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doable research question

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    I have been told i need to dumb down my brain :O :confused: :rolleyes: that I think too much.

    So i have been asked to come up with a doable research question
    1. I suggested hygienic shoot up centres for these who are heroin addicts and that itself would the one of the stages of recovery.

    NOPE too far and wide and long winded I'm told......

    1. who is to blame for heroin overdoses, the state or the addict.....No to opinionated apparently

    1. Should the government or lock council be tasked be irradiating heroin users from our streets... now I'm being racist AND opinionated, I can't bloody win :confused::confused:

    Can someone help me come up with an unbiased, Non-Racist, un-long winded, un-opinionated doable research question?


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