firstly, Macho Man Randy Savage, you and your little wife are on borrowed time my friends, once I beat you for that big beautiful championship, you and your Mamacita will be old news my friend, but you already knew that didn’t you. Savage, to put it clear, you’re on borrowed time and once I’m Champion, myself and my sexy little hell cat Paige will be the new power couple of Beyond Chaos.

    Randy Savage doesn’t like what he’s hearing and goes for Alberto but he’s held back by his wife as Alberto continues.

    Alberto Del Rio : Now, before I get to Savage, I need to get pass you Owens. I heard what you said big man, you like to run your mouth about how it's your destiny, but you have it all twisted senor, as it’s actually my destiny.

    Kevin Owens : I thought your destiny was to cradle snatch Paige during your mid-life crisis? By The way, how's that working out?

    Alberto looks infuriated.

    Alberto Del Rio : Don't talk about my pretty little angel like that?

    Paige, who has been swinging out of Alberto the entire time, perks up when Owens mentions her. She begins to mouth at Owens in a very slurred fashion as she slurps and spills her drink.

    Alberto Del Rio : I won't rise to your mind games Owens. Look at you, your inferior to me. You don’t carry yourself like a champion, you don’t look like a champion and you sure as hell don’t fight like a champion. Next Week Owens, I will beat you within an inch of your life and when you come to, after the bell has rung, with blood on your face, you will look up to me, clutching a broken arm, and you will see the next Beyond Chaos Champion.

    Owens and Del Rio are kept apart by Monsoon as they attempt to square up to each other but all hell breaks loose when Paige throws her drink in the direction of Owens and Savage. A scuffle breaks out between all 3 men wildly swinging for each other, with Paige jumping on the back of Owens. Gorilla Monsoon calls for security, as he tries in vein to break it up the brawl. Security rush the stage and soon they manage to break apart the brawl, with all 3 men and Paige being held apart. But While all 3 men and Paige are being kept apart, suddenly off camera Miss Elizabeth falls from the stage as she backs off from the brawl.

    The Press are in shock, as is Randy Savage, who breaks free to tend to his wife who looks unconscious. Randy’s only concern is Elizabeth, as Owens and Del Rio and Paige are held off be security. Monsoon joins Savage in checking on Elizabeth as the cameras fade out…..
    Twitter explodes!!!
    In the wake of this huge press conference, certain stars of Beyond Chaos have their say on the news.

    @AlbertoDelRio1 : I will crush KO, Then I will destroy Savage, then I will be crowned King of BCW

    @MattRiddletuf7 : time to show everyone that I’m for real bro! #BroLife #realdeal

    @Paige :
    To celebrate my boyfriend's impending championship win, me and my Alberto are kicking it Tony Montana style #HereforagoodtimeNotalongtime # PaigeLovesADR

    @Cesaro : BCW is a mess without me, good riddance #LWE4LIFE

    @FightOwensFight : I’m fulfilling my destiny, no one's stopping me, not Savage, Not ADR…NO ONE.

    @The Miz : What? No title shot for me, where's my opportunity #heldback #glassceilingsmasher I want answers!

    @MNG : Oh I think we might be beating BCW this year #lastyearfluke #onehitwonder

    @Neville : Im coming back to show everyone what I can do. #Neville2.0

    @fINDeVANbOURNE : My recovery is going well, won’t be long before Im flying high again #AIRbOURNE

    @ASUKA : Still undefeated #needcompetition
    The BCW Roster run down

    World Champion - Randy Savage: As stated above the title became Randy’s after he defeated Cesaro for the gold. He has since defended it against all comers and he has solidified himself as not only the top face of the company, but one of the all time fan favorites. He awaits the winner of Owens v Del Rio at the next Monday Night Chaos.

    Womens Champion - Asuka : Asuka has dominated the division since arriving and now is firmly on top of the position and craving more competition. Many believe that while she is an unbelievable in-ring talent, there are some who think her ego is growing too. Since she joined Beyond Chaos she has showed each time that she is at the top of her game, but many wonder if she is getting a little too cocky for her own good?

    Intercontinental Champion - The Miz : The Miz won the gold in a tournament after Randy savage vacated the gold, by pinning Neville in the final in controversial circumstances thanks to help from his wife Maryse. The Miz while not the most technical or physical talent, he has shown that he is most certainly one of the smartest wrestlers ever. His resourcefulness knows no limits, as he always finds a way to steal a victory and get one up over his opponents. He is also has been using his smarts to duck out of title defences, claiming matches unfortunately conflict with his schedule. While The Miz is a successful IC champ, he still has a chip on his shoulder with management, who he constantly accuses of holding him back. Rumours have been running wild that he is unhappy with new GM Gorilla Monsoon with omitting him from the Number 1 contenders match between Del Rio and Owens.

    Tag Team Champions - D.I.Y (Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa : These two hard hitting men may have been bad boys last year, but their in-ring performances have made them fan favourites since leaving The Horsemen Reborn faction. They have held the titles almost a year and their resilient performance in the ring have firmly got the fans behind them. Though there are those who believe they are only champions due to a small tag team division.

    Brian Pillman: Pillman is known for his unhinged mental state and being completely unpredictable inside and outside the ring, and it's that reputation which has made other promotions steer clear of signing him. However he seems completely professional and timid since Gorilla Monsoon gave him a chance when others wouldn’t . Brian appears to be extremely grateful to the opportunity given to him and if interviews are anything to go by,it looks like Brian will do anything to keep himself under control in BCW. However, many think that Gorilla Monsoon is a fool to have trusted Pillman and believe he will regret ever signing the former Loose Cannon.

    Alberto Del Rio: Del Rio is an a roll in BCW and he has been vicious and callous in his approach with climbing the ladder to success. He has shown little remorse to his opponents in the ring, injuring many including Evan Bourne, with his deadly cross armbreaker submission. While Alberto has been at the top of his game up until now, he recently got romantically involved with fellow BCW superstar Paige and both of them seem to be a recipe for destruction. While rumors of partying, alcoholic benders and even substance abuse have been rampant, his in-ring performances suggest he is not letting his personal life affect his wrestling career too much. Alberto is set to meet Kevin Owens on the first Monday Night Chaos of the season to determine the number 1 contender to the Heavyweight Title

    Paige : Beyond Chaos Womens Champion Paige appeared to be a talented young grappler, making a name for herself in Beyond Chaos off the backs of former champions Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. That was until she began seeing Alberto Del Rio romantically and her in ring performances began to suffer. Reports of wild parties and constant intoxication would soon engulf her personal life, and these rumours appeared true when she lost her title to Asuka, while appearing to be somewhat under the influence. The Media and fans believe her life is spiralling out of control since she began seeing Del Rio, but she seems to have a devil may care attitude lately, and seems unconcerned about her career and more focused with her new boo. She has been given a chance to turn it all around by Gorilla Monsoon, as he has made a match for the Monday Night Chaos Season premiere with Asuka for the Womens Championship.

    Kevin Owens: Kevin Owens has been on a an unstoppable match to the title. Since arriving in Beyond Chaos, he has remained undefeated and has earned a reputation for winning at all costs. He constantly digs deep to overcome his opponents and he has grown accustomed to putting his body at risk to secure victory. The BCW fans have become endeared with kevin, and view him as one of their own with the wrestling media dubbing him “The People's Champion”.

    Neville : When Neville joined he was consider one of the most exciting talents to ever grace Beyond Chaos. His aerial acrobatics made him a firm fan favourite and giving him the name “The Man Who gravity Forgot”. However, Neville would go on a losing streak, losing to others like Del Rio and then The Miz,losing his self belief in the process. Neville would take a self imposed leave of absence from Beyond Chaos after coming up short against The Miz again, with Neville vowing to go home and find himself. Its been a few months since we last saw Neville, however it is reported that Neville is ready to return and many hope he will be back to his best.

    Evan Bourne : Like Neville, Evan Bourne is considered a firm fan favourite for his aerial combat skills. Evan is currently out injured, nursing a broken wrist suffered as a result of a match versus Del Rio. Bourne is almost finished his recovery, but until then he is keeping busy by being part of the commentary team alongside Corey Graves and Michael Cole as a special guest announcer.

    ACH : A young and upcoming talent, ACH is ready to unleash his brand of high flying offence on the Beyond Chaos roster. He is friends with BCW’s Evan Bourne and it's rumoured that Bourne helped get hims signed.

    Matt Riddle : The former UFC star is, according to most in the wrestling world as the next big thing in wrestling and he is signed with Beyond Chaos. Matt has a big future and Gorilla Monsoon has lured him to BCW with the hopes of tapping into his potential and creating the next big wrestling star.

    Cedric Alexander : Like ACH, Cedric is a highly impressive young star and willing to make a name for himself in BCW. Cedric has been getting worldwide acclaim for his in-ring performances and is ready to step things up in Beyond Chaos.

    Gorilla Monsoon : The newly installed General Manager appears to be a man on a mission, with his ultimate goal being making Beyond Chaos Number 1 in the ratings war for the second year. While many fans have their reservations towards Monsoon, believing him to be a sub-par replacement for Eric Bischoff, Monsoon is headed in the right direction in relation to winning them over. Sources close to Monsoon report that while happy with his work thus far, still seems to be looking more ways to create a huge buzz for Beyond Chaos and he won't rest until more big names and surprises are secured.

    The Beyond Chaos Commentary Team - Michael Cole and former in-ring talent Corey Graves are the current announce team in BCW, though currently they are joined by the ever perky Evan Bourne, who is doing guest commentary until his wrist injury is fully healed.

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    Welcome to BWA Monday Night Raw!
    Live from The Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, Tennessee
    previous shows: Preview show, Show 1

    The arena is filled with signs and the packed audience go wild as the show opens! moments later and the atmosphere changes as The NWO - Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash & Mr Perfect head out to the top of the ramp. This quietens down the crowd a little bit but then Hogan lifts up the BWA World title above his head as the boos begin to rain down from the crowd. The boys in the NWO clearly hear this and Hogan in particular heelishly acknowledges this by doing his hand to his ear gesture as they make their way down the ramp towards the ring riling up the crowd even more. One woman in the front row even tries to take a swipe at him when he does it next to her and Hall and Nash end up shouting abuse at her as security restrain her. Hulkamania clearly isn't running wild here tonight.

    When they arrive to the ring Hogan grabs a mic
    Hogan: Now let me tell you something brothers, you might be booing right now, but you all know that deep down inside each and every one of you is a little Hulkamaniac. You know it and I know it... (big smile) I'M THE MAN! (more boos again)... and before you all try to read too much into nothing at all, my brother Scott Hall, who has the black and white of the NWO pumping through his veins, is only not out here with us cos he has to get his head straight before he goes one on one with THE MAN tonight... and another thing Jack...

    Hogan is interrupted by the music of the man who took on 5 members of the NWO essentially on his own last week Dave "The Animal" Batista"
    Batista: Hogan would you please shut the hell up! these people don't wanna hear it and you know what, I'd happily walk down this ramp and shut you up all by myself except I found someone backstage that based on his history with you would like to shut your ass up just as much... So sorry Ted (looking at Dibiase), I know you wanted to hearld his arrival to the BWA but...

    The crowd erupts as Batista's backup comes out in the form of none other than Andre The Giant!

    BH: Oh my gawd, it's Andre the Giant, Batista has the gotten the 8th wonder of the world as his backup to take on the NWO!
    JB: I Knew it! I knew that's who Dibiase was talking about last week, the CWA US champion is now a BWA wrestler!

    while the commentators continue to big up this new arrival to the roster the two men head down the ramp and into the ring and now Batista and Andre square up against the 3 NWO members but.... right as Batista goes to attack them Andre gives him a giant sized chop to the back sending him stumbling forward and right into a Hogan big boot. Hogan picks him straight back up and passes him back to Andre who hits his double underhook suplex on him while the commentators go nuts about how Andre has joined the NWO!

    Who can really stop the NWO now! Batista isn't willing to give up and is going to keep trying but surely he has no chance as he struggles to get back to his feet only for Nash to put the exclamation point on the attack by Jackknife powerbombing Batista, who then has to be helped to the back by medical personal.

    The NWO celebrate the beatdown but then Andre, Hogan & Nash head to the outside while for the second week in a row the NWO man on a winning streak Mr Perfect opens the shows in ring product. This time he takes on another man known for having a winning streak in the past and a man who gets a nice pop from the crowd when he comes out Tatanka

    Mr Perfect vs Tatanka

    Before the match starts Tatanka reminds everyone that he used to be in the Million Dollar Corporation with NWO members Ted Dibiase & IRS and says that he will show with his performance here that he deserves to be in the NWO too.

    unfortunately for him though this is Mr Perfect we are talking about and despite some early offense from Tatanka Hennig puts him to the sword with a succession of suplexes culminating with his Perfect-Plex.

    Winner: "Mr Perfect" Curt Hennig
    Backstage we see "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert being interviewed and he is telling the young female interviewer that he got his nickname because women like his exes Missy Hyatt & Alundra Blayze just can't handle what he's got.He is clearly hitting on the young lady when he stops in his tracks and loses all interest in her and instead just tells her to "watch this" having spotted Ronda Rousey down the hallway whom he now approaches. "Hey Ronda can I have directions ?" he asks, to which she simply replies "to where?" walking straight into his "to your heart" quip.

    Ronda has a stern look on her face but lets his advance slide saying that he must be drunk if he thinks that line will work on her to which he responds "I'm not drunk, I'm just intoxicated by you" this actually gets Rousey to crack a smile momentarily and it looks like his charms may actually be working on her as she asks him if he can come up with more lines like that on the spot at which point Gilbert asks her to let him ask her something... "was your father a baker? cos you've got some nice buns" at which point he smiles and winks at her and clearly thinks he's done well but instead of getting her affection he gets a Rowdy Ronda right handed slap that leaves him dazed and confused.

    We then return to ringside and see what the announcers tell us are the local memphis promotions tag team champions in ring. Then much to everyone's shock and confusion the ring announcer introduces "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase & IRS aka Money Inc as the BWA tag team champions.

    BH: Wait, What ?!? Did you just hear that? Did they just get announced as the Tag Champs?
    JB: That's what I heard, thought I was dreaming but no, we actually have the best tag champs in the entire draft universe now!
    BH: Oh will you stop, they haven't even won a match yet!
    JB: Just give em a minute and they will change that, those chumps in the ring have less chance than Eddie Gilbert does of pulling Ronda Rousey

    Money Inc vs The Barry Bros

    Money Inc make quick work of The Barry Bros and after about 3 minutes of straight offense Dibiase locks in his Million Dollar Dream Sleeper hold for the win.

    Winners: Money Inc

    After the match Money Inc are interviewed by Josh Matthews
    Josh: Congratulations on your win tonight but for most people the biggest talking point was how you were announced as BWA tag team champions before the match, care to explain...
    Dibiase: You dare ask for an explanation from The Million Dollar Man! You know I'm your boss right? Actually get out of here...)Grabs the Mic from him)...YOUR FIRED!
    Matthews back away sheepishly looking like he's going to cry as DiBiase bursts into his trademark laugh. He stops laughing suddenly though and the camera pans back to reveal Stan Hansen

    Stan: Dibiase!...spits some chewing tobacco onto the floor... you and this little man never won nothing outside of Vince's promotion unlike when we teamed, why you wanted to make him your pardner... god damn I don't get it! but I guess it makes sense why you would just name yourselves champs as no way would you beat any real team with this (pokes at IRS before spitting again) pipsqueak on your team.
    IRS looks to square up to Hansen but the big Texan just laughs him off

    Stan: Just to let you know Ted (looking right past IRS) I'm going to find myself a tag partner and take those titles from you fellas. Wanna know how? Just watch this!

    Hansen pushes past them and then heads down to the ring.

    Horace Hogan vs Stan Hansen

    The commentators talk about how Horace Hogan is still trying to impress his uncle he Hulkster so that he can become an official member of the NWO but that perhaps just like last week this match won't be where he does this as Hansen nearly decapitates him with a monsterous Lariat for the win

    Winner: Stan Hansen

    We then head backstage where we see Ronda Rousey training. BWA reporter Charlie Minn is completly geeking out as he approaches her and tries to get a few words in with her but is told that she does not want to do any media before her return to the ring at Wrestlepalooza.

    However as he dejectedly turns to leave he bumps into Manami Toyota. She starts to address him in Japanese before stopping herself and speaking in English - "She is MMA fighther. Great MMA fight... but in wrestling she is just fan. She plays wrestling and at Wrestlepalooza I show her, in Wrestling I am God!" Rousey stops her training hearing this and the two women have a little staredown but it is interrupted by the arrival of Aja Kong who approaches Toyota and states - "I see you have learned some English but I will teach you something else right now. Nobody here in America cares about you! This here is the BWA, this is my domain and no matter how many 5 star matches you had in Japan nobody here even knows who you are so if you think you will walk into my..." she never gets to finish that statement though as Toyota cracks her with a hellacious chop and the two Asian ladies begin to brawl backstage. Rousey just looks on, clearly taken aback somewhat by the ferocity at which they are going at it until backstage personnel eventually break them up and we head back to ringside.
    *Ad Break*

    When we return the commentators inform us that a match between Manami Toyota and Aja Kong has just been made by Ted Dibiase for next week and that the winner would take on Ronda Rousey at Wrestlepalooza for the BWA women's title.

    Abdullah The Butcher vs Dan Spivey

    Spivey who is representing the Varsity Club is impressing here using his amateur wrestling skills but after a diving double foot stop to his knee by Abdullah the tide turns as Spivey really plays up the injury. The Butcher then produced a fork and after first displaying how dangerous an implement it could be by scraping it across his own forehead causing himself to bleed he went to stab Spivey with it only for what looked like a fan (but dressed almost like an MMA fighter) to jump over the barricade and attack him.

    This person is enraged and is clearly more than just a fan as he is able to not just hold his own against the formidable butcher but thanks to the surprise nature of the attack has to actually be dragged away from him before seriously injuring him. As security drag him to the back he can be heard screaming "LOOK AT ME YOU COWARD! I WILL SHOW THE WORLD WHAT YOU ARE! I WILL MAKE YOU PAY!

    JB: Oh my gawd BH, what the hell just happened and who the heck was that!
    BH: I just don't know what to say, I know Abdullah has made enemies throughout the years but.. wait was that...
    JB: Do you recognise that man?
    BH: I'm not sure JB, I know we have to go to commercial but let's look at a reply of that one more time first.
    When we return from commercial we see Kevin Sullivan backstage talking to Spivey and telling him to head back to his hotel and put ice on his injured knee saying - "The rest of the club will be able to handle our business tonight"

    Of more interest to most is what we then see elsewhere backstage as "Mr Perfect" Curt Hennig enters the dressing room of Scott Hall and references rumors he has heard about another "finger poke of doom" going down here tonight and wonders if that is why Hall wasn't with the NWO earlier tonight and had to "get his head straight" according to Hogan. He asks Hall if he knows what he's doing and reminds him that he (Perfect) wasn't brought to the BWA as part of the new world order. He was drafted here with Hall and that he will have his back no matter what he decides to do.

    As we return back to ringside we are joined by The Varsity Club Kevin Sullivan, Dr Death Steve Williams & Rick Steiner
    Sullivan: I would like to welcome you all to the highest class stable of wrestlers in all of professional wrestling. You already saw in action tonight hailing from The University of Georgia Dan Spivey but now I'd like to introduce to you University of Michigan's Rick Steiner (who then steps forward) and the man you all do a disservice to by referring to as "Dr Death" because he was an all american footballer and 4 time all american wrestler, The University of Oklahoma's Steve Williams (who then steps forward).

    Myself and Steve here were wrestling in CWA in week 1 of the draft and I Would like to be able to introduce you all to the man who brought us here Syracuse University's Mike Rotunda but unfortunately you all know him as IRS. You don't know him as the Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association's Heavyweight Champion I met years back but instead the Million Dollar Man's lackey in money Inc, the man who refuses to come out here and show the world his true self as part of the great Varsity club... but speaking of Dibiase that punk told me (on last weeks show) he would speak to me this week about the tag team titles, the titles we came here to win, and yet tonight we see him come out with Mr Rotunda and proclaim themselves the tag team champions having not beaten anybody to earn them.

    So "Money Inc" (actually does the air quotes as he says it) I'm calling you out, I'm challenging you, you wanna call yourselves the champions then you need to face the best...

    Just then however he is interrupted by this music as two hooded figures slowly make their way down the ramp to the ring to where they are separated just by the ropes from Steiner & Williams.

    They pull back their hoods and reveal themselves as Shane Douglas & Chris Candido and in doing so take everyone's attention meaning that Bam Bam Bigelow goes unnoticed entering from behind the ring and hits both Steiner and Williams with a big double clothesline sending them to the outside where Douglas & Candido start sticking boots to them. They then use this advantage to each grab one man and ram them head first into the turnbuckles on the outside. Meanhwile Sullivan is left all alone with the "Beast From The East" in the ring. He knows he isn't going anywhere with the other two on the outside and starts pleading with Bigelow to let him leave the ring but Bam Bam grabs him around the scruff of the neck and then drops him with a big headbutt. As Douglas & Candido enter the ring Bam Bam then clears it by picking Sullivan up over his head and tossing him clear over the ropes and into the crowd.

    BH: God dammit! how many sneak attacks are we going to see on this show tonight! Dibiase has to do something to stop this!
    JB: Keep your voice down BH, I don't want that man mountain coming out here to us, and atleast this time it isn't some fan running in.
    BH: I told you that wasn't a fan JB
    JB: Whatever man, at least these guys have a match coming up and please stop giving out about the man who will be signing our checks from this point on.

    Medical staff and BWA personnel help The Varsity squad guys to the back as The opponents for Triple Threat (Douglas, Candido & Bam Bam) gets announced as The Sheik and making his debut to the BWA The Shieks nephew Sabu!

    The Sheik & Sabu vs Dean Douglas & Chris Candido w/Bam Bam

    Sabu starts this match for his team and really got The BWA audience on his side as he debuted with his fast style and some very impressive moves such as a springboard moonsault into the ring and onto Chris Candido. Things started to go pear shaped for ECW's Evel Knivel when a little later in the bout he went to tag in his uncle and the man who trained him the Sheik after breaking free from a Shane Douglas attempt at a belly to back suplex. The Sheik, much to Sabu's surprise retracted his arm and then dropped off the ring apron before turning hs back on his nephew and walking towards the back. This left Sabu shocked but also prone for Douglas's attack and once that first suplex was hit the tide turned as Sabu was left in what was essentially a 3 on 1 battle, and it's a losing battle.

    After a few minutes of defiance Sabu is completely worn down and it's Candido who gets the pin after a diving headbutt. Unfortunately for him though moments after the 3 count he was hit with another headbutt but this time the Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma'am as it was known from Bam Bam Bigelow.

    Winners: Triple Threat

    After the match ends Shane Douglas grabs a Mic and says that whether it is the BWA world heavyweight title or the tag team titles (which he says it is a joke that The Varsity Club think they are worthy of) that the Triple Threat have come here to win championshp gold.
    ---Ad Break---
    When we return we head backstage and see Kevin Nash enter Scott Hall's dressing room. He tells him that nobody knows more than him exactly what he is going through now. That together they started the NWO and that right now after Andre The Giant joining them the group was stronger than ever so Hall should know what to do, because as he put it "in this case doing the right thing is also doing the smart thing".

    Back to the ring in time for our main event and Hogan is out hot dogging etc before the title match

    BH: I wonder where the rest of the NWO are? not like Hogan to travel alone!
    JB: Nonsense, I'm sure he just want's to ensure that this is a 100% clean match afterall one could argue that Mr Perfect or Kevin Nash have longer standing ties to Hall.
    BH: Bah, I'd say it's more likely that they just can't bring themselves to watching what Hogan and his creative control have in store for Hall here
    JB: How dare you speak i'll of the champ like that and I'd guarantee you they are all glued to TV screens in the back anyway

    this bickering stops as the challenger breaking with tradition of being first out makes his way from the back to a great response from the fans who are sick of Hogan's antics in ring

    BWA World Championship match: Hulk Hogan vs Scott Hall

    There is a strange eerie feeling in the arena that this match is not going to go down the way the fans hoped, something that is not made any better by the fact that Hogan is still wearing black jeans as apposed to tights and still has his title draped over his shoulder even after the bell is rung for the match to start.

    Eventually he does pass the belt to the ref though and gestures for Hall to come at him. The former Razor Ramon advances towards him tentatively as if even he is unsure what will happen next and then just as he gets within an arms lenght of Hogan he feels it.

    The most devastating move in all of pro wrestling... The Fingerpoke of Doom! aka a small light tap on his chest from the extended index finger of The Hulkster. Hall takes a moment, looking down at it and shaking his head. Then as he raises his head Hogan taps him one more time before seeing the look on Scott Halls face and immediately the camera catches Hogans eyes go as wide as possible as fear strikes him. He has no time to do anything (except see Hall mouth something to him which looked like Hell No!) however as Hall seems to act on instinct and despite this actually being a title match give him a quick but powerful looking kick to the balls. The bell rings almost immediately for a DQ but the crowd don't care and pop for this traditionally heel maneuver bigger than anything the commentators could remember them ever popping for, and then as Hogan bends over grasping his manhood Hall grabs him and delivers his Razors Edge Powerbomb and the place goes mental!

    As the match itself only lasted seconds the ref is still only a few feet away holding The world title and Hall immediately snatches it from him meaning that the final image we see before the show goes off air is that of Scott Hall standing over Hulk Hogan and holding the BWA World Title aloft!
    Hulk Hogan
    Scott Hall
    Kevin Nash
    Andre The Giant
    "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase
    "IRS" Mike Rotunda
    Dave Batista
    "Mr Perfect" Curt Hennig
    Stan Hansen
    Manami Toyota
    Aja Kong
    Ronda Rousey
    Molly Holly
    The Original Sheik
    Abdullah The Butcher
    Bam Bam Bigelow
    "The Franchise Shane Douglas"
    Chris Candido
    "Dr Death" Steve Williams
    Dan Spivey
    Kevin Sullivan
    Rick Steiner
    "hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert
    Devon "Hannibal" Nicholson
    Horace Hogan

  • Moderators, Social & Fun Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 50,988 Mod ✭✭✭✭Necro

    Tuesday Night Destruction

    (Tuesday Night Destruction Theme)




    Necrominus: “Welcome everyone to Tuesday Night Destruction – our final show for this season ahead of our upcoming Natural Selection II!!!”

    Billy-Bob: “And what a show we have in store for you tonight – Emma and Bayley look to settle their differences with The Beautiful People ahead of the 6 woman Ladder Match for the NCW Women’s title!”

    Disco: “But that’s not all – The Dudley Boyz have challenged the Brotherhood to a huge 3 on 2 handicap match tonight!”

    Necrominus: “That’s sure to be a fiery confrontation after interference from Monty Brown lead to Bubba Ray Dudley being put through a table last week at the hands of the Natural Disasters.”

    Billy-Bob: “I’ll tell you what else could be fiery, guys – the contract signing for the No Holds Barred Match between Samoa Joe and Vader!”

    Disco: “I wouldn’t want to be the host of that! I dealt with enough mayhem last year to last me three lifetimes!”

    Necrominus: “I’ll second that, Disco. But probably most interestingly of all, we find out whether President Trump will return to NCW tonight after what happened at Agony just 3 weeks ago. Our Principal Owner and General Manager has challenged him to a live television debate tonight!”

    Billy-Bob: “Trump won’t be here, guys – he’s afraid of Stephanie!”

    Disco: “I wouldn’t blame him if he was! But I think he’ll be here! He won’t back down from a fight!”

    The crowd boos as Ryder comes to the stage, a scowl on his face as he heads to the ring not acknowledging the fans. He enters the ring and grabs the mic.


    Ryder: “I’m going to get straight to the point here. Bob Backlund – you want to mess with me? I challenge you to a match at Natural Selection! Now, if you have the guts – get your ass to this ring and give me my answer!”

    The crowd cheer as Santino comes to the stage. He eyes Ryder and runs straight to the ring and rolls in.

    Ryder: “What the hell do you want? Stay out of my business, Santino?”

    Santino: “Zack, what in the hell has gotten into you? Why are you acting like… well – a son-of-a-beech?”


    The crowd cheers as Ryder stares at Santino angrily.

    Ryder: “I don’t owe anyone an explanation. But you want to know – I’m tired of being the joke! You might be happy to come out here and entertain these fans – but I want more. I want titles, I want recognition! So I did what I did for me. Not for Hussan, not for the Brotherhood – I did it for me.”

    Santino: “That’s not the way I see it, broski. You think we were a joke? Team CoBro? We did – or I thought we did – what we did every week for the fans. We don’t all make it to the top Zack. Maybe I’ve just realised that. You need to wake up!”

    Ryder: “Wake up?”


    Ryder: “How about I give you a wake up call!”

    Ryder nails Santino with the microphone!! Santino drops to the mat and Ryder boots him in the stomach!

    Necrominus: “Come on, Ryder – stop this madness!”

    Ryder backs off and beckons Santino to get to his feet – LOW-RYDER TO SANTINO!

    Santino crashes back to the mat and Ryder continues to hammer on him with punches.

    Disco: “What the hell is this guy’s malfunction?”

    Billy-Bob: “He’s determined to be taken seriously – and how can you not at this point?”

    Ryder picks up the microphone again: “Backlund! Get your wrinkly old ass out here!”

    Santino stirs on the mat – Ryder nails him again with the mic – and a third time!!

    Necrominus: “That’s enough dammit, Ryder! Stop this!”

    The crowd chant for Backlund as he tears to the ring and unloads on Ryder! Ryder is backed up against the ropes – he drops down and rolls out of the ring and backs up the ramp!

    Backlund grabs a mic:
    Backlund: “Ryder you coward! You want me at Natural Selection? You’re on!!”

    The crowd cheer as Ryder nods from the ramp and shouts at Backlund: “You’re a dead man, Backlund!”

    Backlund leaves the ring and gives chase to Ryder – he runs backstage!

    Necrominus: “Ryder showing his true colours when faced with a challenge – he’ll have nowhere to hide at Natural Selection!”


    We come back to the arena where Moolah and Mae Young are on their way to the ring.

    Necrominus: “What are they doing out here? They’re not scheduled for action tonight?”

    Billy-Bob: “How dare you speak that way about Moolah!”

    Moolah and Young head for the announce table.

    Billy-Bob: “Make way guys, give them your seats! Some real talent is joining us right now!”

    Moolah puts on a headset and sits down in Disco’s seat. Disco pulls up two more seats alongside and he and Mae Young also sit down.

    Moolah: “This is the type of manners we get? Give my best friend a cold steel chair to sit on?”

    Billy-Bob: “He’s an ignorant one, Moolah – that Necro has no class! Unlike me!”

    Necrominus: “Whatever, Jiminy. To what do we owe the … pleasure of this visit ladies?”

    Moolah: “I’ll ignore that tone in your voice, Mr Necrominus. We are simply talent scouting. Since Stephanie has seen fit to place me in this – barbaric match at Natural Selection, we are here to watch!”

    Velvet and Madison make their way to the ring, as the fans cheer them slightly.

    Necrominus: “The Beautiful People getting a mild cheer here tonight.”

    Moolah: “Those backstabbers! After I stuck my neck out for them – they have no class!”

    Billy-Bob: “I’ve been saying that all along. Haven’t I been saying that?”

    (Emma’s music hits)

    Emma comes to the ring and stands on the outside as Rayne and Sky motion her to come in.

    Necrominus: “You have to wonder – given their past… problems, is it possible for Bayley and Emma to co-exist tonight?”

    Moolah: “Give me a break, my dear. None of them can! They’re all obsessed with me! They can’t possibly function as a team, unlike myself and Mae who are not just a team – but best friends!”

    Necrominus: “It’s funny you should mention that, Moolah, I was going to ask – how will you and Mae handle competing against each other in just six days at Natural Selection? Mae, I was hoping to get your thoughts.”

    Mae: “Well, I…”

    Moolah: “Stop talking nonsense, Necrominus! Mae and I have a friendship that extends way beyond titles and matches. We will show the world that nothing can break us! And when it comes to me retaining my title, Mae will stop at absolutely nothing to ensure that this happens!”

    Mae looks a little uncomfortable as Necrominus chooses to drop the subject.

    The crowd come unglued as Bayley comes to the ring in typical fashion, focused on the ring and the Beautiful People. Bayley comes down the aisle and nods at Emma – the two enter the ring and immediately the four women start brawling in the centre of the ring!

    The referee finally restores order, and Bayley and Rayne start the match. They circle each other, Rayne mouthing off at Bayley – Rayne tries to whip Bayley against the ropes – Bayley counters and dips her head – Rayne runs through her with a big boot! Rayne drops for the cover – 1 -2 – Bayley kicks out!

    Necrominus: “Bayley almost caught quickly by the more experienced Rayne.”

    Moolah: “And you think Bayley would stand a chance against me?”

    Rayne tags in Sky and together they drag Bayley to her feet – and drop her with a double Russian Legsweep! Sky then rolls in for the cover – 1 -2 – Bayley kicks out again!

    The match continues in a similar vein with Rayne and Sky’s team-work dominating Bayley throughout the match. Sky is in the ring now, and stalks Bayley who tries to get to her feet – she boots her in the stomach - #1 STUN – NO! Bayley counters! Bayley-Can-Rana!! Sky is down!

    Necrominus: “This is Bayley’s moment now – can she make the tag?”

    Bayley crawls towards her corner, jumping for the tag to Emma – she gets it!
    Emma comes in, as Sky is climbing to her feet – Emma knocks her back to the mat with a clothesline!

    Emma keeps going and takes out Rayne on the apron, knocking her to the floor. She turns around and picks up Sky – giving her the Emma-Plane spin!

    Sky staggers around the ring, dizzy from the spin as Emma now boots Sky in the stomach and hits a double underhook suplex – right into the turnbuckles! Emma drags Sky out for the cover…



    Rayne is in and makes the save!

    Rayne stomps on Emma now and pulls her up, look for the Rayne Check – Emma counters and whips Rayne against the ropes and she comes back – Emma catches her with a crossbody!

    Emma quickly rolls to her feet - #1 STUNNA!! SKY CATCHES EMMA!! Sky rolls in for the pin…



    Bayley breaks up the pin!

    All four women are in the ring now brawling as the referee throws the match out.

    Sky tries to catch Bayley – who reverses it – BAYLEY-TO-BELLY ON VELVET SKY!

    The crowd pops as Bayley is on her feet now – Rayne catches Bayley – Bayley reverses again – BAYLEY-TO-BELLY ON MADISON RAYNE!

    Bayley stands tall as both of the Beautiful People are down! She turns around – Emma comes off the top rope and hits it – CROSSBODY TO BAYLEY! BAYLEY IS DOWN!

    Emma surveys the fallen bodies in the ring and grabs Madison Rayne – EMMA-LOCK!! MADISON IS TAPPING!!!

    Emma refuses to release the hold as Moolah and Young now leave commentary – Young ascends the second rope – and dives off onto Emma! ELBOW DROP TO EMMA!!

    The crowd boo now as Moolah enters the ring and drags Sky to her feet – BACKBREAKER TO SKY! BACKBREAKER TO BAYLEY! BACKBREAKER TO RAYNE!

    Moolah and Young stand tall over the four women in the ring.

    Moolah motions to Mae to hand her the title which fell to the mat when she entered the ring. Mae Young picks up the title and stares at it for a long moment.

    Moolah snarls: “Give it to me!”

    Moolah yanks the title from Young’s hands and wraps it around her waist. With a look of slight anger on her face, Young eyes Moolah – before shaking her head and raising Moolah’s arm.


    Necrominus: “This match may have had no resolution – but one thing is for sure – we can expect this and more in just six days time!”

    Billy-Bob: “I can’t believe how rude you were to Moolah, Necro. She is the first lady of wrestling!”

    Disco: “I can’t wait for Sunday!”


    We are backstage with Jenni Jamestown.

    Jenni: “My guest at this time – the NCW Heavyweight Champion , Muhammad…”

    Singh grabs the mic from Jenni: “If you won’t do it right – beat it! Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you – the longest reigning NCW Heavyweight Champion in history, Leader of The Brotherhood, and King of NCW… Muhammad Hussan!”

    Singh throws the mic back at Jenni: “Now, ask your ridiculous questions.”

    Jenni: “Mr Hussan, in just six days you defend your title at Natural Selection against the number one contender…”

    Hussan: “Edge. Yet where is he tonight? I had plans of calling this man you cheer for to the ring tonight – to again humiliate him in front of the world… but I am told he is not here tonight?”

    Jenni: “My sources tell me Edge has been given the night off to recover from injuries sustained in multiple attacks from the Brotherhood.”

    Hussan: “Edge is just learning what happens when you cross the Brotherhood. Just like the Dudley Boyz will learn tonight.

    Like they have all learned. In six days time, it will mark an entire calendar year that I have held this title.

    I am the premier champion of this industry. Last year, Andre the Giant cheated to defeat me – but where is he now?

    He took his ball and he left to join the BWA. I have not been pinned, I have never submitted inside an NCW ring.

    At Natural Selection it will be the same result as always. I, Muhammad Hussan will stand tall over the broken body of another challenger.

    I will remain on my throne as King of NCW.

    You will all bow before me. President Trump learned this the hard way.

    What I did to him is only a fraction of what is in store for Edge at Natural Selection.”

    Hussan and Singh walk off leaving Jenni dumbfounded.


    We are back in the ring with Mike Adamle.

    Adamle: “Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to be out here again tonight. This week I have assured our General Manager that my performance will be flawless. It is now time for the contract signing for the No Holds Barred Match for the NCW Rising Star Championship at Natural Selection!”

    Billy-Bob: “Adamle has really got it together! I’m impressed!”

    Necrominus: “Of course he has! He’s reading off a card!”

    Adamle: “Introducing first, the challenger – The Man They Call… VADDDDERRRRR!!”

    The crowd cheers as the Mastadon comes to the ring. He rolls in and ignores Adamle.

    Adamle: “And his opponent on Sunday – he is the NCW Rising Star Champion… SAMOAAAAA JOOOOEEEEE!!”

    Joe comes to the ring to a much louder cheer. He stands on the stage and acknowledges the crowd before coming to the ring. Vader and Joe stare at each other as Joe enters the ring.

    Necrominus: “You can cut the tension with a knife in here right now!”

    Adamle: “Now before we undergo the formalities, gentlemen – have you anything you would like to say?”

    Joe and Vader look at Adamle – Joe tosses him to one side! Joe grabs the contract and shoves it at Vader.

    Joe: “Sign it!”

    Vader picks up the pen, eyeing Joe intensely – he stabs himself in the finger, drawing blood!!!

    Necrominus: “What is he doing?”

    Vader then drops the pen on the floor, and signs the contract with the blood from his finger!!

    Billy-Bob: “He’s signing it in blood? Oh my God!!!”

    Vader then tosses the contract to Joe.

    Vader: “Blood for blood!”

    Vader is smiling! Joe eyes him intensely – and returns the smile! Joe suddenly rips the contract off the clipboard! He tears the clipboard in half and draws the metal across his face sharply – Joe has busted himself open!!!


    Necrominus: “My God – what are these two going to do each other in six days???”

    Disco: “I think I’m going to be sick!”

    Joe then picks up the contract again – and headbutts it where his signature goes!! Joe tosses the contract aside and the two monsters stare at each other with sick smiles on their faces!

    Adamle (panting): “Well there we have it folks – it’s official! At Natural Selection – Samoa John and Darth Vader will collide for the… ARGH!!”

    Vader grabs Adamle! He hoists him over his head – POWERBOMB THROUGH THE CONTRACT TABLE!!!!

    Necrominus: “I knew this would happen… you can’t say it wasn’t coming!!!”

    Joe nods at Vader and drags the unconscious Adamle to his feet – MUSCLE-BUSTER TO MIKE ADAMLE!!!

    Billy-Bob: “These guys are trying to outdo each other in ways to hurt Mike Adamle… I love it!”

    Disco: “And that’s why I’m here with you guys this year – that could have been me!!”

    The crowd are on their feet as Joe and Vader stare each other down in the centre of the ring – over the broken body of Mike Adamle.


    We are backstage where Billy Graham has just arrived in the trainer’s room. He has a large bandage on his forehead from last week’s assault by Pat Patterson.

    Doctor: “Billy, the tests prove it – you are still suffering from a mild concussion. As a result I cannot clear you for your match at Natural Selection.”

    Billy: “Doc – you will clear me. Or I swear to God I’ll tear this place apart looking for Patterson!”

    Doctor: “Billy… I’m sorry. Medically…”

    Graham grabs the doctor by the throat: “Medically my ass! If my head was hanging off I would still kick that son of a bitch up and down this arena. It doesn’t matter what you say!”

    Stephanie walks into the room with security: “What are you doing? Put him down!”

    Billy drops the doctor and turns around angrily: “Steph, I want Patterson. I want him tonight!”

    Stephanie: “That’s just not going to happen, Billy! Pat Patterson has been suspended until further notice after his actions at Agony. I promised the NCW fans there would be reper…”

    Graham: “You what? I’m telling you Stephanie – make the match!”

    Stephanie: “No. As I was saying, NCW looks after its superstars. This discussion is over!”

    Graham flips out and tosses the doctor’s desk over on its side.

    He then advances on Stephanie – security pile in and hold him back!

    Graham: “Make the match Stephanie – or I’ll…”

    Stephanie: “You’ll do what, Billy? Ruin the entire event?

    You might be able to do that. I’ll tell you what, seeing as I don’t have time to deal with this tonight. You want Pat Patterson at Natural Selection? Fine – done.
    Much more – it will be a First Blood match – just like you two wanted.

    But… regardless of the result – this will be your LAST in NCW!

    I will not tolerate this! Because after Natural Selection – Billy Graham – YOU’RRREEEE FIRRRRREDDD!”

    Stephanie stalks out of the room and leaves Graham in shock.


    Necrominus: “I know his actions were uncalled for in the trainer’s room – but you can hardly blame Billy Graham after what Patterson did to him.”

    Billy-Bob: “He just pushed Stephanie too far! We all know not to cross the boss!”

    Disco: “Still, it’s horrible to think that in six days Billy Graham will be finished with NCW.”

    Ring Announcer: “The following handicap match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, representing the Brotherhood – the NCW Tag Team Champions, The Natural Disasters and The Alpha Male – Monty Brown!”

    The crowd boo loudly as the three Brotherhood members come to the ring.

    Necrominus: “I know they requested this match, but it hardly seems fair!”

    Billy-Bob: “Be careful what you wish for, Dudleys – you just might get it!”

    Disco: “Can I state for the record again how much I hate Ranjin Singh? I know he’s not out here but man do I hate that guy!”

    Ring Announcer: “And their opponents – from Dudleyville – Devon, Bubba Ray – The Dudley Boyz!!!”

    The Dudleys come to the stage as Typhoon, Brown and Earthquake smirk in the ring. Bubba has a mic.

    Bubba: “Look at you, you sons of b******, standing there with those smug looks on your faces.

    You think we’re that stupid? No. We found a guy - a guy that hates you just as much as we do.

    Monty, in fact you know him better than most.

    Ladies and Gents – please welcome back – MICHAEL TARVER!!"

    Necrominus:” Oh my God! The Dudleys had this planned!”

    Tarver breaks through the curtain, nods at the Dudleys and all three hit the ring as Brown has a stunned look on his face!

    Tarver rolls in and tackles Brown to the mat!

    The Natural Disasters have no time to help as Devon and Bubba roll in and immediately all hell breaks loose as the six men battle each other.

    Brown has rolled outside the ring now, trying to get away from Tarver – who comes off the apron and plants Brown with a SUPERMAN PUNCH!

    Necrominus: “Tarver has come to get him some of Monty Brown here tonight!”

    In the ring, Bubba has Earthquake backed up in the corner as Devon takes down Typhoon!! Bubba grabs Typhoon’s legs as Devon ascends the ropes…
    WASSSAAAAPP! Headbutt to Typhoon’s nether regions!

    Typhoon rolls out of the ring clutching himself as Earthquake runs at the Dudleys – Devon ducks and whips him against the ropes – 3-D!!! 3-D TO EARTHQUAKE!!!


    Devon rolls to the outside as Typhoon tries to get back in the ring – Bubba catches him and drops him with the BUBBA BOMB!

    Devon slides the table into the ring as Bubba drags Typhoon to his feet – Devon whips him – 3-D TO TYPHOON THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

    Elsewhere Brown and Tarver have fought out of sight as The Dudleys hold up the Tag Titles and pose on the ropes as the crowd chant their names.

    Necrominus: “Could this be signs of a shifting tide here tonight? The Brotherhood dominated and beaten down – The Dudleys stand tall!”

    Billy-Bob: “No way! It will be a different story at Natural Selection!!”

    Disco: “That was awesome!”


    Backstage, Jenni is with a flustered Monty Brown.

    Jenni: “Monty, tonight Michael Tarver made his return and attacked you before your match – have you anything to say about it?”

    Brown: “Michael Tarver should have stayed gone! Now I’m gonna have to…”

    Suddenly, Tarver appears out of nowhere and jumps Brown again! The two men brawl on the floor until security appear and separate them.

    Tarver: “You’re done Monty – At Natural Selection, you’re done!”

    Brown: “Come on, chump – bring it on!”

    Security drag both men different ways down the corridor as Jenni looks on in shock.

    The screen cuts to show Stephanie McMahon on her way to the ring.

    Necrominus: “The live debate - is next! Is President Trump here???”


    The crowd boo loudly as Stephanie makes her way to the ring, smirking as she enters. She takes her podium and begins to speak.

    Stephanie: “This is what the world has been waiting for! And you don’t have to wait any longer! Donald Trump – if you’re man enough – come on down!”

    The camera cuts to the back – a limo pulls up!!!


    Necrominus: “Oh My God!!! He’s here! Trump is here!”

    The limo opens and out steps a man. From the back it is clear that it is Trump.


    Billy-Bob: “This is strange – where’s his entourage? Where’s the army?”

    The camera shows Trump walking down towards the entrance and the crowd stands to attention as he comes to the stage. There are a loud number of boos as well as cheers for the controversial President who makes his way to the ring.

    Necrominus: “Guys… there’s something – different about President Trump tonight…”

    Billy-Bob: “I’m just amazed he’s here! I was sure he was going to wimp out!”

    Trump enters the ring and stands across from Stephanie – who is smiling evilly.

    Stephanie: “I’ve got to say – I’m impressed Donald. I didn’t think you had the balls to show up and face me! Where is your back up tonight? Your secret service?”

    Trump goes to speak, but Stephanie cuts him off.

    Stephanie: “You know what, Donald? I don’t even care. I told you I would humiliate you tonight. Emasculate you in front of the world.

    But I don’t need my words to do that, Donald.

    Because Donald – you’ve done it again. You’ve walked into my trap. And this time… NO ONE WILL SAVE YOU!!”

    Necrominus: “Oh no… not again! Come on, this is wrong!”

    The crowd boos louder than ever as Hussan and Singh come to the stage, beaming from ear to ear. They saunter to the ring and roll in.

    Stephanie is laughing as she hands Hussan the mic.

    Hussan: “You should have stayed away Mr President. I warned you to bow down at my feet and proclaim me as your King – but now it’s too……

    Trump starts clawing at his face, tearing away the face to reveal….

    (I couldn't find an Edge image but this will do (thanks to Cheese for allowing me to use it)


    Necrominus: “Wait a minute!! It’s Edge!! Edge is here!!!!”

    Hussan stares dumbfounded at Edge as he smiles at Hussan.

    He runs at him – SPEAR!!! SPEAR TO MUHAMMAD HUSSAN!!!

    The crowd explode as Singh dives out of the ring and Edge gets up, a devilish smile on his face.


    Stephanie: “What are you doing here? Stop this right NOW!!”

    Edge rolls out of the ring as the NCW Champion clutches his stomach in agony on the mat.

    He grabs two chairs from ringside, rolls in as Hussan staggers to his feet – EDGE BLASTS HUSSAN WITH THE STEEL CHAIR!!

    Hussan slumps to the mat motionless as Stephanie screams at Edge to stop.
    Edge, in full psychotic mode now places the other chair under Hussan’s head.

    Necrominus: “Oh my God! He’s going to do it!”

    Billy-Bob: “Someone call the cops! This is an assault on our champion!!”

    Disco: “Hussan getting everything back that he gave to Edge – and more!”

    Edge picks up the other chair and screams at Hussan:
    “This is what you wanted!”

    Edge swings for the CONCHAIRTO –

    Singh pulls Hussan out of the ring at the last moment! Edge’s chair whistles past Hussan’s head and crashes into the other.

    Singh drags the motionless Hussan up the ramp.

    Stephanie: “YOU RUINED IT! I HATE YOU EDGE! There will be no match for you at Natural Selection – EDGE – YOU’RE FIRED!!”

    Necrominus: “What? She can’t do that?”

    Billy-Bob: “She can do whatever she wants, Necro! She’s the General Manager! Thank God that psycho is gone from NCW!”

    Trump: “Stephanie? Oh Stephanie? Is this thing on?”

    Suddenly the Tron lights up and President Trump is shown – sitting in the Oval Office!!


    Necrominus: “It’s Trump!!”

    Trump: “Stephanie – you didn’t think you’d catch me out with that trick again, did you? Lure me into another of your traps?

    Fool me once, Stephanie – shame on you. Fool me twice… No.

    I wanted to come there tonight, to put you in your place. But unfortunately, I have other commitments.

    But seeing you there, throwing your weight around – firing good people… the time has come for the truth to come out Stephanie. To tell the world why you left the WWE.”

    Stephanie: “Cut the feed! I am the owner of this company and I order you to cut…”

    Trump: “Oh, that won’t be happening, Steph. You see, you WERE the owner of NCW.

    But I got my guys to do a little digging, Stephanie. It’s like they say on TV, Steph – follow the money.

    I know your daddy wanted to keep this quiet – to avoid any more controversies… but you had to push me, didn’t you?

    You pushed the wrong man – the most powerful man on this planet. You really didn’t think this through did you?”

    Stephanie: “Donald… please – don’t. I’m sorry. I’ll do whatever you want!”

    Trump: “It’s far too late for that, Stephanie. What I found out about you Steph, about your Insider Trading?

    How you got so much money for your stock? That’s ILLEGAL ACTIVITY Stephanie… and as President of this great country – I had to inform the authorities.”

    All of a sudden, the police come from the back and come down the ramp. They enter the ring. A detective walks up to Stephanie.

    Detective: “Mrs McMahon – you are under arrest! Now we don’t want any trouble so if you can just come with us…”

    Stephanie: “No!! It’s not true!! I didn’t do it!”

    Detective: “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning.

    If you could place your hands behind your back for me ma’am this will all go smoothly.”

    Stephanie is crying now as she is placed in handcuffs and led from the arena!


    Necrominus: “I never thought that this could happen! Our owner arrested for insider trading! Oh my God!!”

    Trump: “But rest assured, NCW – your future is safe. As Stephanie’s money to buy the company was garnered illegally, the sale is considered null and void.

    And that’s where I – Donald J. Trump – the businessman – comes in.

    Because NCW is now under the control – of Trump Towers Incorporated!!”

    Necrominus: “Oh My God!!! The President of the USA is now the owner of NCW!”

    Billy-Bob: “I can’t believe this is happening….”

    Trump: “So as for your ‘firing’ Edge? Consider yourself – RE-HIRED! You WILL compete for the NCW Heavyweight Title at Natural Selection.

    And Muhammad Hassan – don’t think for one minute I am scared of you!

    I hope you can hear me, Muhammad – because I WILL be at Natural Selection too!

    Much more, Muhammad – I will be… THE SPECIAL GUEST REFEREE!!

    Necrominus: “Oh man!! Oh brother! All of Hussan’s chicks coming home to roost at once!”

    Billy-Bob: “That’s not right! Trump and Hussan have personal beef! How can he call the match fairly!!”

    Disco: “Hussan and Singh have had this coming for months!”

    Singh, still holding Hussan up on the ramp starts to rant furiously as Edge smiles maniacally in the ring to end the show.

    NCW Natural Selection Card:

    Zack Ryder VS Bob Backlund

    Monty Brown VS Michael Tarver

    ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham VS Pat Patterson – First Blood Match

    The Dudley Boyz VS The Natural Disasters (c) – Tables Match for the NCW Tag Team Titles

    Emma VS Madison Rayne VS Mae Young VS Velvet Sky VS Bayley VS The Fabulous Moolah (c) – Ladder Match for the NCW Women’s Championship

    Vader VS Samoa Joe (c) – No Holds Barred Match for the NCW Rising Star Championship

    Edge VS Muhammad Hussan (c) – NCW Heavyweight Championship – Special Guest Referee – President Donald J. Trump

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    NCW Natural Selection Preview Show


    Pat Patterson VS ‘The Superstar’ Billy Graham – First Blood Match:

    When Billy Graham was assaulted before his title match at Agony, all fingers were pointed squarely at The Brotherhood who had the most to gain.
    Against medical advice, Graham refused to give up his title match and paid the price, winding up in the hospital with a severe concussion after Muhammad Hussan knocked him out cold. Graham would wind up medically suspended by General Manager Stephanie McMahon as a result.

    Pat Patterson was distraught, and the next week on Tuesday Night Destruction vowed to prove that the Brotherhood were behind the attack by the time ‘The Superstar’ returned.

    And return he did. Graham returned on the second edition of Tuesday Night Destruction, and demanded that his attacker show his face. Graham vowed to go backstage and beat a confession out of the Brotherhood personally. Patterson came to the ring to try and reason with Graham – or at least that’s what we presumed.

    In reality, Patterson would reveal the truth and shock the world when he attacked his best friend from behind with a set of brass knuckles, leaving him bloodied and unconscious.

    Patterson explained that he was tired of always protecting Graham while ‘The Superstar’ hogged the spotlight. Patterson wanted his time to shine – and wants to assume Graham’s mantle.

    Graham returned on the final show when the NCW doctor delivered the bad news that he was still not deemed medically fit to compete at Natural Selection against Patterson.

    Enraged, Graham threatened the doctor and it wasn’t until security held him back that he could be contained. Stephanie agreed to let Graham compete at Natural Selection – but it would be his last match as an NCW Superstar.

    After everything Graham has gone through so far, can he end his NCW career on a high note and gain revenge over his former friend? Or will Patterson’s brass knuckles that he is so fond of now put an end to the career of The Superstar?


    Zack Ryder VS Bob Backlund:

    When Ryder and Backlund signed for NCW during this year’s draft, no one expected their paths to cross in such a pattern.

    Initially signed up as part of Team CoBro, Ryder and Santino battled against The Natural Disasters for a number of months until their loss at Agony confined their partnership to the dustbin. Ryder was angered at the loss, but what happened at the end of the first edition of Tuesday Night Destruction couldn’t have been predicted.

    During an assault by The Brotherhood on Backlund and Edge, Santino and Ryder interfered to seemingly aid the two men – however when Santino was taken out with ease by Brown, Ryder instead decided to lay Bob Backlund out with a steel chair shot and turn on his heels and leave.

    Why Ryder did what he did finally became clear the following week. Tired of being the brunt of abuse by The Brotherhood, he had decided the best policy was to join them to further his career.

    However, Hussan had other plans for Ryder and denied him entry into the group unless he took out Hassan’s opponent Edge that night.

    Ryder would display a new found aggression during the resulting match, but still came up short. A post match attack on Edge would be interrupted by an enraged Backlund, however Ryder escaped harm on this occasion.

    Ryder would then challenge Backlund to a match at Natural Selection the following week – however his former partner Santino would come to the ring to try and make him see sense.

    Ryder would however turn his aggression on Santino, beating him down with the microphone before Backlund would again come to the ring to make the save. Ryder would escape one more time, but as he made his retreat Backlund accepted the challenge made earlier.


    Monty Brown VS Michael Tarver – Loser Leaves Town:

    Brown and Tarver are old hands in NCW, having been initially drafted in 2016. Together they shocked the world at Natural Selection last year, when their initial assault on Jeff Hardy would cost him the NCW Heavyweight Championship.

    They immediately aligned themselves with Hussan and together became the three founding members of The Brotherhood.

    Yet Tarver grew frustrated at his perceived lack of opportunities. When he and Brown were overlooked for the Tag Team Championships for The Natural Disasters, Tarver began to become more vocal.

    Eventually his complaining paid off, when he was given the opportunity to become the first ever NCW Rising Star Champion at Agony. The only problem was that standing across the ring from him would be Samoa Joe.

    Tarver would be humiliated at Agony, when Joe ran through him in under 5 minutes. As a result of this failure, Monty Brown would turn his back on Tarver, delivering two devastating Alpha Bombs on the steel ramp. Tarver would be stretchered out of the arena that night, and most expected that his time in NCW was now at an end.

    For weeks Brown and the rest of the Brotherhood continued their systematic destruction of the NCW roster, and a planned 3 on 2 handicap of The Dudleys on the third edition was booked. However, The Dudleys and Tarver had conspired to trap the Brotherhood members and Tarver would go straight for his former friend.

    Not content with this, Tarver again attacked Brown during a backstage interview and both men had to be physically restrained. The match was set, and at Natural Selection two founding Brotherhood members will collide. For one it will be their last match in NCW as we can now exclusively reveal it will be a ‘Loser Leaves Town’ match.


    The Dudley Boyz VS The Natural Disasters – Elimination Tables Match for the NCW Tag Team Championships

    Since their arrival in NCW, The Natural Disasters – aided and abetted by their Brotherhood colleagues – have laid waste to the NCW tag team division. The combined mass of humanity caused the demise of challenges from Billy Graham & Pat Patterson, and even forced the fan favorites Team CoBro to disband.

    With no challengers on the horizon, Singh and the Disasters plotted to retire the Tag Team titles, cementing them as the final champions in the company’s history.

    However, they did not count on the debut of Devon and Bubba Ray – the most decorated tag team in professional wrestling history – The Dudley Boyz on that very same night.

    An intense rivalry was immediately established, and in the second edition of Tuesday Night Destruction Bubba Ray would defeat Typhoon to allow the Dudleys to select the stipulation for the title match at Natural Selection – an elimination Tables Match.

    While the stipulation would surprise nobody, The Natural Disasters would fire the first wooden bullet, crushing Bubba Ray through a table with their devastating double splash – the Tidal Quake.

    The Dudleys would not be deterred however, and immediately challenged the Disasters and their Brotherhood associate, Monty Brown to a 3 on 2 handicap match the following week.

    Over-confident of themselves, the three men left themselves open and The Dudleys duly exploited this with the aid of the returning Michael Tarver. With Brown chased off, The Dudleys did what no one else before them could do – and laid out the Disasters, driving Typhoon through a table with their patented 3-D.

    With the Natural Disasters finally showing a chink in their armour, can the Dudleys claim yet another tag team title to add to their glittering cabinet?


    Emma VS Velvet Sky VS Madison Rayne VS Mae Young VS Bayley VS The Fabulous Moolah – Ladder Match for the NCW Women’s Championship

    Controversy reigned supreme in NCW last season, when management saw fit to sign a sum total of 0 females to the roster in their debut season.

    Immediately rectifying this problem for 2017, Stephanie McMahon’s purchase of the company saw her immediately establish a women’s division, with the legendary Fabulous Moolah as the company’s inaugural champion.

    Moolah would immediately make an impact at Agony, when, as a guest on the Cutting Edge she would offer popular superstar Bayley the opportunity of a lifetime – to be taken under her wing and shown how to become a great.

    Unfortunately, the contract Moolah provided Bayley was full of pitfalls - preventing Bayley from competing among other things. Bayley would refuse Moolah’s ‘offer of a lifetime’ – which would anger the NCW Women’s Champion. She would strike Bayley and storm from the ring, leaving the loveable hugger in a state of shock.

    On the first edition of Destruction, it would seem Bayley was set to face Moolah at Natural Selection, however she was prevented from defeating ‘frenemy’ Emma by the debut of The Beautiful People – Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne.

    The new NCW stars would take out Emma and Bayley, seemingly at the behest of Moolah and her long time friend, Mae Young.

    However Rayne and Sky would pull the fabled double turn and take out Moolah and Young to boot, leaving NCW fans in a state of shock.

    Moolah would come to the ring the following week, claiming she had suffered an injury at the hands of Velvet Sky.
    It was revealed that Moolah had indeed employed the Beautiful People to take out Bayley (and Emma), but did not figure that they would chase her for the championship.

    Sky and Rayne came to the ring but were swiftly interrupted by Bayley and Emma, and a brawl ensued.

    Cue Stephanie McMahon. Calling a halt to the brawling, Stephanie called Moolah’s bluff on her ‘injuries’, threatening to strip her of the title.

    With Natural Selection fast approaching, Stephanie dropped a bombshell on all six women – that the championship would be defended in a ladder match.

    The bigger announcement however, were the participants – both of the Beautiful People, Bayley, Emma – and Moolah’s best friend Mae Young.

    Moolah would now be forced to defend her championship against 5 women at the same time.

    Bayley and Emma attempted to resolve their difficulties with The Beautiful People in a tag team match the following week, but it would be Moolah and Young who stood tall, laying out all 4 women in the centre of the ring.

    With so many permutations and combinations in the upcoming match, can Moolah manage to come out on top?

    And, more importantly – with the title on the line, will Mae Young try to seize this opportunity to become the top dog, or will her friendship with Moolah survive the match?


    Vader VS Samoa Joe – No Holds Barred Match for the NCW Rising Star Championship

    When the two monsters signed for NCW, many talked of a ‘dream match’ between them. Samoa Joe would however take a different path initially, wiping the floor with Michael Tarver on his debut and walking out the new NCW Rising Star Champion.

    On Destruction, Joe continued his dominance and easily defeated a developmental talent. Immediately following the match however, Vader would interrupt and an epic staredown would ensue between the two men. Vader, without words made it clear he was after one thing – the NCW Rising Star Championship.

    Vader then continued where Joe left off, destroying a local worker on the next edition of Destruction. The normally silent Vader would issue a challenge to Joe in the form of a very simple sentence – “Joe – Natural Selection – NO. HOLDS. BARRED!!”

    We wouldn’t have to wait long for Joe’s response. The bumbling Mike Adamle would attempt to garner one but would be knocked cold by an opening door. Joe’s response was as straight to the point as Vader’s challenge – “I accept!”

    The match was official, but the two men would meet again before Natural Selection when they attended a contract signing on the final edition of Destruction.

    Adamle, who had goofed and errored his way throughout Vader and Joe’s respective matches in previous weeks would host the contract signing, where we were given an indication of the level of violence that should be expected in this upcoming battle.

    Both monsters would sign the contract in their own blood – and another error from Adamle would prove to be the final straw for both of them. Adamle was powerbombed through a table before being dropped with a Muscle Buster as both men put an exclamation point on the contest.

    This match will not be for the faint hearted, and given the stipulation it really means that everything is legal when Vader and Joe collide. Who will come out victorious??


    Edge VS Muhammad Hussan – NCW Heavyweight Championship – Special Guest Referee President Donald J. Trump.

    For an entire year, Muhammad Hussan has reigned supreme over NCW. With the help of his Brotherhood cohorts, the self-proclaimed ‘King’ of NCW has thwarted every single challenger in his path and remained undefeated throughout this time.

    The sole blemish on Hussan’s copybook was his loss to Andre the Giant at last year’s Natural Selection, and that was through escape from the cage meaning Hussan has never been pinned or submitted inside an NCW ring.

    The fuel for this feud was immediately ignited at Agony, when Muhammad Hussan interrupted Edge’s talk show and warned him to leave the company. To put an exclamation point on this, Edge would be attacked after the segment had concluded by Hussan’s henchmen, The Natural Disasters.

    Hussan would go on to retain his NCW Heavyweight Title against an injured Billy Graham, before stunning the world with first a verbal, then a physical assault on the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump.

    Edge would come to the rescue at this point, and aided by Bob Backlund, they would back down the Brotherhood to allow aid to come to the fallen President.

    On Destruction, NCW management would force Hussan and Stephanie McMahon to apologise for their reprehensible actions, however the ‘apology’ would draw out Edge who challenged Hussan to a match.

    Stephanie would punish Edge and Backlund for their defence of Trump by forcing them to compete against each other in a number one contender’s match.

    Edge would pull out the win, earning himself the title match he wanted at Natural Selection but Hussan and the Brotherhood would assault both men after the match, locking in the Camel Clutch on an unconscious Edge.

    The following week Hussan would send Zack Ryder to do his bidding, promising him entrance to the Brotherhood if he ensured Edge did not make it to their upcoming clash. This would backfire however on Ryder, and Edge would pull out the victory.

    After Ryder was ran off by Backlund following a post-match attack, Hussan picked the bones of Edge, attacking him on the ramp and driving him face first into the steel. Hussan would once again stand tall over his opponent.

    With Edge seemingly taking the night off due to injuries sustained on episode 3 of Destruction, Hussan took the opportunity to gloat and warn Edge that what he had been put through up until now was just the beginning.

    During the live TV debate between Stephanie McMahon and Donald Trump, it seemed that Hussan would once again embarrass the US President only for Edge to reveal himself! With the helping hand of some excellent prosthetics, Edge delivered a huge Spear to the NCW Champion.

    With the previous weeks of frustration at boiling point, Edge was poised to deliver the brutal ConChairTo to Hussan – but for the last minute intervention of the devious Singh.

    An enraged Stephanie fired Edge on the spot and cancelled the main event – however there would be yet another twist in the tale.

    Donald Trump would reveal to the world the truth behind Stephanie’s WWE departure and the (now former) Principal Owner and General Manager was led from the arena in handcuffs.

    Much more, Trump also informed the audience that NCW had now been purchased by Trump Towers Incorporated.

    Immediately reinstating Edge and the Championship match at Natural Selection, Trump would then turn his attention to Hussan, stating that he would be at Natural Selection – as the Special Guest Referee for the NCW Championship match!

    With so much animosity built up between the three over the past number of weeks, it will all collide in one explosive main event. Can Edge reach the pinnacle of NCW and become only the 4th man to hold the Championship? Or will Hussan find a way to win again, like he has done so for the past 12 months. What role will the angered US President (and now owner of NCW) play in the match?


    Natural Selection II Completed Line Up:

    Edge VS Muhammad Hussan- NCW Heavyweight ChampionshipSpecial Guest Referee President Donald J. Trump

    Vader VS Samoa Joe – No Holds Barred Match for the NCW Rising Star Championship

    The Dudley Boyz VS The Natural Disasters – Tables Match for the NCW Tag Team Championships

    Emma VS Velvet Sky VS Madison Rayne VS Mae Young VS Bayley VS The Fabulous Moolah – Ladder Match for the NCW Women’s Championship

    Monty Brown VS Michael Tarver – Loser Leaves Town Match

    ‘The Superstar’ Billy Graham VS Pat Patterson – First Blood Match

    Bob Backlund VS Zack Ryder

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    Tonight on the Season Premiere of Monday Night Chaos :


    Who will become the Number One Contender to Randy Savage's World Heavyweight Championship, as the man of the people, Kevin Owens takes on BCW’s resident Bad Boy, Alberto Del Rio.

    Beyond Chaos Women's Champion, Asuka defends her title against new signings former Champion Paige and the legendary Alundra Blayze in a triple threat match.

    Beyond Chaos’s young wrestling prodigy, Matt Riddle makes his first appearance in Beyond Chaos ring as he addresses the fans live tonight. What will Riddle have to say on his BCW debut?

    Beyond Chaos Intercontinental Champion, The Miz is scheduled to appear on tonight's show. With rumors of The Miz being unhappy at being left out of the number 1 contenders match, will the A lister kick up a stink tonight?

    The high flying Neville returns to Beyond Chaos after a long self-diagnosed sabbatical. Will Neville be back to his best?
    The cameras are rolling live in Charlotte, North Carolina as Monday Night Chaos opens on a hot crowd as the commentary team of Michael Cole, Corey Graves and special guest commentator Evan Bourne, whom is still injured at the hands of Alberto Del Rio welcome us to the show.

    Michael Cole
    : Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Chaos. I’m here with my special guest colleague Evan Bourne and the ultimate analyst, Corey Graves. Guys, the question on everyone’s lips is who will be number 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Champion tonight?  The brash, callous Alberto Del Rio or the man the wrestling media have dubbed “The People's Champion”, Kevin Owens?

    Corey Graves : Well Michael, it’s hard to look past the undefeated Kevin Owens. No one has yet stopped his momentum and I just don’t see the Kevin Owens train slowing down tonight. Can he be stopped? We will find out tonight.

    Evan Bourne : Well as much as I hate the man, I can’t see Alberto Del Rio losing. The mans on a mission as I can attest to (pointing at his cast), he is clinical and unrelenting and I just can’t see him losing if he’s at the top of his game.

    Michael Cole :  Del Rio v Owens, later tonight! But right now, Beyond Chaos General Manager, Gorilla Monsoon is about to address the crowd.

    We switch now to the ring where Gorilla Monsoon is standing with a mic in hand.

    Gorilla Monsoon : Allow me to get right to the point here because I’m sure you all want to begin enjoying the action. But I want to take a few moments to say thank you to the fans who are still loyal to BCW and our brand of wrestling entertainment.  It’s been a tough couple of weeks for Beyond Chaos with Eric Bischoff departing, but I've been hired to take his place and try my best to win the ratings war for a consecutive year. I have some pretty big shoes to fill as Eric did an exceptional job but I feel up to the task and I intend on keeping this company on top. The owners of Beyond Chaos have given me free reign to do whatever is necessary in order to keep this company Number 1 and I hope my actions and decision making bring us success.

    Corey Graves : I dunno about Gorilla Monsoon, he’s an unproven commodity in Beyond Chaos.

    Michael Cole : To be fair, so was Eric Bischoff and he did a great job.

    Evan Bourne : Well, time will tell my friends. He's got love for this business and he has a great wrestling mind, so I say lets see what he can do.

    Corey Graves : Oh put a sock in it Bourne, you’re just angling for preferential treatment when your injury is healed, you’re fooling no one.

    Monsoon continues  

    Gorilla Monsoon : My philosophy has always been that you need to generate interest and give the fans what they want. You guys love great wrestling and competitive action, as well as a few surprises. Tonight I have can guarantee we will have all of the above and hopefully at the end of the night you will be dying for more. So Ladies and Gents, please enjoy Monday Night Chaos!

    With that Gorilla Monsoon leaves the ring as the music of Cedric Alexander hits and he and his tag team partner for the night ACH appear and look pumped up for the upcoming match. Both men seem fairly over with the crowd but their crowd reaction is much smaller compared to their opponents DIY, as their music hits soon after and the fans are extremely hyped.
    Match 1 Cedric Alexander and ACH Vs D.I.Y. (Gargano & Ciampa)

    Evan Bourne : While ACH and Cedric are two good individuals, they are no well oiled machine like DIY. The teamwork these two show is phenomenal.

    Corey Graves : Well to be honest the tag team division is hollow here lately, its no surprise that DIY have remained champions when their nearest rivals are only teaming now and then.  

    The match lasts around 1o minutes, and like Bourne alluded to in his commentary, while ACH and Cedric hold their own in this match with some great pieces of individual skill, it's the teamwork of Gargano and Ciampa that gives them the edge. And in the end, DIY come out on top after a good end sequence with numerous near falls, DIY get the vital pin as Gargano uses victory roll pin on ACH.

    Winners : Ciampa and Gargano.

    Gargano and Ciampa roll to the outside in from of the commentary table and celebrate as they receive their titles from the referee.

    Michael Cole : That’s another victory for the tag team champs.

    Corey Graves : The team lack competition, they haven’t had a real challenge in months.

    Both Gargano and Ciampa catch their breath and embrace each other, but as they do so they are blindsided by two masked attackers who assault the champs from behind.

    Michael Cole : What the hell?

    Both men are beaten down with clubbing blows much to the dismay of the crowd. One of the men then picks up Tomasso Ciampa and delivers headbutt before launching him at his accomplice who delivers a picture perfect spine buster to Ciampa to the floor.

    Corey Graves : Did you see that spinebuster…...Only one man can deliver a flawless spinebuster like that…..

    The man who spinebusted Ciampa then picks up Johnny Gargano and give him a rough elbow before he and his partner deliver a crushing spike piledriver on the floor to Gargano.

    Michael Cole : My god, Gargano could have a broken neck for god sake. The tag team champions are being dismantled.

    The two masked men high five before doing the Horsemen Salute to each other.

    Corey Graves : I knew it, I knew it….

    The two men then reveal themselves to be none other than the Original Horsemen, Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard.  

    Tully then makes the title gesture around his waist before security surround them, but it's already too late for the Tag Champs as the damage has been done.

    Michael Cole : We need medics out here, quick.

    Security usher Anderson and Blanchard away as medics finally arrive to tend to the fallen tag champs as we cut to a commercial break….

    Commercial Break

    We are back and we are backstage with a Beyond Chaos Reporter who has tracked down Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson.

    BCW Reporter : Mr Blanchard… Mr Anderson…. What are you doing in Beyond Chaos and why have you attacked the Tag Team Champions?

    Tully Blanchard : Are you lacking brain cells son?  Do you not see we have numerous reasons for our actions you little dullard.

    Arn Anderson : 1. We are newly signed to Beyond Chaos and we intend on making a statement. Number 2, we are the original Horsemen and last year these pretenders to our throne talked a lot of trash and their mouths wrote cheques that their asses couldn't cash. The waffled on about how they were the new and improved Horsemen, so we have rambled over here to show these immature pups who the real Horsemen are.

    Tully Blanchard : Often copied, never equaled.

    Arn Anderson : And reason Number 3, I'm Arn Anderson and he’s Tully Blanchard and we do what we want and what we please, when we please.

    Tully Blanchard : So what we did right there, we sent a message and if either Sissy Gargano or Baldy Ciampa want to reply, they know where we are, because me and Arn…. we are here to stay.

    Tully and Arn stroll off as we cut to the ringside commentary table and Michael Cole is addressing the TV audience.
    Michael Cole : Now last week we all saw what happened to The Wife of Randy Savage, Miss Elizabeth. She unfortunately had an accident we she fell from the stage during last weeks conference call. Miss Elizabeth was tended to by medicals on hand at the venue as well as treated in hospital. We can confirm that Miss Elizabeth was kept in overnight for observation and she was discharged sometime the next day.

    Michael Cole : However, we have had no update on her condition but we do know she has been recuperating in private with her husband Randy Savage. We will give you an update as soon as more news becomes available, however I have been informed that our general manager Gorilla Monsoon has given Heavyweight Champion the night off tonight. We wish Miss Elizabeth a speedy recovery.
    The camera then switches backstage and we see a limo arriving. The doors swing open abruptly and out steps The Beyond Chaos Intercontinental Champion, The Miz and his wife Maryse. They take a moment to look around before The miz grabs a member of the backstage crew ….

    The Miz : Where the hell is that fool Gorilla Monsoon….Where's he at… tell me….

    The backstage worker looks scared as he points in the direction. The miz releases him and storms off with his wife in toe……… the camera then pans back to the vehicle arrival entrance and we see the limo leaving. But as its exiting the arena it's jams on the breaks and we hear loud beeping of a car horn as a small ferrari sports car speeds by it and into the arena extremely recklessly. The car horn is still being blared and the windows are tinted so we can't see the driver, but then the doors swing open and reveal its Alberto Del Rio and Paige. Both are laughing and basically all over each other as they exit the car and make their way into the arena.

    Michael Cole : The Bonnie and Clyde of Beyond Chaos, Alberto and Paige are here and both have important matches tonight.

    Evan Bourne : Albaige..... em..... Paigerto?

    Corey Graves :
    Just call them Alberto and Paige, stop trying to be witty.

    We cut back to ringside and it's time for our second match of the night.
    The pyros go off and one firework ziplines from the rafters to the stage below the titantron. The music of Neville blares and the man that gravity forgot appears from the firework smoke.

    Michael Cole : Wow, Nevilles back folks.

    Corey Graves : My old friend Neville, delighted he’s back, Beyond chaos has missed him.

    As the cameras zoom in, we can see that Neville not only looks fairly focused, but he also looks noticeably bigger in his muscle mass.

    Evan Bourne : I think Neville's been hitting the juice if ya catch my drift.

    Corey Graves : Are you implying what I think you're implying? Neville is would never use anything illegal to enhance his physique. Get a grip Bourne.

    Neville hopes into the ring and looks like a man on a mission. His opponent is already there and the bell rings

    Neville vs Mal A. Hide (local talent)

    Neville goes right after his opponent with vicious kicks and strikes, and he appears relentless as the ref breaks it up. Nevill goes on the assault again, hit heavy strikes backing his opponent into the corner. The match is over very quickly as Neville hits a swift kick to the jaw and knocks his opponent down, giving him the chance to lock in a new submission finisher, The Rings Of Saturn Crossface. His opponent taps almost instantly.

    Winner : Neville

    The bell rings signaling the end of the match, but Neville refuses to release the hold.

    Michael Cole : Come on now, release the damn hold.

    Neville is eventually pried off his opponent and he looks possessed with rage. Neville then shouts at the ring announcer for a mic and begins to speak.

    Neville : I have Returned!

    Neville has a big scowl on his face and the fans don't know what to make of this new Neville.

    Neville : I’m back and I’m taking no prisoners……, no mercy and I will destroy anyone with the balls to get in my way!

    Neville notices his injured opponent starting to get to his feet and lays him out with a spinning heel kick which knocks him to the mat once more. The ref stops Neville from doing more damage and he backs off and rolls out of the ring, still in an apparent rage.

    Corey Graves : Neville is back guys and he’s taking names and kicking ass.

    Michael Cole : Corey, do you not think he went too far there?

    Evan Bourne : I think he went too far with the muscle enhancers, he doesn't look natural if ya ask me…. Far too big.

    Corey Graves : Gimme a break Bourne, you’re just jealous that Neville is back and rejuvenated while here you are still on the shelf.

    Evan Bourne : I’ll be back in a week or so, almost at 100 percent.
    We now cut back to Gorilla Monsoon’s office and the Beyond Chaos GM is on the land line phone. Gorilla is chatting away when suddenly Gorilla gets cut off the phone and we see in the bottom of the picture a hand has hung up the phone from the base. Gorilla turns and we see the camera zooms out to reveal it’s The Miz along with Maryse, who have hung up on Gorilla.

    Gorilla Monsoon (Looking visibly annoyed): What's the meaning of this?

    The Miz : Listen Monsoon, I wait for nobody. You need to focus on me because I feel mistreated and you need to rectify your huge mistake.

    Gorilla Monsoon : And that would be?

    Maryse : You negligently left my husband, an undefeated Intercontinental Champion and true headliner out of the Number 1 contenders match later on tonight.

    The Miz : While you not only booked this silly match without me, the reality is I should be automatically number 1 contender. I’m the true star around here