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Winter lessons out west?

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    Hey, I'm trying to put together a little weekend of waves for a group of mates and was wondering whether the usual surf schools run lessons throughout the winter? As in late next month probably.
    There'd be a mix of small experience to none so I couldn't justify dragging everyone over if we couldn't get any instruction or board rental.



  • Ben's Surf Clinic in Lahinch operate all year round I'm pretty sure.

  • Sweet! I was thinking Bundoran but Lahinch would also be cool.

    Do people ever camp on or around the beach down that way? Last time we were in Bundoran two of the lads camped out by Tullan and I'd be keen to follow in their footsteps of at all possible. Cheap as chips, as I am.

    Looking at pictures it seems right on the town so I imagine it's frowned upon and uncomfortable.

  • You probably won't be able to camp in the town as down by the beach is the golf course, there's probably plenty of spots outside town you would get away with it but I'm not sure, I always stayed in a hostel anytime I was there.

  • Aye, I thought as much.
    A hostel may be a better idea in late November to be fair, a warm room after a cold day doesn't sound too bad. Haha

    Cheers, Buddy!

  • Theres a hostel in Lahinch in the town and also a campsite 200m up the road from the hostel so you're sorted either way. People do camp the odd time in the grass beside the car park at the top of the town (also a short walk from the hostel).
    And yeah, Bens Surf Clinic is definitely open all year round.

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