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CK Crash Course, Please ...?

  • 22-09-2016 6:37pm
    Registered Users Posts: 3,237 ✭✭✭ Stigura

    Been back a year or more. Not a lot mentioned. So, rather than be accused of Zombie jobs;

    I'm looking at Cornie Kegs. (Can't believe I'm doing this. Long history. I'm not a nube) Just like to be brought up to pace, please?

    Want two. What's the craic on Connectors ~ is that what they're called? The things with the dials. €30.00 to €130.00, it looks like.

    And taps? I see the " Party Tap " things. Two bits of plastic and a tube? Tenner. I've also seen plastic snap and four gallons piss out! :eek: I prefer to buy Quality. Once. Steel appeals.

    Initial outlays, for the best, doesn't bother me. Living on my nerves does.

    Friendly and focused input most appreciated.

    Thankyou :)


  • National Homebrew Club have a handy guide done up. :)

  • :) Excellent! Thanks, IrishGoat!

  • If in Dublin Mottley brew sells keg, regulator and co2.

    All you need is gas line and a tap.

  • RasTa; I'm never likely to end up in Dublin. I take it they can't send it then?

    My first port of call was going to be my local, to be honest. Though, whether they can access a 'spare' tank seems dubious, at best.

    Then again? These things are so widely used, there must be a not too difficult way. I haven't had time to read Goats Guide yet. Perhaps it'll shed some light?

  • Think there is some place in Galway, Bray too. You might also be able to rent one but not sure how much that works out.

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  • Cheers, man. I'll look into it, next week. Won't be in a position to start lashing the cash till then. It's got to be done though. I've ~ brutally expensively, as it happens! ~ somewhat painted myself into a corner. Now, I'm having to put up with some quite 'tangy' beer. Not a happy bunny then.

    Not willing to go backwards. Just have to bite the bullet and go all out shiny. Keg's 'n all.