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PB or not PB...that is the question



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    10K - Road - 47:15 - AC

    Had half-planned to do 12K but got held up getting the kids to bed so was late enough when I got out.

    Took it very easy (4:43 km avg) – 10K still represents a long run for me right now. The Achilles was a bit stiff alright but nothing more sinister going on I think....gave it a good stretching out afterwards followed by rollout on the BackBaller.

    Will hit the gym today for some weights and cross training, some short intervals tomorrow and then the 4 mile race on Friday in Galbally.

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    5 x 400m Intervals - Road - AT

    Took a mini-break from running since Tuesday – did some cross-training and core on Weds, and some more core and weights yesterday.

    Had planned to do the intervals last night but life got in the way yet again so decided to pop out briefly this afternoon to loosen out a bit ahead of the race tonight:

    1. 1:35
    2. 1:32
    3. 1:35
    4. 1:32
    5. 1:32

    Wasn’t going full tilt or anything – just wanted to get the legs turning over a bit after a couple of days rest.

    Predictions for tonight? Well a PB is guaranteed as I’ve never raced a 4 miler before :pac::pac:
    Conditions shaping up to be just about perfect as long as the rain holds off...would be happy with 25:xx

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    Best of luck with it.

  • Registered Users Posts: 746 ✭✭✭gypsylee

    Good luck with your run tonight.

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,678 ✭✭✭Cartman78


    Mooreabbey Milers AC 4 Miler

    6.43K - Road - 25:22 - AD

    Was feeling pretty fresh and limber after the afternoon interval warm-up and stretching…Galbally is about a 30 min drive home so got there in plenty of time so no panic with registering, warming up etc.

    It was a near perfect evening for running – no wind, mild but not muggy and light rain.

    Started off mid-pack, the plan was to ease into it as I knew the first KM was pretty much a long drag. Gradually worked my way through the pack and eased into what felt like a comfortable rhythm along with a couple of guys that I stayed with for most of the race.

    Was motoring along nicely it has to be said, had a bit of a dip around 5K (4:08) but knew the closing section was going to be fast (we had looped around and come back on to the drag that we went up at the start).

    Finally got to the top of the hill and knew my goal of a sub 26 mins was deffo in range – put the hammer down as much as I could and ran the 6th KM in 3:45, and the final 400m or so in 1:32 to cross the line in 25:22 (3:57 Avg Pace)

    1) 4:07
    2) 3:48
    3) 3:55
    4) 4:03
    5) 4:08
    6) 3:45
    7) 1:32 (420m)

    Pretty chuffed with that I have to say – quite impressed with my level of performance given my low mileage. Speed is clearly not a problem at the moment but endurance is the thing I need to work on.

    Again, as with the previous race, was I really going flat-out, 100%, balls to the wall etc??? Probably not but no regrets….this is another stepping stone hopefully on the road to a 10K PB later in the summer.

    Absolutely top-notch spread of food back in the town afterwards, kudos to whoever baked the lemon drizzle cake. Am always impressed at the community effort that goes in to putting these kind of races on.


    12.5K - Road - 59:38 – AC

    My longest run of the year – took it nice and easy so this almost doubled up as a recovery session as well.

    No major niggles to report – some slight stiffness in both calves/Achilles but keeping on top of it so far with stretching and rolling.

    Will take a running rest today – some light cardio & weights at lunchtime is the plan.

    Next up is Kilmallock 5 Miler on Friday night – sub 32 mins is the target….might be slightly beyond me I suspect but will wait and see how the week goes

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  • Registered Users Posts: 7,317 ✭✭✭HigginsJ

    Great stuff, that is a cracking time. What is the 10k goal later in the year and where you hoping to hit it?

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,678 ✭✭✭Cartman78

    HigginsJ wrote: »
    Great stuff, that is a cracking time. What is the 10k goal later in the year and where you hoping to hit it?

    Cheers :D....delighted to be back running tbh after the body horror omnishambles earlier in the year.

    I think my 'A' Goal would be a 10K PB (<39:05) with a 'B' goal of a sub 40 mins.

    Assuming everything goes to plan I would be targeting Bilboa (mid-June) and more realistically Dundrum (early July).

    Bilboa is a much tougher course but it's where I set my current PB and I know the course inside out have done it multiple times.

    Dundrum is the flattest course I've done - 2 x 5K loops so much better PB potential. I've done it 3 times but never been in top shape so fingers crossed this is the year.

    I think the PB maybe beyond me though so soon - I simply don't have enough miles in the legs to hold that pace for that long (I think) so those goals might be more attainable later in the summer/autumn

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,317 ✭✭✭HigginsJ

    Great stuff, your not that far off, definitely a bit of endurance training will help as the speed is there. Best of luck with it, look forward to see how you get on. Might do a couple of the Ballyhoura races myself over the summer so will keep an eye out.

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,678 ✭✭✭Cartman78


    7K - Road - 31:38 - AT

    A near perfect tempo run after a bit of a bumpy start (downhill, into blustery wind and brainfart trying to set pace alerts on my watch).

    Aimed for 7 x 4:30 km, and settled into a nice rhythm once my watch stopped vibrating every 10 seconds. It’s the first one of these workouts I’ve felt really comfortable on….the blustery Shannon winds didn’t bother me in the slightest.

    Not sure what to do tomorrow and Thursday yet (5 mile race on Friday) – will see how the body is anyway and take it from there.

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    7K - Threadmill - 30:04 - SK

    How to describe this? A quasi-tempo-pyramid-speed session?? :pac::pac:

    Anyway, started off easy enough at 13kmph and worked my way up in increments to doing the last KM > 15.5kmph.

    Felt comfortable enough really – couple of minor niggles in my left leg but nothing to worry about really I think. Some foam rolling tonight should sort it out.

    All set for Kilmallock 5 Miler tomorrow – a PB (<32:00) might be out of reach I think but not by much

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    8.06 - Road - 32:12 - AD

    Another dull, wet and overcast Friday evening….perfect for running :pac:

    Got tied up at work and then at home so left the house in a bit of a flap…..cut it very tight getting there in the end so no time for proper warm up (my warm consisted of parking the car, running up the registration and running back to the car again).

    Anyway, made it to the line in one piece and went out at a nice pace for the first couple of KM, was feeling comfortable and settled into a nice rhythm with a clubmate. Hit halfway in 15:44, and 5K in 19:47 so was probably approaching the limit of my capacity at that stage. The lack of long miles coming back to bite me a small bit yet again.

    Struggled slightly over the next couple of KM but (like last week) was pleased to find out I had a little something left in the tank for a reasonably quick last KM (3:56).

    The Garmin beeped on 8K with 31:57 gone but no sign of the finish line…..rounded a corner after a small hill and there it was…my official time was 32:12.

    Was slightly miffed at missing out on an official PB, but happy to have achieved a 'Moral PB' anyway ;)….the aim was to run <32:00 for 8K so I just about managed it.

    Probably won’t be racing again until June 9th (Kilfinane 5 Miler) or 16th (Bilboa 10K) – no harm really…I don’t think my body is in shape yet for racing every week.

    Overall, very happy with my progress so far…mileage is still an issue but I’ll be looking to build it up gradually and consistently over the coming weeks.


    7.25 - Road - 34:02 – AC

    Had planned an LSR but was flat out toddler wrangling all day.

    Eventually got out the door around half 8 so decided on doing a recovery-mindfulness trot instead through the countryside.

    No major plans for the week – feeling slightly knackered tbh so might just keep things ticking over and let the body recover

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,317 ✭✭✭HigginsJ

    Well done, time wise you def looked to struggle a bit (for you, be a great time for me) in the 6th & 7th km. Some long slow stuff would probably be of benefit alright, not that you need me telling you. Look forward to seeing the progress over the summer.

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,678 ✭✭✭Cartman78

    Just a quick note to mark the very sad passing of Mike ‘Curley’ Cunningham over the weekend.

    A true running legend….I suspect we’ll never see anyone like him again. I didn’t know him personally but would have spoken to him briefly a couple of times at races and cross-country etc.

    He came across as a genuinely nice guy – very modest and unassuming…I find a lot of guys at that club-elite level can be very intense and self-absorbed but he always seemed to have a smile on his face and time to catch up with people regardless what level they were competing at.

    I actually beat him once in a race – in Bilboa 10k a few years back I was going flat out coming towards the last mile and was shocked to see him within my sights going up a hill. I passed him and he gave me a thumbs up and a nod as I struggled by. I only found out afterwards that he’d been suffering quite badly with a calf strain that week and had been basically running on one leg for most of the race :D

    He’ll be sorely missed by all that knew him….RIP

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    10K - Road - 46:04 - AC

    Tried to do a mid-paced tempo run (@ 4:30 pace) but didn’t factor in the insane amount of hills that are part of my local route.

    The first 2K are particularly hilly so was in the 4:45 range for those but then banged out 4 x 4:30 in the middle and slightly less hilly section, with a mix of slightly slower and slightly faster KM’s to finish off.

    Felt good throughout, and for the first time in a long time, 10K felt like a short run.

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,678 ✭✭✭Cartman78


    4K - Threadmill - 15:27 - SK

    Haven’t done a speed session in a while (due to the races mainly) so decided to let the wild horses loose today in the gym.

    Did 1K at 15kmph, 1K at 15.5, 1K at 16 and the final K at 16.5+

    Felt grand but was sweating like the Niagara Falls for about an hour afterwards.

    Might do some cross training tomorrow and maybe a faster tempo run on Friday, things could be a bit iffy training wise after on our first sun holiday in 5 years next week so will be busy packing and depositing the kids with grandparents all weekend :D:D:D

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,678 ✭✭✭Cartman78


    6K - Road - 25:58 - AT

    An attempt at a relatively fast tempo run – was aiming for 6 x sub 4:20 KM.

    The weather wasn’t helpful it has to be said – Shannon had a bizarre mix of wind and humidity at lunchtime today.

    Anyway, here’s the splits:

    1) 4:25
    2) 4:13
    3) 4:18
    4) 4:20
    5) 4:14
    6) 4:25

    Fairly consistent – the two outliers as usual being the first and last KM’s which are up and down the same hill.

    That might be it now for a while I think – off on holidays next week for some badly needed R&R. Will probably throw the runners into the suitcase when the missus isn’t looking but don't plan on running much tbh…in the past on holidays I’ve gone on ‘discovery’ jogs to find decent restaurants, things to do, beaches etc. so might do a bit of that but deffo won't be doing intervals on the promenade! :cool::cool:

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,678 ✭✭✭Cartman78

    :pac::pac::pac:Holiday Running Update!:pac::pac::pac:


    8K - Road - 35:29 – AD

    A bit of a bonus run up in Mayo – managed to pack and transport the kids and dog up to my parents. Was pretty knackered tbh and it was a toss up between a nap or a quick run.


    6K - Beach Promenade - 27:39 – AD


    6K - Beach Promenade - 28:09 – AD


    8K - Beach Promenade - 38:27 – AD

    Lanzarote is pretty much perfect for running – I can see why it’s a mecca for triathletes. The temperature was generally around a pleasant 25 degrees or so with a constant cooling breeze/wind. There’s miles of unspoilt spacious promenade to run on so I think the bits and bobs I did probably helped to balance off the extra intake of beer,coffee,ice cream and over indulgent 5 course Thai meals I was having every day.

    Did a good bit of cycling and walking too so feeling pretty refreshed after what was a very badly needed holiday.

    Not sure if I’ll take the spin out to Kilfinane on Friday evening for the 4 Mile Race – will see how the week goes

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    8K - Road - 35:15 – AT

    After the exotic surroundings of the Canary Islands last week it was back to the shyte weather and grim surroundings of Shannon today.

    I could literally feel my sun tan fading as I was going around :eek:

    Wasn’t 100% sure what this session was going to be as I set off – wanted to do something a bit pacey so decided on a <4:30 min per km tempo as I trotted down the hill. It was a bit of a mixed bag but not a bad effort after the holidays

    1) 4:37
    2) 4:17
    3) 4:14
    4) 4:15
    5) 4:23
    6) 4:27
    7) 4:26
    8) 4:31

    Avg pace = 4:24

    Ran out of steam a bit at half way – don’t think I’ll do the race this week now….might be better served getting some miles into the legs I reckon

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    5K - Threadmill - 19:48 - SK

    Had a really crappy morning at work so what better way to blow off the cobwebs than flaking myself on a threadmill for 20 mins :D

    Not a whole lot else to report but feel a helluva lot better now than I did before that workout

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    15K - Road - 75:00 - AC

    My longest run since July last year :eek: – would have preferred to drive into UL and do it in a relatively flat environment but didn’t have time tbh so had to face into the local hilly environs.

    Felt fine for about 8k, then felt really really knackered for a few minutes but then got a very welcome and unexpected second wind and sailed home feeling very energised.

    FWIW – the true time for this run should be around 70 mins – I had to sort out an I-Pod malfunction at one stage which took about a minute to sort out, and then just as I was gearing up for the last 100m sprint finish, I came upon an abandoned dog tied to a pole at the entrance to our estate. Spent a few minutes trying to calm him down and figure out what to do before I remembered to stop my watch. Got him sorted with Limerick Animal Welfare in the end so hopefully they can find a suitable home.

    Anyway, this week is all about the lead up to Bilboa AC 10K on Friday evening. It’s a race I know extremely well having done it 8 years in a row until 2015 (have missed it the last couple of years) – the course is tough and my lack of mileage will probably come back to bite me in the ass again I reckon….likely outcome is probably a sub 40:30…would be thrilled to sneak a sub 40 but it might be just outside my range I think at the moment.

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    5K - Threadmill - 24:10 - SK

    A standard and sensible recovery run on the threadmill....not something i've done too well in the past – did 2k @ 12 kmph and 3 @ 13 kmph.

    I resisted the very strong urge to go quicker on the last KM – was a bit like Dr. Strangelove at one stage trying to stop myself pushing the speed button.

    No aches or niggles to report (yet) so fingers crossed I’m nicely set up for the week.

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    6 x 1K Intervals - Road - AT

    (1 min rest)

    Really enjoyed this workout – it was just the right mix of challenge and effort and I felt flipping great during and after.

    Not sure if it’s the ideal session 2 days before a 10K race but given that Bilboa isn’t really a target race this year (despite all my nostalgic notions),it won’t do any harm in the medium to long term

    It was fairly windy as usual in Shannon so the first 3 reps were into the wind and the last 3 were slightly wind assisted.

    1) 4:00
    2) 3:56
    3) 3:59
    4) 3:53
    5) 3:54
    6) 3:59

    Will do some light cardio and core tomorrow maybe and a few short gentle intervals on Friday afternoon before the race

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    2K - Threadmill - 10:45 - SK

    A couple of very gently km’s on the dreadmill to loosen out the legs ahead of the race tonight.

    Did a good bit of stretching as well so should hopefully be nice and limber by 8pm – feeling kinda nervous tbh….could be a good sign….or a very bad one! :D:pac::D:pac:

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    Bilboa AC 10K

    10.05K - Road - 40:41 - AD

    Close but no cigar!

    Probably on par for where I’m at right now in fairness – felt like I ran very consistently and strongly throughout so happy with my race management/ strategy. I’ve blown up in this race a couple of times so although I may not be running fast, I may be finally copping on how to run smart.

    Anyway, the evening was absolutely gorgeous in terms of weather but totally unsuitable for running :D It seemed to be hotter at 8pm than it was at lunchtime.

    I got there in plenty of time, did a good bit of stretching and headed out for a couple of warm up laps… was only then I realised fully how hot it actually was….was sweating buckets after jogging gently for about 800m.

    Having done this race a bunch of times I knew the course inside out – the first half is fairly flat/fast, then there’s a couple of hills/drags over the next few kms with the last mile or so being mainly on a nice long downhill.

    The plan was to set off fast but not so fast as to have nothing left for the hills at 7k. Set off at a handy pace and settled into a comfortable rhythm after the first 500m – found myself in a mini-group then for a couple of kms with 4 or 5 others so kept pace with them. I could probably have gone a bit faster in this section but the heat and hills combo was looming large in my mind.

    Got to halfway in 19:44 and, despite feeling strong and comfortable, I knew a sub 40 was probably out of reach at that stage. The mini-group had disintegrated by then as well so it was going to be a solo effort to the finish. There was a couple of fellas in the distance ahead of me so tried to focus on reeling them in.

    Kept the legs going well on the hills and still had a bit in the tank as I turned the last corner with about a mile to go – put the hammer down as much as I could and managed to produce something approaching a sprint finish.

    The splits:
    1) 3:44
    2) 3:53
    3) 3:57
    4) 4:03
    5) 4:05
    6) 4:16
    7) 4:18
    8) 4:19
    9) 4:12
    10) 3:39

    I will admit to being fairly boll0xed for about half an hour afterwards – tried a cool down lap but had to abandon, calves were aching and both feet felt blistered so just wandered about drinking water instead.

    I was initially a bit disappointed to miss the sub-40 but, even taking the tough course and conditions into account, it’s probably a fair reflection of my training so far. I read somewhere recently, might have been on Boards iirc, that trying to run fast times on low mileage like mine is like going on a credit card shopping spree with nothing in the bank.

    I’m not complaining or whinging though – I’m actually happy with my work-life-running balance at the moment and am actually properly enjoying my running for the first time in a while without the pressure of big target race and massive training budget.


    6K - Road – 27.55 – AC

    Went out late last night after a very busy and enjoyable couple of days with the kids – was flat out with bikes, paddling pool, sandpits and tents all weekend. Nothing major to report from this one other than no niggles or aches after the race on Friday.

    Quick medical/hypochondria sidebar – have been suffering quite badly with hayfever/sinus symptoms for the past few days….never really had problems with this before but I think my asthma/bronchial problems last year seemed to have sparked off a sensitivity to certain things (cigarette smoke and bleach also now on the radar). Have taken Zirtek the last 2 days which seems to have helped so will be keeping an eye on the pollen count this week – will be either running late in the evening or on the threadmill I reckon.

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    7K - Threadmill - 29:33 – SK

    Good start to the week – a reasonably hard effort on the threadmill, did 1k at 13.5kmph, 1k at 14kmph etc finishing up with the last KM at 16.5kmph.

    Sweating like a trooper after it, but a cold shower and liberal coating of Lynx sorted me out :pac::pac::pac::pac::pac:

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    10K - Road - 44:54 - AC

    Pretty solid effort at a 10K tempo run....a few minor outliers due to a couple of long drags/hills but kept the effort strong and consistent throughout.

    Unplanned rest day today (would probably have been gym cardio) due to the young fella being sick.....spent most of the day watching cartoons,eating ice cream and building Lego :-)

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    5K - Threadmill - 19:35 – SK

    Head absolutely melted with work so this workout was more psychological than athletic in nature.

    Not far off my threadmill PB I think – did a few chin-ups and core bits and bobs as well.

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    12.5K - Road - 58:59 – AC

    A new entry and straight in at number 1 in the ‘Worst Run of 2017’ chart.

    Every muscle was tight, every joint was stiff…….a real struggle from start to finish.

    Couldn’t get going at all really but at least I kept it going I suppose and avoided the shame of a walking break.

    I don’t have to look too far for causes I think – had a stressful couple of days yet again with sleep all over the shop…..our eldest fella ended up in hospital in the end (nothing serious really…ok now) so things were a bit chaotic for a bit.

    Anyway, onwards and upwards this week hopefully.

    The plan is to give the Bruff 5 Miler a lash on Friday night and take it easy for a couple of days then before the Dundrum 10K on the following Wednesday.

    Coulda/Shoulda/Woulda – kinda annoyed I didn’t make the trip down to Shandrum for the 5 miler on Friday night….would have been on the podium. It was never really on the radar anyway but wonder why there was such a small turnout (?)

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    8K - Threadmill - 34:32 – SK

    An improvement on the previous entry anyway! :pac:

    Still feeling a bit leggy and jaded but this was a relatively easy workout – did the first 4K between 13.5kmph and 14.5kmph, then did a speedier second half.

    Sweating like an absolute trooper yet again but felt I could have gone on for much longer which is a good thing I guess. My stamina is increasing at glacial speed….might not be quick enough for PB’s this summer but definitely a turn in the right direction.

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    6 x 1K Intervals - Road – AT

    Probably one of the most consistent interval workouts I’ve ever done – the weather helped I think…’s muggy enough in Shannon today but there was just enough of a breeze to give an illusion of freshness as well.

    1) 3:57
    2) 3:50
    3) 3:55
    4) 3:54
    5) 3:56
    6) 3:52

    Not 100% sure if I’ll be on the start line for the Bruff 5 Miler on Friday evening – going to Green Day in Dublin tomorrow night and will be heading back down on Friday afternoon so pending family commitments (and potential hangover) I’ll make a call on it nearer the time