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excellent colour printer?


  • Depending on your budget, and the requirements you state in your post, it sounds like high quality is paramount. I would suggest a laser printer. I don't have a particular make or model in mind but prices have come down quite a bit in the past few years. I would look more at the price of replacing the toners and take that into account when deciding on budget.

  • Thanks for that. To be honest I have been using an old brother inkjet (dcp 560n) which has 1200x2000 dpi and I've found it to a good enough standard. It's a bit heavy on ink however, and just wondered if there was a different brand/model that prints v high quality graphics and might be more economical

  • The cost of ink cartridges/toners is the real kicker when it comes to deciding when buying a printer. Also, looking for high quality printouts comes with a price tag to match. Then you have to factor in, do you want to stay with A4 or go up to A3 printouts? If you are, then you are looking at 250 euros.

  • I think I'm safe enough with A4 for the moment. Looking at epson expression XP760. Pity there's nowhere you can try these printers out before you buy! Thanks for your input