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Looking for sweet cider

  • 11-12-2016 11:52pm
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    I have a sweet tooth and I'm looking for a sweet cider. I have been drinking orchard thieves for a while but I want something new. I have also tried bulmers original, Strongbow original and apple tree but have found this not to taste like cider but more like lager which I hate. I have been recomended kopperberg strawberry and lime. Any suggestions?


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    Kopperberg Naked Apple is nice. Stella Artois Cidre is nice too.

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    Update I got kopparberg mixed fruit, Its nice but I did research online and found stella artois cider suppose to be much nice. I know they sell it at Tesco but would someone know if they're selling it at carry out (I know they're selling the original ) or any other shops Tesco isn't in my local area

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    Try the Crafty Brewing from Lidl or Armagh Cider from Aldi.
    Both e2.25 but far superior to Stella or Bulmers.

    Armagh do both medium or sweet, Crafty just have medium but that in itself is sweet enough.

    Both have far more apples than Stella(50%) so they're more natural.

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    2 January New Update. Thanks for the response. I'm buying stella artois cider tomorrow 4 for 10 at my local carry out. I will try Crafty Brewing next, after that I will try Kopparberg Naked Apple. Kopparberg is expensive and doing research found a large majority found Stella Artois Cidre to be better quality compared to Kopparberg. Please add to the list of sweet ciders. Cheers lads

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    Keep an eye out for Aspalls when out and about a few pubs do it but it doesn't an be pricey. Mcguivers do a lovely sweet one too.

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    Have a look out for Outcider by Bulmers. It's a new cider that's sweeter than it's original.