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    Every single person in this thread is richer than 90% of the world's population. Put that in your pipe and whinge on it.

    That's the silver lining you are looking at. Zoom out and consider the rather large pipe-quenching dark cloud:

    Each person on this thread faces living expenses that are considerably higher than those faced by 90% of the rest of the world's population every day.

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    After a total investment amount of $20,000 over 40 years, they would now hold 39,629 shares in Coca Cola through stock splits and reinvested dividends. The value of the shares would be $1,651,000.

    Coke value stock would now be;


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    I used to have a colleague who swears blind that he reported a dodgy email to work that allegedly turned out to be the first Bitcoin mining programme and he would have been a billionaire!

    I tend towards the sceptical!!!!

    god i wish i bought some bitcoin when this thread started :)

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    I know one who worked his way there and another who was extremely lucky to have it handed to him becauase a company his mate made him CEO of was acquired by a large US firm.

    Both fellas were utter d1ckheads though.

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    My dad was a farmer. Always worked for others nd never owned any land

    When I was at school I started working at about 13 on the local petrol pumps every Saturday morning. A couple of years later I got a second job as a school cleaner for two hours every night after school. The pay was 55p per hour. The "adult" cleaners earned 80p per hour for the same work

    Then during the school summer holidays I would work on the farm

    I was one of the first from my school to go to university. 3 years later I started training as an accountant. My starting salary was £3950. When I qualified I had doubled my salary.

    I became a specialist in a particular area. Another 3 years I moved into industry and my salary was about £18k

    I've worked my way up in the company. 30 years later I am very well off, but I've worked hard for every cent.

    Yes others inherit it or are lucky. Yes I was probably at the right place at the right time. But I also believe in making your own luck and grafting through life positions you well to take advantage of those opportunities that may arise

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