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I need your expertise on weight loss and diet

  • 03-06-2016 1:36pm
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    Hi all,

    So... I'm 6'2 and weight 91kg(14 stone 4 pound) and have 31% body fat (according to my weighting scales) and previously worked in a job where I smoked and did work while sitting at a desk so I was a lazy s**t and eating at all the wrong times and wrong foods(no breakfast, wraps mayonnaise chips) hot chicken rolls etc

    I have a big of a belly and man boobs(god I hate them) but I wouldn't consider myself shocking because I do have height

    So I recently got a new job(desk sitting still) but it's 09:00-17:30 mon to Friday so since last week when started I quit smoking full stop. I'm changing my diet eating breakfast lunch dinner etc and I want to lose weight (about 1 stone) and I've joined a gym 2 days ago.

    For breakfast I'm having 2 wetabix and banana
    Red apple snack around 11am
    Salad for lunch(2 hard boil eggs,lettuce,30mg light cheese ,2 slices of ham,2 tablespoons of chilli sauce)
    Dinner - chicken rice or steak and sweet potatoes

    But I need help on diet. I want to feel full and have a good variety of breakfast/lunch/dinner so please forward your best suggestions

    With the gym. I only started yesterday and I'm very unfit . It was horrible

    I did 10 minutes on threadmil at 5.0 speed and then 7.0 and I did rowing machine for 15mins(was wrecked)

    Today I did 10minute of threadmil and 20 min of rowing and 2 50kg of benchspress

    To be honest I'm inexperienced In dieting and weight loss so what is the best plan I can do to lose 14pound / 1 stone in about 4 weeks. Even if I don't hit the goal so what but I would love to lose that much . Is it even possible in 4 weeks?

    So what diet (breakfast , lunch ,dinner ) and gym plan can I do to lose the bit of a belly and man boobs ( I go to gym from for 1 hour 7-8 before work at 9)

    I'm sick of listening to so called people who ''know it all' with their advice who prob know nothing ! I'm only starting out so need a realistic plan . I'm not fit

    Thanks all!

    Day 2 log


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    Hi Wally1990,

    Fair play on taking the first steps. Wasn't a million miles away from your starting place to be honest. 6"3 and 106kgs - okay a bit heavier - no expert but I'll throw out some of the things that I found worked for me.

    First things first, if you're as unfit as you're saying invest in some good advice from a trainer. Maybe post up what part of the country you're in and someone here will suggest someone. No point wasting time in the gym, and worst case scenario possibly injuring yourself. If you're big focus is losing weight your most efficient approach would be hitting the weights. Probably starting off with something basic, google medhi 5x5, for an idea of what I'm talking about. Good all over body workout.

    A good trainer is the difference I think.

    Just having a quick look at what you've posted about diet it doesn't seem that bad. Could probably do with having some protein for breakfast. Found it difficult at the start but would regularly have a bit of steak, a chicken breast, chilli (great for bulk cooking at the weekends), some eggs, or if you're brave lambs liver is great stuff cheap high protein. Just cook double portions for dinner.

    Wouldn't be too focused on the low fat products re: the cheese with lunch. Especially with dairy. Good fats are your friend. "Low fat" tends to mean more added sugar.

    Drink plenty of water. 3-4litres a day. 500ml bottle on the desk in work.

    If you get solid advice and stick to a solid plan for 4 weeks you'd probably benefit from the beginners bounce. First 4-5 weeks training I dropped 7kgs.

    Last thing, I wouldn't mind the BF% on your weighing scales. Only one I'd trust is one done by someone who knows what they're doing with a callipers.