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Double Chance Challenge

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    Registered Users Posts: 33 ✭✭✭ GirlOutWest

    Hi all!

    Recently I have been following a few challenges via Facebook. Mostly those 25-1000 Over 0.5 goal challenges. Crazy how many times this bet loses and daft how many times you have to bet £25 (€25) before you reach the final hurdle of £1000. Personally, I am wary about putting my trust or and money with those affiliate tipsters but each to their own.

    However, this did get me to wondering...was there a better market out there with good odds that could be used on one of these challenges? And I found the DOUBLE CHANCE football market can have good odds.

    I have been paper trailing this and from 20 selections, I lost just the one!

    So thought I would join here and document my selections.

    A few rules (of my own):

    1 - I'm only selecting DOUBLE CHANCE bets, I won't drift (or be tempted!) into other bets.
    2 - The odds will be around 1.20+ (no less) If lower I will put together a double/treble bet.
    3 - No hefty boast of €1000 here, my 1st challenge will see me aiming at €100.
    4 - It's called gambling for a reason so nothing guaranteed - These are not tips!

    Wish me luck guys!