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Moving to Duleek?

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    Hello everyone, 

    We are currently renting in D15. I am working since many years in Drogheda but as my wife stopped working couple of months ago and rent went through the roof we want to buy somewhere in County Meath between Dublin and Drogheda. Our mortgage approval does not allow us to buy in Dublin and we are looking at a house in Duleek which we fell in love with. 

    I have a very good feeling about the place, got positive opinions from my colleagues in Drogheda but the more opinions I get the better. What would be the downside of living in Duleek? 

    I live in Ireland since 2001, always in Dublin, I am from France ( Deep countryside, so, to me Duleek is not that small!)  my wife is Polish but our kids were born here so they re Irish if you ask them smile.png?v=%20d4f4efbde3ca2018ed6c52d26abdb03a I just wonder how easy it would be to integrate in a local community. We had no problem meeting people where we live in Dublin, I am pretty convinced it would be the same in Duleek but I would like to hear from others...

    Thanks a lot!


  • I'm living in Duleek over 10 years now and it's a lovely little village. It has a lot in the village itself - shops, butchers, veg shop, chemists, hairdressers, takeaways etc. and then you're so close to Drogheda and Ashbourne isn't far either. With the M1 and N2/M2, Dublin is very close as well.
    I think it would be easy to integrate, especially with children as you'd be meeting other families. The local businesses are very friendly as well.

  • Hi
    Sorry for bringing up an old post. I've just bid on a house in Duleek and really eager to get some information about the town.

    Could either of you help?

  • what do you want to know, born and reared there, dont live there any more but my folks and bros and sisters still do, so im there a good bit

  • Sent a PM, hope you don't mind.

  • I'm curious about the same thing, is it a nice area still?
    Any info be great....
    Thank you :)

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  • Liszy wrote: »
    I'm curious about the same thing, is it a nice area still?
    Any info be great....
    Thank you :)

    Like anywhere it has it's good and bad points. We are happy there, live in a lovely estate. Had rented in the village for a few years beforehand and were well aware of what we were signing up for when we decided to buy there.