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    Hi guys I'm 19 during the summer and I'm going to Dublin on a night out in a week and my passport has recently been sent away to get renewed and I've only applied for an age card yesterday so it wont be here on time, I have an GNIB card which is a card for people not born in the EU (can use when travelling by Ferry to around Europe) I normally use that to go out where I live (small county) I've been in Dublin once but we didn't go to a big night club so I got in everywhere I go I use my GNIB card but I'm a bit worried they wont take it in Dublin, does anyone know?


  • You'll be grand.
    Old design of GNIB card had "this is not ID" written on the back. I still used it as ID everywhere in Dublin, no questions were asked (although, I'm not 19 anymore :( ).

    Also, I'd suggest getting a driving license which can be legally used in many places as ID.

    PS: I think some of the clubs 21+