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Claiming J1 Tax Back

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    Can anyone kindly advise me on the best way to go about claiming J1 Taxback?

    I worked in 2 places, one of which i left abruptly and was never given a payslip & taxed heavily on low income.

    The second job i was taxed moderately on higher income and have payslips for

    Although my second job was never approved by InterExchange under their new ruling (failure from my employer to provide a business license to them (out of laziness)) I'm sure i'll still be able to claim this taxback.

    I paid roughly between $1900-2200 in tax, i'm aware i won't be able to claim all of that back.

    Obviously looking to avoid and other sites like that as they charge a fee and seem to use a legal/intrusive approach to claim back.

    Does anyone have experience with these sites or have they gone about claiming the tax back themselves?